Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Fun In Baltimore

[Introducing Fred Reed, for those of you who aren't familiar with him. - HAC] 

A white man in Baltimore was sitting in his car when two female er, "teens" got into a fight. To continue this enterprise they climbed atop his car, perhaps mistaking it for a tree. He got out and asked them to take their dispute somewhere else, whereupon about fifty er, "teens" beat him nearly to death, leaving him with $200,000-$400,000 in medical bills.

The daily grind. Life as usual. If fifty Whites similarly beat an er, "teen," cities would burn and the media would go crazy. In this case, silence will prevail. American-Africans can do no wrong. But something is wrong in America. 

We read over and over of the Culture Wars, and the War Between the Sexes, of Red States and Blue States, as if these were amusing disputes between parents and adolescents in a sitcom. Methinks something far uglier and more dangerous brews.

Almost daily, friends send me links to accounts of what seem to them, and to me, to be lunacy. They are usually accompanied by notes expressing incredulity and—this will matter one day--anger.

The stories deal with things utterly repugnant to much of the country, especially the South and West, the blue collar, the military, and much of the Mid-West: racial lawlessness, glorification of every sexual weirdity anyone can imagine, hostility to Christianity (but not to Judaism or Islam), phony charges of rape, compulsory Ritalin-ingestion, grotesque affirmative action in the hiring of cops and firemen, attacks on academic standards, little boys dragged from school in handcuffs for drawing a soldier, the anti-gun crusade, the truffle-hound search for "stereotypes" and discrimination, and the denigration of masculinity and every aspect of White European culture.

And, always, always, the suppression of news of the unending vicious attacks by er, "teens," on Whites. This latter goes beyond bias into undeclared censorship. Er, "teens" can loot, burn, and rape, and not much happens to them, but if you are White and say "nigger" in an email, you lose your job.

We have two countries that do not like each other at all.

This can’t last. A large part of America loathes these things and wants no part of them or of the country that enforces them. We see two utterly incompatible views of the world, one found chiefly among the Northeastern elite, academia, the upper middle class, the media, the Left Coast, and the other found in the rest of the country. With breathtaking imprecison, I call them the Center and the Seaboard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred is a race traitor. He is bedded down with a Mexican jewess and her kid. Fred abandoned his nation for Mexico. His articles favor Mexican immigration. Hardly a man of any integrity.

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