Friday, August 07, 2015

These Books You May Not Read: It Is Forbidden

Some time in the middle of July, a faceless and unknown person in a carpeted and air-conditioned office made a telephone call to someone else in a carpeted and air-conditioned office, equally faceless and unknown. As a result of that phone call 15 of my novels, a lifetime of creative work since I was 16 years old, were withdrawn from publication and forced out of print. This despite a specific promise by all three publishing companies involved when I signed the contracts that this would never happen. 

The faceless unknowns who took it upon themselves to do this, without any consultation or recourse, are well aware that I have no money to retain an attorney, and that no attorney would take my case if I did. In this society those with money can do whatever they like to those without, with no accountability of any kind.

This is how books and ideas are banned in the American dictatorship: not through government decree, but through that fine old American tradition, the blacklist.

The people who did this are not only violating my right to think and write and speak what I wish, they are violating your right to hear what I have to say, should you choose to do so. I really wish I could get a lot more traction on that idea, because it is vital to the agonizing process of recovering a free society in North America.

These are the books that these faceless and nameless (but not noseless) people have decided that you may not read, because they contain ideas you are not allowed to know or to think about. I have listed only the seven novels that have some remotely political content: the other eight are simply fiction, although apparently the Power is so terrified of my words that you're not allowed to read those either.

Anyone who wants to order these books needs to order them before August 14th, after which they will have been forced out of print because America simply is not strong enough to allow or tolerate the words of one man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to your local independent used and new book dealer and order the books.
This will give your local book dealer a bone, and keep you out of the Bozos Amazon data base.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's August 15th, I just ordered The Brigade, and Amazon is Preparing for Shipment!
Maybe the deadline is extended? Looking forward to your politically incorrect novel. Thanks!

11:03 AM  

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