Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Diesel Therapy For Bill

I have received a message from someone who has in return received a message from Bill White. Apparently he has been suddenly "disappeared" from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. He thinks he is being taken to Milwaukee, but apparently doesn't know for certain.

This is odd. For the past seven years of vicious persecution Bill has had a kind of circuit or Stations of the Cross or Via Dolorosa that the dictatorship has made him tread, around and around and around--Chicago, Roanoke, Orlando, Loretto Pennsylvania, the Oklahoma transit camp, etc. With occasional sojourns in "rented" cells in Dickweed County, Oklahoma or Beaver Butt Wisconsin when they want to make sure he's kept away from his support system. 

Round and round and round, for years. But I have never heard of any Milwaukee connection to his multiple fabricated cases. He's supposed to have an Elonis hearing coming up in October which he swears he will win. Maybe the dictators' servants decided on a last-minute change of venue to separate him from his attorneys.

I haven't received a personal letter from Bill in a little over two months. Apparently his assorted captors are tired of seeing his side of the story published on this blog, so they're just opening the envelopes, removing his letters, and tossing them into the wastebasket, while allowing the AFP and Barnes Review articles to be sent on lest they be accused of censorship.

Anyway, hold off on any letters to Bill at the Chicago address. I'll keep you posted once I find out what's going on.


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