Friday, September 04, 2015

Be Careful What You Post

Yeah, I know, in this case it's a nigger, but there have been an increasing number of examples over the past year or so involving White people who had some idea the First Amendment is still in effect. There's this horrific case in Texas where a 15 year-old Whiteboy is facing eight years in the pen for being silly on Facebook and making a "threat" that no one in their right mind would fail to see as a kid being silly--except of course the local district attorney, who apparently is far from being in his right mind. And then, of course, there is the ghastly Bill White case, which removed the last tattered shred of the legal concept of the "credible threat" and allowed White to receive almost 30 crushing years in prison for "making someone uncomfortable." No, really. Check it out on That's exactly what his monstrous situation is. 

(I really liked the one incident where the FBI agent demanded the court award him $80,000 in "restitution" because he was terrified by a Facebook post Bill allegedly made when he was up to his old trick of being in two places at once, as it has been judicially ruled that he can do.)

Anyway, I digress. The latest thing they've come up with by way of laws that can mean whatever TF they want them to mean, other than that oldie and vaguey "making terroristic threats," is "making a threat of mass violence," which I never heard of before.

The point I am making here is: watch what you say on comments sections or your Twitter or Facebook page or whatever. These things are in fact being monitored by "law enforcement," if one can still use that term any more in view of the "laws" they are enforcing, like putting Christian women in prison for refusing to approve of buggery in public.

I don't have a Facebook account or a Twitter, and it's not because my last one many years ago was suspended by the Jew Zuckerberg for me being--well, me. In point of fact I have come to realize the hose-nose did me a favor; it is best to simply stay off social media altogether. They have become playgrounds for secret police and deranged D.A.s and other stalkers.

Besides, if you're not on social media the lefty-libs can't "shame" you, right? Can I get a amen, Alec Baldwin?



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