Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Mess In Zimbuggery

by Bill White

In Rhodesia, a $100 trillion dollars will buy you… 40 cents Barack Obama fans take note.

After electing a genocidal black Communist, and killing all the White people, black Africans in the nation of Zimbabwe ran into a little problem. They no longer grew and could no longer afford food. So not having enough money, they decided to solve the problem with typical African ingenuity – they just printed a bunch of money with lots of zeros on it.

Now the former Rhodesians are right where you’d expect them to be – they’re begging for change.

When the Zimbabwean dollar crashed through the floor in 2009, its own government refused to honor it. Despite their hatred of racist colonialist White people as the source of all their problems, the poor Rhodesian blacks are forced to turn to foreign currency – the U.S. dollar, and the South African rand. Though neither nation has a White government Jews control their central banks, keeping the U.S. dollar and the rand relatively stable.

Then South Africa started going the way of Rhodesia. Attacks on Whites increased. The country’s infrastructure, which its black population cannot maintain, decayed. Insisting that everyone has a right to free power from the White man, the electricity grid overloaded and collapsed. Demanding higher wages for less work, mines close. The post office shut down. The government blamed the White man, doing nothing to fix the problem.

So, Rhodesia was left with its spare change slipping. The rand went from being worth $.20 to being worth eight cents. The Rhodesians have now moved onto a new tactic – counterfeiting U.S. coins.

The reserve Bank of Zimbabwe last year issued a $50 million U.S. dollar bond, in which it has issued $10 million in counterfeit pennies, nickels, dimes, and, quarters. This $10 million spear change now constitutes the entire supply of money in Rhodesia. And, the reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is offering black Rhodesians special–trade-in rates $100 trillion in old Zimbabwe dollars, and receive counterfeit coins worth 40 cents.

Like most vignettes of African life, the story would be humorously pathetic if it didn’t involve the ethnic cleansing of 290,000 white people who were sacrificed to the Jewish lie of racial equality. And, it would be funny if conditions like this were not forcing from Africa hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants which are flooding into a Europe degraded by the Jew.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s black population was under ten million two centuries ago. White industry and, agriculture have caused it to explode to almost 1 billion. The United Nations believes that number may double to 2 billion within a generation.

Left to their own devices, this black population will starve, contract plagues, fight wars, and reduce itself to 10 million within decades. But it is not being left to its own devices. It’s immigrating into better-run White nations, which it is taking over, and dragging everything down to its level – all because White societies are controlled by Judæo–occult cultural complex that refuses to allow White people to defend their own interests.

This means that the nations of America and Europe will look increasingly like failed Rhodesia. Until 1980 Rhodesia was one of the most prosperous nations in Africa. Then Jews like Nicholas Van Hoogstroaten financed the ZANU-PF Communist insurgency, all the while pressuring Rhodesia’s White government to hand power over to a black administration.

Soon blacks began murdering White people and taking over farms that they couldn’t operate. Rhodesia then stopped producing food. But Jewish-controlled White nations wouldn’t let the blacks starve. Aid poured in, and, Rhodesia became a Detroit-like black ghetto.

Until Whites eliminate all their Jewish populations and the White élite that collaborate with it, all White nations will head increasingly in this direction.

And all while the American Jewish media will debate: what “African–American” woman’s picture should appear on the $100 trillion dollar bill?


Blogger Luek said...

Back in the day when the prosperous and well governed nation of Rhodesia morphed into the pit known as Zimbabwe there was such a hue and cry from the world's social justice warriors that now since the oppressive horrid whites were no longer in charge Zimbabwe would simply blossom into a new Eden of prosperity, humanitarian justice and perpetual springtime. I guess they got their little hearts broken?

3:11 AM  
Blogger tsnamm said...

The silence is deafening, they don't even think about it... They couldn't care less about the results of their treachery.

8:38 PM  

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