Friday, September 11, 2015

Texas Teach

Dear Mr. Covington:

I am a former school teacher in Texas that tried to teach reading and writing to a bunch of blacks with no success. 

Was sent to a week long "capturing kids hearts" seminar to learn how to become their pal. Also, was informed that there are multiple intelligences and I had to somehow make reading and writing relate to the inability to sit still for more than two minutes at a time. 

I wonder how anyone can read serious literature or write coherent paragraphs when they are coddled and directed in such a matter. I resigned and for three years now have not been able to get a teaching job even in White districts. It seems even White districts have jumped on the multi-cultural bandwagon glorifying inferior literature and poetry in order to butter up minorities. 

Now in Texas we have illegal Mexicans crossing over the border by the thousands and a shit-bag president that secretly glows in high pride on what he has accomplished. Here in the South we are having our Confederate heroes destroyed as well as the flag our forefathers died under. What a shame. 

Our children are home schooled because of all this - not sure we can ever join you up there but sure appreciate what you are doing. In a nation that honors all cultures except White we are losing the battle for our history and our people. White flight is an understatement. I fear for our future survival. Perhaps only the Almighty intervening can save us.

God Bless

Fort Worth, Texas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come home Comrade! There really is no excuse. You can homeschool in Washington pretty easily! Lets go, we will be waiting.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idaho has a terrific home school program. It's online and they send for free any physical materials the kids might need. It has been years since I checked it out. I think it is called K through 12. Come home comrade.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Vibrant C. Mandate said...

If their argument is that black children are inherently incapable of behaving appropriately & respectfully while in class (read: not shouting out loud when they disagree with someone; refraining from physically attacking teachers, or other students--even when they feel they have been disrespected; or becoming furiously indignant at being asked to put a cell phone away, etc. and then disrupting the entire class--including disrupting OTHER BLACK KIDS who MAY NOT WANT TO BE DRAGGED INTO THIS), then they should back up their arguments by bringing in documentation that supports that. There is, and has been, research out there that agrees with them, but even MENTIONING such research can ruin careers, & even garner death threats--at least in America, that is. Google "Charles Murray controversy", or "Dr. Lin + Accusations of Racism".

To blatantly assert that black kids (& WHICH black kids? "ALL" black kids? What about mixed kids, or for another facet, what of black kids brought up in culturally white, or "white-acting" families?)CANNOT, & CANNOT BE EXPECTED to behave, or to obey the same rules followed by white or Asian kids is an UNDENIABLY RACIST statement.

If such a belief is not based on truth, then it is that famous "Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations".

If there ARE actual biological differences that may make it twenty times more difficult for a black child to sit quietly in a classroom than a white child, then isn't it twenty times MORE RACIST to expect him to do just that??

I think the fact that we are shouted down as "Racist!" before even getting the full question out is telling. While it is acknowledged that ANY talk about ANY biological differences is frightening in that it can, and HAS, led to deadly & tragic consequences, it can also be INCREDIBLY DAMAGING, and ALARMINGLY STUPID (not to mention expensive) to seek to control, and quash whatever the TRUTH is.

We've been trying to do things the so-called "Liberal" way for fifty years now, and the black community was doing WAY better BEFORE. If the research of Charles Murray is untrue, how can that be proved if no one even KNOWS ABOUT IT? We're already constantly told that black kids get unfairly stereotyped, so how much more damaging would the wide-release of Murray's theories really be?

There are no easy answers to any of this stuff. But setting up whites to be blamed for things that happened before they were even born, is JUST AS UNFAIR as blaming ALL black people for the actions of SOME.

Sorry so long, but this doesn't get spoken of enough! I just know that We The People (actually, of ALL colors) have had it up to HERE with hearing "You can't....", or "You shouldn't....". We are not only not allowed to say what we think, we are also being LIED TO. CONSTANTLY. Thanks for posting this!

10:53 AM  

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