Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bill White Update

[I received this letter yesterday, so there's about a three-week delay in Bill's outgoing mail. Presumably whatever FBI agent is in charge of reading and photocopying his mail is still on vacation. - HAC]

July 24th, 2015

Hello, Harold:

[Redacted] told me that you haven't heard from me in a while. The CTU must be delaying my mail, lest someone become terrified, or still worse, be made to feel uncomfortable. I have been extraordinarily busy. I finished a 260-some page revision of my geneology chart (only through 1200 A.D.) and got a Xerox of it off in the mail Monday, a necessary precaution given the tendency of the gremlins to seize my writing and carry it off to the Islas Dos Perditos or WTF they do with it.  I have started working with the Popes book that you sent me and I've not only added a new Chapter 7 but revised a Chapter 9, taking my revised manuscript through 600 A.D.  I work about 12 hours per day, so it fills my time. 

[N.B. Bill is attempting to reconstruct the manuscript of his magnum opus, Serpent's Blood, which was stolen by the FBI from his effects in Florida while he was getting diesel therapy'ed earlier this year. - HAC]

On August 27th I will have my hearing to vacate this conviction here. [The original Chicago conviction for publishing public-record information to an "inherently criminal and violent audience," i.e. you guys. This is the load-bearing wall of the entire edifice of quasi-legal persecution Bill has suffered since he pissed off Barry in 2008.]  

Purely as a delaying tactic, the dictatorship has opted to go to oral argument in my Virginia case [The one where the judge stated prior to sentencing that he believed Bill to be innocent and that he was being persecuted for his beliefs, and then sentenced him anyway.] That has been scheduled for October 28th.

Last week, the Sixth Circuit, the most civil rights-unfriendly circuit in the United States, threw out an ยง875 case because of Elonis, so things are settled--I will at least be given new trials in Virginia and Florida. [Or they'll get tired of fucking with him and have him murdered in his cell like they did Edgar Steele and Bruce Pierce and Maynard Campbell.]

The big question, my lawyers tell me, is whether the dictatorship will be permitted to re-try me in Florida at all. [That was the one where the prosecution's star witness was high on drugs on the stand, drugs provided to her by U.S. Marshals, admitted the fact in open court, and her testimony was nonetheless allowed by the judge.] Two of the charges seem dead because of venue, the rest are probably dead for lack of evidence. We'll see.

Thank you for all you do, Harold. Be well.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West  
Chicago, IL 60605-1004



Blogger Luek said...

I sincerely hope that Bill will have a miraculous recovery from his terminal case of judicialidice. Unfortunately, Edgar Steele, Bruce Pierce and Maynard Campbell did not recover from the same disease.

2:24 PM  

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