Thursday, September 24, 2015

RFN Call-In-Show 9-17-2015

Only two callers this time, but it has its high points


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toward the end of the program someone mentioned the JFK assassination.

There is zero evidence tying Oswald to the crime, nor is there evidence tying him to the JD Tipit killing. Unfortunately Oswald knew the overall plan and players and this got him whacked. Jack Rubenstien rubbed out Oswald to shut him up, on orders from his bosses.

JFK was not only sleeping with Maryland Monroe (and had Bobby kill her)he was in the sack with a mob furnished girl from Chicago, and of course many others including a soviet spy honey trap who Hoover had deported back to Germany.

RFK turned on the very ones who put his brother in office. Thus a revenge hit was hatched. The mob gave JFK everything, the election, girls, dope, pills and so on. Naturally Sam Giancana, who ran Chicago, felt betrayed,

James Fields, a mob trigger man, has admitted he was the one who put the .22 mushroom bullet into JFKs head firing from the grassy knoll. Fields tells the whole story and investigators haven't been able to shake any part of his account.

Per Joe Granata of Giancana's organiztion, the Dealey plaza hit team was Marshall Caifano, Johnny Roselli and James Files.

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