Wednesday, August 19, 2015

From The Homeland Blog

A recent anonymous comment on Homeland:

It strikes me as odd that what has to be the quietest White Nationalist group in Amurrica has managed to be classified as the most dangerous. All you do is tell people to come to the Northwest and settle. No violence, no vitriol against anyone. Just pack your stuff and come on up. Something this simple has the liberals' panties on fire.

I am waiting to see how the other so-called leaders in the Movement spazz out. Here is Harold. Man has been dumped on by every so-called "leader" in the movement for years, and still he is listed by the liberals as the most dangerous man in the Movement. I can just picture how that burns them up. Don't tell me you haven't been sitting there with a little smile thinking about all that. I know I would.

I get your point about having to be more circumspect. Uncle Slime is going to go over everything you or anyone in the Northwest Movement does with a fine-toothed comb just looking for an excuse to drop the hammer and get them some face time on the tube. That in and of itself should motivate some people actually to move. This being the only group in the Movement that the liberals consider an actual threat. Something to consider.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we are here "and I bet you didn't know we are dangerous." LOL

9:22 PM  

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