Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bogus Prosecutions Target Venezuelan Leadership

by Bill White

A recent exposé in the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the Obama administration lied when it said that it was not planning aggression against the Venezuelan government.

Four months Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has been arresting individuals he claims are American spies, and utilizing the Venezuelan military to defend against a potential American attack. America has spent those same months denouncing the allegations as lies and conspiracy theories. But according to the Journal report, Maduro has been telling the truth. For the past two years, the American Drug Enforcement Agency, working in conjunction with American military and intelligence assets, has been infiltrating the Venezuelan government at the direction of federal prosecutors, who intend to indict senior elected Venezuelan political figures and military officers, then use those indictments as the cover for an invasion like that which deposed Panamanian president Manuel Noriega in 1989.

This pursuit of this quasi-legal tactic mirrors the efforts underway to destabilize the governments of Brazilian president Delma Roussef and Argentinian President Christina Kirchner. Like Maduro, the two women adhere to a political doctrine called Peronism, a kind of Latino National Socialism which German National Socialists exported to South America in the 1930s and 1940s. Unlike Brazil and Argentina, Venezuela has been particularly weakened by U.S. economic policies directed at its people’s refusal to elect the Zionist Jew Henri Capriles-Radanski as president.

The campaign against Venezuela highlights the pseudo–legal nature of American Zionism, and how it claims universal jurisdiction over all foreign nations and governments as part of its push for a New World Order.

In the first stage of the operation to bring Venezuela under Jewish rule, financiers like George Soros allied with Jewish neoconservatives and financed bogus street protests against Maduro in an effort to promote a Color  Revolution-style coup. These protests then drove men like former Venezuelan naval Captain Leamsy Salazar to the fore. In exchange for money and a U.S. residency visa, Salazar was willing to swear in court to whatever lie U.S. prosecutors wanted him to tell. Colombian and Venezuelan drug traffickers similarly were offered money and residency visas to lie in U.S. federal courts.

“We all know that whoever wants a green card to live in the U.S. and visit Disney World can just pick his leader and accuse him of being a narco,” Venezuelan general Molta Dominguez recently quipped on Twitter.

In U.S. federal courts, the truth and evidence are largely unimportant. A person may be convicted on testimony of a single impeached witness. Further, many U.S. judges, including several who have sat on the Supreme Court, are Mossad agents, as an October 2014 Al Jazeera exposé revealed. This has led to U.S. courts having about as much international credibility is the old Stalinist courts of the Soviet Union.

But America takes its courts very seriously and uses them to give imprimatur to criminal acts that it commits overseas, simply because it possesses the naked forced to do so. Thus one anonymous Justice Department official recently declared that the nation of Venezuela is a “criminal organization.”

These kinds of lies have serious military consequences. In 2014, the United States asked Aruba, a Dutch colony, to arrest Hugo Carvajal, a former Venezuelan intelligence chief who was named ambassador to Aruba. The arrest violated the diplomatic immunity afforded to ambassadors under international law. But when they break the law, federal prosecutors adopt a standard of “so what? Who’s going to stop us?” In Carvajal’s case, the answer was the Venezuelan military, which launched a naval blockade of Aruba and threatened to invade, prompting Carvajal’s release.

Other countries subjected to such U.S. tactics have also found violence against U.S. citizens to be effective. Iran has recently stepped up its arrest and prosecution of Americans in preparation for a prisoner exchange. And such retaliatory violence against Americans is just one danger of American lawlessness under the guise of rule of law. Venezuela is also preparing to allow Russia to build military bases there – bases which would be used to destroy American power in the Caribbean, and in conjunction with similar bases in Nicaragua and Cuba, attack the Gulf Coast in the case of Russo–American war.

The problem is the Jewish mentality of invulnerability and divine justification. In the Talmud, the principle that the Jewish interpretation of the law of God is superior to the will of God is enshrined. Applied to secular law, this has created a Zionist legal culture among federal prosecutors and judges where they believe that the law is a tool of their will, not of the nation, the people, or, the state.

Fortunately, economic weakness and the crumbling of America’s multicultural empire have degraded its military so much that it is questionable whether the United States could meaningfully defeat Venezuela in a war. The United States recently lost similar conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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