Saturday, October 03, 2015

Google's Hindus Latest Corporate Poster Children

by Bill White

In June, Sundar Pichai became the latest of gaggle of Guptas being given governing positions at Jewish-owned corporations, gallingly here Google.

As Americans have been distracted by the pending White–black race war being financed by George Soros, and being cheered on by Barack Obama, their major trendy tech companies have fallen to another enemy, i.e. immigrant Indians introduced by Antichrist investors.

Microsoft, for instance, has been taken over by Satya Naderlla. Arun Sarin is now CEO of Nokia. And Shantari Narayer is running Dolby systems. These high–toned Hindus are being highlighted for a reason. The Jews are trying to sell White America on the success of a “friendly minority” – so much nicer then those damn niggers or Mexican rapists – and so much easier to breed oneself with into non-existence.

For decades now, Jews have been degrading White education, pushing White youth into frivolous and specious nonsense of feminism, class struggle, race and gender roles. denying them essential skills, increasing social tensions, and undermining the economy. The high tech–companies they own and control then complain that there is a “lack of skills,” and have the U.S. government import competent but unremarkable Asians—primarily Indians, because India is poor—to  run their activities. These Indians are promoted in position beyond those merited by their skills, and paraded around as celebrities and idols. When this is questioned, the Jewish media says that “the market” would never let them hire second-rate talent.

Yet, for two generations, the Jews have been able to preside over an economy where standards of living for White workers decreased, wealth has become concentrated in Judæo-occult hands, and economic growth has essentially stopped. All of these things are signs that the market is in fac, punishing this Jewish behavior.

This kind of scam has been used over and over by the Jews. In the midst of the 20th century, for instance, competent but un-extraordinary black entertainers and sports figures were promoted in Jewish-owned media and sporting leagues in order to persuade Whites that negroes were capable of excellence, which they are not. While no rational person believes this, the power of illusion and the persistent lie that sports were so competitive that no one could survive with mediocre talent was enough to keep sports alive even after con of millions Whites tuned out.

The show game at Google comes as its Jewish masters, who will continue to own its stock, are re-organizing the better to permeate the world with their evil. Continuing the Jewish pursuit of the golem, the Jews at Google are trying to move the world into what occultists call the “reign of dead matter,” an era in which billions of human souls will be driven deeper into degradation, while artificial life forms both robotic and genetic in nature replace them. Called “trans-human singularity,” a host of Google companies are working on these technologies despite their lack of profitability – further evidence of the lack of market considerations in the Google Jews’ behavior.

Google currently brings in $66 billion annually, $59.5 billion of it from selling advertising. It is involved in everything from experimental robots to virtual-reality artificial “life,” often manufactured from tortured animals and aborted (sacrificed) children provided by groups such as Planned Parenthood.

In reality, human beings need none of this artificial junk, and often are hurt by its introduction in this society. Such technologies are used more to process and deceive man than to better him.

Ultimately, this is because Google, its creators and its creations like Pichai, are internationalists. Because they are not White, they can neither understand nor care about White people, and it is time that White people realize that. Only by dispossessing the Google Jews and distributing their wealth to all White working people can the evil that they represent be stopped.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. Glad to see Bill White hasn't lost his edge.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Please thank Mr. White, and thank you.

By giving him a voice on the web for all to hear, his time and mind are kept valuable by studying events and composing these analyses to inform the rest of us.

It preserves and maximizes his value and worth in such a trying situation.

Be blessed.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill has a great writing style and sense of humor. He avoids the whiny tone you get everywhere else.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous old engineer said...

America is developing a caste system. It should not surprise anyone to see upper caste Indians assuming leadership of government, universities, and corporations. Go visit any STEM based college and you will find a majority of asian students. Upper caste Indians predominate. There is a myth of American equal opportunity and such that resonates with American cuckservatives. The reason that the US had a very large middle class and avoided much of the class conflict of Europe was that the US was full of white farmers, and it had a huge frontier full of farmland. The frontier, as Frederick Jackson Turner pointed out, was a great economic leveling force. Freedumb and democracy had little to do with it.

The frontier is over and the American caste system is in place. Wealthy Jews will look out for themselves and other wealthy Jews. Upper caste Indians will look out of other Indians. Equal opportunity is much deader than the dodo bird. Btw... While Jews have caused a lot of problems they are not the entire problem. Any market dominant minority might act in the same way. Remove all the Jews and replace them with smart Chinese or Indians, and the new smart minority will soon do many of the same things that Jews did.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Excellent points, old engineer.

American history is puzzling. As far as I know, it is the only country that sings its own hymns of historical freedom while simultaneously telling a story about expansion of central government into lands that were free of central authority.

Somehow, they tell the story of American expansion through the West by corruption, violence and general political chicanery, and then present it as the story of freedom when it is clearly the very thing the US government had to destroy to expand.

You only have to scratch the surface of American history and culture to find propaganda of a Communist-Chinese magnitude.

Its just like this notion of patriotism they sell, romanticizing this praise of our government as being the best based on the very historical ideas they murdered over two centuries.

Its so bad that US patriotism may as well be the worship of government. The people are encouraged to recite the virtues of the ancient dead government that modern government killed as though this era was the same as the last.

Which isn't unusual I guess, to lionize figures in the grave to prop up your own regime. The founding fathers have been turned into our nation's cult of personality.

You make an excellent analogy between the Chinese and Jews, by the way. As I remarked elsewhere recently, it is competition for life and living space. Whites present competition to both.

I always assumed that is why Jews, consciously or not, seek our extermination. They have easier cattle to ranch that wont rise against them and have lower expectations.

And the whole leftist narrative seems to be based on instilling shame in us for our very survival. It is not exaggeration when people describe the left as a death cult.

7:34 PM  

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