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Revised RFN Recommended Listening List

Howdy Harold,

I revised the RFN Recommended Listening List to add in some new essential listening.  I included links to the page that hosts the file, and links to the .mp3 file (where available) hosted on the as a backup.  Would you be so kind to share this with everyone again?

To everyone getting this: If you haven't listened to these, I demand you download them and do so. Most of the NF's core concepts are contained in here, and also included are some shortcasts for entertainment value.  If you have a monotonous job where you can use a .mp3 player and headphones, these make for fantastic listening.  Mr. Covington often speaks of spaced repetition.  I doubt he will complain if you take the initiative and do it yourself.  The end of the year all music podcasts are especially good for expanding your musical knowledge into the wide universe of the White Man's music.

This list will also make a handy cheat sheet for pointing your own new contacts in the proper direction.

-Marcus in Idaho

A Short Introduction To The Northwest Front

.org link:

.net direct link to mp3:
This is a short audio introduction to the NF meant to be sent out to people who contact us as part of their introductory packet.  Essentially a brief intro to the NF along with content from HAC speaks to Conservatives and Why I Say Nigger.

A Short 5 Minute Intro to the Northwest Front

.org direct link to .mp3:
A distilled version of the into.  Five minutes and to the point.  Useful for spreading the message to the uninitiated and those who are attention-span challenged.

The FAQ Episode

.org link

This special two hour Radio Free Northwest is a FAQ broadcast, wherein Mr. Covington answers a number of standard questions that come up all the time such as does the NF advocate violence? Does the NF preach “hate”? What about small White enclaves instead of a whole new country? Why can’t we take back all of America? Are today’s White youth really completely useless? and many others...

Why Racism is Right

.org direct link to mp3:

.net direct link to mp3:

A no-brainer for anyone racially conscious, but never hurts to reinforce our ideals.  Can also be used to help convert muggles that have conflicting feelings about their own racism.

Conservatives And The Northwest Front

.org link:

HAC on what makes us different from Conservatives

Why I Say “Nigger”
.org link:

HAC on his use of forbidden language.

The Northwest Front and Class

.org link:

A shortcast by HAC on the subject of class divisions within the White Nationalist movement.

Grow Stronger!

.org link:

HAC speaks frankly and to the point, to the existing racially conscious community, on the subject of White Character.

Shortstopping And “Standing And Fighting”
.org link:

Another shortcast from HAC on people who won’t migrate and people who won’t migrate all the way.

The Propaganda of the Deed

.org direct link to mp3:  

HAC on throwing your life away, and why it's a bad idea.

The Charleston Vespers

HAC speaks about the events in Charleston, and why you DO NOT DO THESE KIND OF THINGS.  Includes poetry by the Old Man.

Contra Mundum
.org link:

Who are the authors of the liberal-left agenda, and what is their purpose?

American Immigration For White Nationalists

HAC talks to White Nationalists outside of the US about the difficulty of immigration.

White Character

.org link:

.net direct link to mp3:

HAC's canned answer on goat dancers, space madness, and GUBU.  Basically the bad parts of White Character.

The Revolution Starts Now

.org link:

The Old Man’s Speech from A Distant Thunder.

Let's Talk a Little Treason

.org link:

HAC reads one of his "famous" short articles.

Dreaming the Iron Dream
.org link:

Mr. Covington reads one of his most well known articles, Dreaming The Iron Dream.

HAC Reads Freedom’s Sons Prologue

.org link:

HAC reads the Prologue to Freedom’s Sons, demonstrating his talent as a voice actor, and makes us all wish he would personally make the Northwest Quintet into audiobooks.

Songs of the Northwest
At the end of the year, HAC has a special all-music podcast featuring some his favorite tunes, along with other songs popular with the audience. Averages about 2 hours in length.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one piece of very important information that any migrants need to know about the PNW.

Oregon is _not_ a "castle state." Home invasions in the Portland area are way up and any attempt to use force to defend yourself will result in criminal charges against the homeowner. As well as "hate crime" charges, I'm sure, if any of the home invaders are our sacred ebony friends.

Washington is a castle state and Idaho has and even stronger castle state stance. Oregon though, if you are packing and use it, you will be charged. There is never a time when a homeowner is okay defending themselves, according to the law in Oregon.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Mstr Rick said...

Excellent list. Thx Marcus.

7:08 PM  

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