Wednesday, September 30, 2015

P. S. To Yesterday's Post

Okay, the word now is that Bill was indeed yanked out of Chicago and sent up to Milwaukee for some kind of hearing. No info yet on what. 

It's possible that the dictatorship is trying to paste some kind of new indictment on him for square dancing in a roundhouse or whatever TF, although since he hasn't had access to a computer for about four years now any such fantasy would have to be pretty bizarre. 

My guess, though,  is that it's his long-delayed Elonis hearing, which Bill is confident that he is going to win, and this was a last-minute change of venue to jerk him and his attorneys around on the part of a bitter and angry regime that faces the possibility of being forced to give up its favorite chew toy. 

He's supposed to be back in Chicago in a few days. I will let you know when I hear for sure.


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