Sunday, September 13, 2015

Zionists Pass Out Gongs To Undeserving Jews

by Bill White 

The Zionist Occupational Government of the United States handed out Medals of Honor for 24 undeserving Jews and Mexicans March 18th (2014), following idiotic claims by Jews Mitchell and Marilyn Libman and Congressman Robert Wexler that Jews have faced “racism" and been denied medals because they were Jewish.

A more realistic cause for the absence of medals among Jewish self-proclaimed “heroes” may be the ridiculous nature of their alleged feats. One posthumous recipient, for instance, a Lt. Schwab was said to have charged a Nazi machine gun nest single-handed, tore the (red-hot) machine gun from the gunner’s hands, torn the shelter’s roof off bare-handed, and lifted the machine gunners out as prisoners. This kind of fanciful storytelling is typical of the Jewish people, and the basis of fairy tales like the Holocaust.

21 Hebrew Walter Mitties and three living Mexican Vietnam veterans received the medals, even though no actual discrimination was show in denying them Medals of Honor and the three living veterans to their credit said they didn’t deserve it. The gongs were passed out by Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, a cowardly bumbler who has never served in the U.S. military.

The medals were the result of a 50-year campaign of whining by the Libmans, who kvetched to Congress on behalf of Lenny Kravitz, uncle of the mixed-race Jewish-black rock star who died in Korea while running away—quite heroically—from Chinese forces. It followed a similar move by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in the 1990s to award medals to undeserving Asians and blacks.

The gong-fest is typical of the new multi-cultural U.S. military, which has lost every war of more than two weeks’ duration since 1945. In addition to Korea and Vietnam, the U.S. military has lost the occupation of Iraq and is about to end a losing war in Afghanistan. The U.S. military decayed when its White male combat force was replaced by homosexuals attracted by the fabulous uniforms, confused women, and black and Hispanic gang members. Now its troops sashay rather than march, and the actual fighting is done by robots and drones while the soldiers, at the direction of Jewish “intelligence” officers, sexually torture captured civilians, as at Abu Ghraib.

In this “feel-good” military, as U.S. forces are driven back across the globe, undeserving non-Whites are decorated to attack “discrimination.” In contempt, nationally-oriented nations have challenged America’s sissy-soldiers to fight, reminding America they could turn it any day into radioactive ash.



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