Friday, October 02, 2015

It Wasn't ISIS, Just A Crazy High-Yellow

Okay, it wasn't ISIS, just a crazy mulatto. Born in Britain, so his father was probably some Jamekkan yardboy and his mother some kind of Cockney slut from Bethnal Green. Apparently his "social media profile" was all over the map, really insane combinations like the Provos and the Cascadia cult and calling himself a conservative Republican. De nigga was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, even more so than usual for these fools.

His deliberate targeting of Christians will probably make sure this one disappears from the news cycle even faster than these things usually do.
"Hey HAC,

Apparently the shooter is a high-yellow tranny Muslim. Here's the thread on

"I know you've probably got a million responses of 'See, it wasn't a White guy but some down-low monkoid.' Yeah, it was, wasn't it? That still doesn't change the fact that if we had our own country somewhere, anywhere free of the jungle horde, the pervos, the Jews and assorted Reds, stuff like this wouldn't happen.

"Expect a donation to hit you in a week."



Blogger Luek said...

Oh, look! The murderer was a mulatto just like Obama. Also, wasn't that fool that shot those news reporters a mulatto too? Having some real problems with mulattoes lately!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the other way around. Mama was the non white. One news story I read said she spent the night before "crying her eyes out" some Christian must have been mean to her. Call him all the names you want, I don't see white men standing up for their mama these days. White men don't give a flying frig. That's why they are losing

9:13 AM  

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