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Greville Janner, Fegeleh

 [The only time this blog has ever been permanently censored was several years ago when one of these "reputation-cleansing" internet companies in some manner compelled Google to remove a post, from several years before that, on the subject of notable British-Jewish paedophile Lord Greville Janner. This was before the British media turned on Janner, for reasons which remain unclear, and he lost his cover. - HAC] 

Jewish Leaders Organize British Child Sex Ring
by Bill White 

It has recently been revealed in the media that a high-level British pedophilia ring raped tens of thousands of children over 30 or more years. This ring of perverts, which extended into both the British Conservative and Labour parties, was largely organized by Lord Greville Janner, a Leicestershire member of Parliament for the Labour Party. Britain’s most prominent Zionist, Janner was president of the Jewish Board of Deputies, the British version of the ADL, and, vice president of the World Jewish Congress.

While Britain’s director of public prosecution, Alison Saunders, has said that Janner homosexually assaulted and battered at least 22 boys personally in conjunction with this rang, she has also said that she will not prosecute him.

Britain is in the midst of a massive pedophilia scandal that has encompassed members of the royal family and both major political parties, as well as American politicians. In the United States, this scandal is largely being suppressed, with newspapers like the Wall Street Journal focusing on 2000 children raped by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, a small English town. But, behind that Pakistani gang, and the entire child rape network are Zionist Jews and a huge proportion—50% or more—of those holding public office at the federal or national level in the United States and Britain.

Janner spent many years procuring children from council youth homes, foster homes and orphanages, having sex with them, and, pimping them to senior Labour, conservative, and Liberal Democrat leaders, since before 1991. That year Frank Beck, director of children’s home in Leicester, testified, during his trial for selling orphans and abused children to pedophiles, that “one child has been bothered and abused for two solid years by Grenville Janner” who regularly sodomized him.

However, these changes, and, another 2007 case, were swept under the rug by Jewish power, and by the fact that most of Britain’s political and media establishment were clients of the Jewish pedophile cartel of which Janner was part. Liberal Democrat leader Cyril Smith and former Jewish Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan are among those implicated in the Janner buggery scandal. A related case involving convicted Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has implicated old Britain’s Prince Andrew and former president Bill Clinton and child sex orgies that occurred on Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin islands.

The British revelations are also almost precisely identical to allegations that first surfaced in the Franklin Cover-up case in the United States in the 1980s, and, which eventually spread to encompass several White House staffers working for them or President George H.W. Bush. They also intersect with a Russian–Zionist child sex rang that was broken up in Russia in the early 2000’s, and, which include Jewish billionaires in the United States and Europe and the false Israel’s ambassador to Brazil.
Given the power of Jewish pedophiles internationally, it is little surprise that Britain is refusing to prosecute Janner. Aged 90, Janner claims to be suffering from dementia, making him non compos mentis and unable to stand trial. However, Janner has routinely given lengthy speeches urging the House of Lords to support the fake Israel, and recently appearing in the Knesset to speak on British–Jewish relations. He is also refusing to surrender his seat in the House of Lords. Britain’s official Jewish community is backing Janner and other Jews accused of pedophilia, largely because the entire leadership of Britain’s Jewish community is involved.

But, there is precedent for trying man like Janner and Britain in absentia, to promote truth and reconciliation. This trial would go forward despite the fact that Frank Beck and many of the victims who tried to expose Janner in the 1990s, have died under mysterious circumstances, or disappeared. “They say that he can’t stand trial because he can’t defend himself, and he will not understand what is happening,” one of the victims told the Sunday Mirror. “As children, we could not defend ourselves, and did not understand what was happening. It did not stop us from being abused.”

In addition, there are allegations that Janner’s sodomy was conducted in furtherance of Judeo–occult religious ceremonies, part of a group called the Magic Circle. Ritual sodomy and murder of children has always been part of Jewish society. Such acts are called horvah, or, sacrifices to YHWH, whose name means “I am”, Jah-, “glorious”, –ho-, “desire”, –avah.

Jews also refer to Jesus Christ as to’ eva, “the sodomized one,” and, they see the sodomy of non-Jewish children as a way to defy the Savior. Jews commit these crimes because their leaders, the nefesh are umbroformed serpents – beings from a realm of darkness who have human form, and, who are trying to destroy humanity.
The Zionist entity in Palestine, which sponsored Janner’s crimes, is taking the allegations in stride. Shortly after the allegations were announced it dedicated a kindergarten to Janner.


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On a completely unrelated issue; there seems to be a covert civil war in Britain between the Europhiles and Eurosceptics. The great champion of the Europhiles was Ted Heath; whose reputation has been dragged through the dirt, now that he is safely dead. No doubt, various methods of suasion were applied to induce Europhilia in a majority of the elected representatives of the people, concealing their nefarious activities, was, surely, one of these. It was the Europhiles who betrayed Maggie Thatcher when she, as the Americans say "went off the reservation", concerning Britain's involvement in Europe.

Something seems to have changed in Britain's relationship with Europe. This in-out referendum that David Cameron is committed to holding in 2017 shows this. I would guess that there is an undeclared power struggle taking place between the financial power centres of Europe. In short, the City of London is opposed to granting any taxing powers over their activities to Brussels(the European Commission). Their messenger boy in Downing Street is , I suspect, bluffing with his Euro referendum, but, if Europe calls his bluff; they'll go through with it anyway.

So, what does this have to do with child buggery by the British elite? Maybe, some Europhiles need to be turned into Eurosceptics; and this is the easiest way to do it.

Check out Aangirfan for information concerning jimmy savile and his dirty pals.

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