Sunday, September 06, 2015

Judæo-Islam: The Endgame Of The Zionist Islamic State

by Bill White

The latest mantra in the media of One World is that Islam needs a reformation, similar to that which occurred in Europe. Recently, what the Judæo–occult forces of the West are calling for is an Islamic Enlightenment, a critical secular revision of Islam similar to that which began in Europe after the Thirty Years’ War. To achieve what Henry Kissinger called a “post–Westphalian” world in the Middle East, a Sunni-Shiite religious conflict similar to the Catholic – Protestant religious conflict of the 17th century is being manufactured. The result will be Judæo–Islam, a secularized, Judaized version of Islam similar to the neutered Judæo-Christianity which dominates America and Europe.

As General Wesley Clark recently noted on CNN, the Islamic state is a creation of both Western intelligence agencies and the Mossad. Whether or not one believes that Caliph Al-Baghdadi is an American Jew named Elliott Shimon, the senior leadership of the Islamic state is comprised of individuals trained by the
CIA and Mossad. Further the Islamic state is not a particularly an anti-American or anti-Zionist organization. Rather, it forces the practice of sharia on Syria, Iraq, and, Iran.

This intra-Islam conflict focuses on part of the implementation of the Yinon plan, the 1982 plan by the Zionist entity to reshape the
Middle East. The Yinon plan calls for the creation of a Sunni state straddling Iraq and Syria as part of a larger plan for perpetual regional war. It was thought in the false Israel that such perpetual Sunni-Shia war would shield the occupation of Palestine by dividing and busying the false Israel’s rivals.

In this decade, the Yinon plan’s call for perpetual Sunni–Shia conflict has evoked memories of another religious conflict, the Thirty Years’ War, which broke the back of another religion—Christianity. Like Sunni–Shia conflict today, the Thirty Years’ War was instigated by Judæo–occult forces, led to the creation of a global occult empire, and fundamentally changed the world’s major religion by convincing its elite that secularization was necessary and desirable.

The Thirty Years’ War was initiated by the Count Palatine Frederick V, the Winter King, in 1618 when he supported Bohemian radicals who had risen up against the Catholic Church and the Hapsburg Empire, which then included
Spain. Frederick V was a Rosicrucian adherent of the same occult philosophy which infuses Masonry, which in its earliest text, calls for opposition to both Pope and prophet. Rosicrucianism was one of many occult philosophies diffused and supported by Judaism over the years, and in the 17th century Frederick V’s revolt found support in the Netherlands, a hive of Judaism since the 1492 expulsion of the Jews from Spain proper. Shortly after Frederick V revolted, the Netherlands joined in demanding independence from Catholic Spain.

The result was a continent–wide conflict that involved Protestants in
Germany and northern Europe murdering Catholics, Catholics murdering Protestants, and general chaos. Britain Protestants, near the end of the Thirty Years’ War, rose up into separate conflict, the Golden Revolution, against the Catholic Stuart kings. This set the stage for the glorious Revolution of 1688, when William III of Orange, a Dutch prince, took the English throne.

The result was not only the establishment of the Bank of England and the beginnings of the Rothschild banking empire. Another result was the foundation of the British Empire along lines first imagined in Elizabethan times by the occultist  John Dee. To support the British Empire, York and, then Scottish Rite Masonry were founded. The Enlightenment began, Christianity was discredited by the bloodshed of the Thirty Years’ War and was subjected to critical analysis until it was dismembered and made part of Judaism

When one reads columns such as that recently published by Hirsham Aliyad Ali in the Wall Street Journal, one realizes that this kind of dismemberment is precisely what one world intends for Islam. Mohammed is to be historicized, government is to be secularized. Islam is to embrace Judaism and become Judæo–Islam. Before drinking the Zionist Kool-Aid, though both Shia and Sunni may want to consider the future to which they are being driven by religious war.

Zionism is an invention of the 1830s and 1840s. Is inventor was Rabbi Moses Hess, who was the teacher of Karl Marx. Hess wished to create a One World government ruled by Jews from
Jerusalem, and envisioned this government enslaving all non-Jews through Communism. In dreaming this, Hess brought Judaism into full accord with Masonry.

The essence of Masonry is the adoration of the Great Architect, the craftsman of the universe, the figure whose worship is as old as the Egyptian belief in Ptah-rod, or older. The Greeks called the craftsman the demiurge, and he is well known in the Bible as well. There the crass man often appears as an angel with a plumline or a measuring rod. The crass man’s most devout adherent is Hiram Abiff, the Prince of Tyre, who assisted with building Solomon’s temple to the many gods. Abiff is also responsible for Solomon’s decision to enslave all of the Gentile nations which the Israelites could not destroy.

Ezekiel 28 reveals Hiram Abiff’s relationship to the craftsman, and it unveils the craftsman’s identity as Lucifer, the morning Star. Hiram Abiff is said to have consulted at the seat of the gods now sunk beneath the sea, and Lucifer is said to have fallen to earth. This is a reference to the ancient myth, incorporated into the Bible, of the war in the heavens. In this, the craftsman, the greatest of all angels, is led by a red serpent, the biblical Satan, to revolt against the one true God. Historically this true God, God of light, is represented by the sun. The Semites call him Eli, the Greeks Helios, and Islam, Allah. The Swastika is an ancient sign of the Sun, among other things.

Thus, the One World of Zionist Judaism, Masonry, and other occult religions is a rejection and rebellion against the worship of the one true God. Biblically the craftsman is shown measuring out the walls of the new Jerusalem, but this occurs only after Jesus Christ has forgiven him and he has broken his alliance with Satan. Thus, the One World religions of Judæo-Christianity and Judæo-Islam represent a radical rejection of the true God.

This radical rejection of Allah is what the decadent self-appointed representatives of the Judæo–occult West intend when they call for a “reformation” and “enlightenment” in the
Middle East. The essence of modern Judaism is that the interpreters of the law—rabbis—are superior to the lawgiver himself, God. Thus, any faith claiming inspiration from God must be subverted.

The purpose of the current Sunni-Shia conflict in the Middle East is to create a religious war so destructive that it fouls the name of Islam the way the Thirty Years’ War fouls the name Christianity. If Muslims allow this to be brought about by black ops groups like the Islamic State, the result will be the devastation of Islam and another victory for the craftsman and his New World Order.


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