Friday, September 18, 2015

Trump Betrayal Coming Soon?

Okay, remember that warning I gave you guys on RFN this week, that we will inevitably be betrayed or bitterly disappointed by Donald Trump? That moment may be coming up today or tomorrow. He has a major hurdle to clear.

Last night Trump refused to respond in the requisite politically correct manner to a White male questioner in a town hall meet, a man who claimed Obama is a Muslim. (In fact he is, technically, since under Islamic law if his father was a Muslim, then so is he.) 

Today the Sea Hag and the Jewish-liberal media are all screaming in unison like harpies that Trump must, must, MUST (let me repeat dat) MUST call a major media conference and get down on his belly and crawl and beg forgiveness of The One and swear no no no he doesn't for one second believe The One is a Muslim or was born outside the country, etc etc. etc. (From what I can recall Trump does in fact believe those things and has said so in the past.) 

The question is, is this a line Trump will dare to cross not just as an eccentric billionaire gadfly on an ego trip with no actual political goal, but as a presidential candidate? Saying out loud what almost half of the American people actually believe about The One? Does he have the stones to question the very constitutional legitimacy of the dictatorship itself? And then refuse what amounts to an Imperial Decree that he is to cease all this nonsense and abase himself, now?

If he does have that kind of testicular follication, if he stands up and throws it right back into the Hildebeest's face (preferably with some pointed comments about her e-mail usage), then he will have passed a major test in my own mind and instead of being merely mildly amused thus far, I'll actually start to have some personal respect for the man, because surely he understands the possible consequences of crossing that particular line. 

Muttering on obscure websites like this, with our microscopic readership, is one thing; that kind of blasphemous sedition can be ignored. Coming from a man with billions of dollars in his pocket radiating power and a captive audience for his every word now thanks to the media, it can't.

Trump had damned well better walk this back, quickly and humbly, and then quietly efface himself from the presidential race on some pretext or other, because if he proceeds down this road he has crossed the line of no forgiveness. 

That's the kind of thing that causes funny little men, "crazed loners", "quiet guys who keep to themselves", to get a strange phone call telling them they have miles to go before they sleep, then they step out of a crowd in a shopping center where the candidate is speaking with a pistol in their hand, firing one single shot and then a second into their own brains so no one will ever really know why and all we have is the official version of events. (Ever see that old Cold War movie Telefon?)

Remember George Wallace? Remember Ronald Reagan?

Trump is no fool. I think he recognizes this yammer from the Hildebeest as a full-on, serious warning: back it down and back off, Donald, or else. God knows she and Bill have enough bodies piled up between them. Hillary may not like Barry and the Ho, but she doesn't want the very legitimacy of the office she covets brought into question. And under the National Defense Authorization Act of 201 Barry himself now has the power legally to kill, and he has exercised it openly. Who, after all, is to say that a genuine wild card like Donald Trump might not be a "threat to national security?"

This weekend is crucial. Let's see what The Donald is indeed made of. Will he stand up or will he realize he's finally gone too far and fold like a lawn chair?


Blogger IBWHITE said...

Excellent analysis. it was just a matter of time before something like this took place and I would hope Trump and his team are prepared for it.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump Back Down ???
You have to be kidding me !!
He is the most popular candidate because he tells the truth. He knows that his popularity soars because of this.
I bet he ain't backing down!
$100 says he ain't backing down.
Any of you chickens takers?

12:10 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

I think he should have said he did not know and leave it at that for now. The Hilabeast and the PC crowd are dangerous.

5:51 AM  
Blogger hap i-m26 said...

Trump knows what he is getting into, and he is old enough and accomplished enough to not really give a damn if and when the assassination is arranged and the powder keg explodes. Just remember, Trump's son in law is a Zionist dual citizen of Israel. Any chance that Trump in his second term decides to wean the US off the petro-dollar and away from AIPAC's Yi'non Plan will not leave anyone guessing who was behind the trigger.

The EU is collapsing, Germany's largest trading partner is soon-to-be-nuclear Iran, many around the world are now looking forward to a multipolar international system consisting of a nuclear Iran, Japan and Germany to stabilize a rising China and encroaching Russia, nationalism is gaining mainstream traction throughout white ancestral homelands in Europe, and the Zionists are getting desperate and looking toward their Samson Option.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous +Ulfberh+t said...

@ Anonymous @ 12:10 - Why don't you send that $100 to the NF, where it will do some good?

That's ten months of dues. Step up or step off.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Vibrant C. Mandate said...

After reading Trump's Twittered response to this probably-manufactured "scandal", I think he handled it BEAUTIFULLY. Throw it back in their bossy, Obama-worshipping, disingenuous faces!

(Besides, are they saying that being a Muslim is a bad thing?).

My question now is, who planted that guy in the audience? The Left, or, to my mind, more likely the GOP "Establishment" manipulators on the Right?

The myriad reasons so many feel that Trump is truly doing this b/c he genuinely LOVES AMERICA (not "fundamentally changed" America--that's not working out so well) are clearly laid out at a fantastic "investigative" website,

(No, I don't work for them! I just want EVERYONE to know the truth of what shady stuff BOTH PARTIES are doing!).

We are ALL the underdog here, & we are ALL being lied to.

I hope your Trust has been Verified! Trump is brash, and often too abrasive--and he may not be the Ideal Conservative; I don't know an *electable person* who completely is--but I cannot believe his YUGE ego would allow himself to be subjected to these daily attacks unless he is doing so b/c he LOVES THIS COUNTRY and he sees that WE ARE LOSING IT.

PLEASE check out the info at that site--& then Spread the Word! I really believe YOU'LL WANT TO! Thank You. :)

9:39 AM  

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