Sunday, September 27, 2015

Arpaio Uses Federal Tactics Against Feds

by Bill White
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, is under attack after using federal investigatory tactics against federal investigators.
Since 2012, the Obama Department of Justice has had Arpaio besieged by bogus lawsuits, claiming that Arpaio is breaking the law by enforcing federal immigration laws—laws Obama disagrees with, but cannot find the political will to overturn. This legal assault has led to civil disobedience from the lonely sheriff, who admits that his department is refusing to adhere to the federal court’s order that illegal immigrants be allowed to traverse the United States unmolested.
But Arpaio has been fighting back in other ways as well.
In the federal “justice” system, it is common for federal agents and for U.S. Attorneys to retain con men to lie about targets of federal “law enforcement.” These con men manufacture evidence, perjure themselves and lie to juries to secure the conviction of innocent people, many of them political dissidents, who are then imprisoned and often tortured.
Arpaio, taking a tactic straight out of the federal playbook, attempted to turn this around. He was approached by a former federal informant. Daniel Montgomery, who claimed to have inside information U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s illegal collusion with the Department of Justice prosecutors targeting Arpaio. Working with Judicial Watch layer Larry Klayman, Montgomery was paid by Arpaio to investigate Snow for corruption.
The feds, knowing the character of their own man, have called foul. They contacted Steve Lemons, a columnist at the Jewish Phoenix New Times newspaper, and planted an article containing a full profile of Montgomery, whom the feds claim is a compulsive gambler who sold “bogus anti-terrorist technology” to the FBI. Montgomery has not been charged with any such contracting fraud. In fact, to the contrary, Montgomery does appear to be in possession of information gathered on Arpaio, and, others, by the CIA. Last month Snow ordered the CIA notified of potential “theft.”
Amidst the swirling allegations, the truth is lost. The reputation of federal “law enforcement” and the federal judiciary is so atrocious that nothing that they say can be believed. But whether Arpaio has evidence of something more than the usual corruption is also unclear.
Regardless, Judge Snow, the corrupt black robe at the center of the controversy, is unamused. “The court wonders why, when the MCSO should have been spending their time, money, and, resources in implementing its order,” the Zionist bastard wrote, “they were funding a confidential informant, as well as three MCSO deputies, or posse members, to be in Seattle, Washington attempting to construct some bogus conspiracy theory to discredit this court.”
Unfortunately, the black devil is right on one count—no conspiracy theory is needed to explain the very open conspiracy by which a Judæo-occult minority has taken power, and is using that power, to exploit, and to murder White working people. The conspiracy began at the beginning of Snow’s career, when he was selected and, groomed out of hundreds of thousands of law students in this country to become one of the judicial Rabbis who Talmudicly interpret the Constitution for the white goyim.
Ironically, even the ACLU has taken Judge Snow’s side, accusing Montgomery of being a con man. Despite Montgomery’s reputation, the controversy has led Arpaio to push for Snow’s recusal from the case.
“This is not about vitriolic accusations against the judge.” A. Melvin MacDonald, Arpaio’s lawyer told the press. “It’s about the personal animus Snow has displayed to the claimant.”



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