Saturday, August 29, 2015

White Wounding In Virginia

by Martin Frobisher

On August 14th, 2015 a creep named Jesse Benn published an article on the ultra-lefty-lib Huffington Post entitled Towards a Concept Of White Wounding. It is entirely likely that this character is a Jew in the mold of the loathsome Tim Wise or Noel Ignatiev, although I have been unable to locate any documentation thereof, and I have noted in the past few years that the more cautious members of the Tribe, sniffing the wind as of old, have begun actually to conceal their racial identity and once more pose as White, a switch from recent years when so many threw caution to the wind and wore their noses on their sleeve, so to speak. This effusion of Benn's is long and very nearly unreadable. Here is a brief example of one of more coherent passages:

“White people need to open ourselves up to a particular type of wounding to genuinely understand and then work toward racial justice. Our comfort and privilege generally keeps us from incurring these wounds naturally, and thus they must be sought out, disseminated, and used to motivate action.”

On August 26th, Benn got his wish with some White wounding, big time. A black homosexual gunned down a young White woman TV journalist named Alison Parker and her White cameraman, Adam Ward. The murdering monkoid videotaped the killings and issued a “manifesto” to the effect that he had murdered the woman “because she said racist statements,” later shown to have been things like use of the word “swinging” and “going out in the field,” which the primate took to mean cotton field. No. I am not making this up.

People like Jesse Benn and the Southern Poverty Law Center bear a profound and inescapable moral responsibility for the false, vicious, and malicious ideas they propagate against people of European descent. So far I have as yet failed to find even so much as a single crocodile tear or expression of regret from Benn, and when I checked the SPLC website two days after the slaughter in Roanoke I found only a fulsome eulogy for the late high-yellow race hustler Julian Bond. Morris Dees and Mark Potok didn’t consider two murdered young White people worth a mention. In their minds, they weren't.

We are constantly being told that Black Lives Matter and that White lives do not, and even to suggest otherwise is wicked, evil racism and must be punished with cyber-shaming and “economic discipline,” i.e. blacklisting from employment. One of the reasons for the prominent position in the polls of Donald Trump is that White Americans are tired of being vilified, harassed, hectored, scolded, lectured, assaulted, robbed, fired from jobs they have held for years because of a word or because they are simply the wrong color—and above all we are tired of our racial brothers and sisters being murdered by the black beasts of the field.

When contemplating the deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, it is quietly enraging to think back to the wholly justified and justifiable death of the huge thug Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri a little over a year ago. Brown was slain after he was stopped by a police officer on his way from a strong-arm robbery of a convenient store where he had stolen a quantity of cheap Swisher Sweet cigars in order to use the paper wrappers to make large marijuana joints for re-sale. During this robbery the primate beat the shopkeeper, a brown-skinned Asian, significantly. (Sometimes we forget that these animals do almost as much damage to their own kind as to White people.) Brown assaulted the policeman for the horrible micro-aggression of asking him to step out of the street and back onto the sidewalk, attempted to seize the cop’s gun, and got his big black ass well and truly plugged for his trouble. A grand jury—a multi-racial one including blacks who have to live in the same neighborhood as a hundred Michael Browns—determined that Officer Darren Wilson acted appropriately, within the law, and within departmental procedure, which did him no damned good whatsoever. Wilson was forced out of the police department, and efforts are now being made to deprive him of what paltry pension and medical benefits he was due. He is living in hiding and unemployed, nor realistically will he ever be able to hold a job under his own name again; he has applied for the federal witness protection program and a new identity, which under the current dictatorship I rather doubt he will get.

A year later, large hefty monkoid women with big butts are hijacking presidential campaign rallies over Michael Brown, screaming into microphones like so many Cheetahs in a Tarzan movie. Two days on, Alison Parker and Adam Ward seem already on the way to being forgotten; 48 hours after their deaths, they were already gone from Drudge Report.

90% of interracial crime in this country consists of blacks victimizing Whites in some way, often in horrible assaults, rapes, and homicides. I doubt if this reptile Jesse Benn is even aware of that statistic; if he has ever heard it, I’m sure he simply mutters “racist!” and then dismisses it from his mind.  

To be fair, “anti-racists” seem just as dismissive of the lives of their own kind as they are of the lives of us ordinary honkies. In December of last year a man named David Ruenzel, a writer and a internet commentator for the Southern Poverty Law Center, was murdered in Oakland, California by a couple of niggers, either in the course of a robbery or just for the hell of it, because the man had a pale skin. Who knows why these beasts do these things? Perhaps Mr. Ruenzel forgot to check his privilege.

One or two of the bloggers and commentators in our own minuscule Movement made some comment on the irony of it, and the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich promptly held a tearful and impassioned press conference wherein she denounced—the wickedness of those sassy Whiteboys among us who had dared, yes, DARED to voice an opinion on the matter. If we had all maintained a respectful silence on Mr. Ruenzel’s untimely fatal ass-whupping, I frankly question whether there would have been any public mention of his death from the SPLC at all. Don’t rightly fit with the narrative, dontcha know.

Perhaps I am a hopeless optimist, but I am beginning to whiff something in the breeze—the first faint hints of a Wind of Change that with any luck will grow into a hurricane. At long, long last, White people are getting really, really tired of it all. I did not watch the death of Alison Parker and Adam Ward on the internet; I have seen death before, I know what it looks like, and I can afford to take a pass on it this time. But many White people did watch, and that is good.

Long ago the infamous Boss Tweed of New York tried to take out a hit on the cartoonist Thomas Nast, who was skewering Tweed with his famous caricatures: “Stop them damned picters! I don’t care what the newspapers write about me. My constituents can’t read. But they can damned well see picters!”

White people are like that these days. We cannot read, or will no longer do so, at any rate. But we can damned well see picters.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Check You Privilege, Niggaz

by Martin Frobisher
[This is a take-off on one of the most utterly idiotic columns to appear recently in the nauseating Salon Magazine. - HAC]
Dear Black Men,

You are persons of privilege.

You didn’t earn it. More than likely aren’t yet prepared to either admit to it or lose it. This letter, written by one of you, is offered to invite you on a journey of insight, honesty, hard truth and just living.

Privilege can be hard to see, mostly because of what doesn’t happen to us when we have it.

Our women aren’t getting raped by the tens of thousands.

We aren’t being punched in the face while walking down the street because of our race.

The government didn’t write codes, rules and laws that kept us out of the universities and jobs.

Property values don’t go down when White people move into our neighborhoods.

Our children aren’t sitting in classrooms being indoctrinated to believe they were born evil because of politically correct myths about things that happened hundreds of years ago.

Young black men are not being gunned down by Whites in “wrong place, wrong time” robberies gone wrong.

Our homes aren’t being invaded, our wives and daughters raped and murdered.

We are not saying to ourselves as part of a black man’s code of conduct that when we continually fail at work and don’t get fired something like: “Well, once again I didn’t get fired because I’m black.”

We are not saying to ourselves when our child didn’t get her college application rejected with a questionable GPA something like: “Well, thank God she’s black and protected by these racial quotas enforced by the ZOG.”

We are not saying to ourselves when the prosecutor reduces our son’s charges from aggravated assault to cocaine possession and sets him free with a small fine and time served: “Wow, that White prosecutor made sure my black son got a break that the White man who got convicted of that crime last week didn’t get.”

The journey to seeing and understanding the pernicious consequences of privilege includes the harder work of seeing what isn’t there to be seen.

I have started practicing this as a discipline.

When I walk into a convenience store to get a receipt for my gas and the young woman at the counter greets me with a smile and slips me her phone number, I tell myself “She felt comfortable doing that because I’m black and interracial relationships are being celebrated by Jew media.”

When I see a highway patrolman pass me while I’m selling crack on the street because he is afraid to confront me for fear of being accused of racism, I say to myself: “That happened because I’m black.”

When I drive through the many border checkpoints we have set up here in the Southwest along the Mexican border, and as I roll down my window and make my stop at the guard gate, and as the border patrol agent begins apologizing and telling me “I’m not a racist, I have black friends,” I say to myself: “That is the result of my being black.”

I don’t know in the end if any of those were in fact true statements. That isn’t the point of this exercise. The point is to create a consciousness from which I can no longer let myself escape.

I want to be clear about something. This solves nothing. I can notice, and still be happy and content with the privilege I am afforded.

I want to be clear about something else. Whatever solutions are going to come that we ourselves will offer the agency of our privilege for aren’t coming without this basic awareness.

When I taught Black Privilege Studies to a class of Masters of Divinity students at Eden Theological Seminary, I was fired and accused of racism even though I am black. There is a passage in my sacred texts that reads: “Ride or die, muthafukka.” There is so much more black crime and violence to be seen than what White men will let their eyes take notice of.

I invite the black men of
America with me on this journey of discovery. Ask those who don’t share your privilege to tell you what they see. It may not have escaped your attention that whether we are talking about Colleen Ritzer, Chris Lane, Nancy Strait, what whites see and what blacks see are not the same thing. There is a reason for that. Privilege comes at a price — and the price is the loss of a vision that admits facts that make accepting the privilege uncomfortable.

Therefore, I extend an invitation to a seeing that engenders the kind of discomfort with privilege that creates the space necessary for real justice to emerge. Don’t worry about carrying the burden of solving this pervasive injustice: for good reason, you and I won’t be entrusted with that work. But only when we see what others are more than happy to show us about ourselves will we be open then to hearing what they have to teach us about what will be required for true equality to emerge.

The acceptance of this invitation, and the resulting years of work it will take us all to open our eyes to that we have been conditioned to ignore for the sake of our privilege, is the first step in the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. Black men in
America, I invite you to walk this road with me.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

One Of Yours, I Believe?

From now on, every time you lefty-lib assholes scream and holler "Dylann Roof" we get to holler back, "Vester Flanagan!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - August 27th. 2015

The last of the August 6th call-in show, more from Gretchen on March of the Titans, a British comrade analyzes the “progressive” brain, and the need for a secure mailing address for White Nationalists.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Covington Books Still Up

The Covington books still appear to be up on Amazon. The various online vendors look to be getting rid of existing stocks, of which there seem to be some, so you might find a Brigade or two still, if you look hard. 

The problem will come when those existing stocks run out and my three previous publishing companies, all of whom mysteriously canceled me on the same day, stop printing per order. The books also still seem to be on Amazon Kindle.

I admit, I don't know exactly how this is going to work. I've never known anyone who went through this before, having all his books yanked at once, 15 of them in my case. 

Yes, Virginia, plans are proceeding to make sure that anyone who still wants a Covington novel can get hold of one. More on that later.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Check Out My Other Blog

Periodic plug for one of my other two blogs.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Greville Janner, Fegeleh

 [The only time this blog has ever been permanently censored was several years ago when one of these "reputation-cleansing" internet companies in some manner compelled Google to remove a post, from several years before that, on the subject of notable British-Jewish paedophile Lord Greville Janner. This was before the British media turned on Janner, for reasons which remain unclear, and he lost his cover. - HAC] 

Jewish Leaders Organize British Child Sex Ring
by Bill White 

It has recently been revealed in the media that a high-level British pedophilia ring raped tens of thousands of children over 30 or more years. This ring of perverts, which extended into both the British Conservative and Labour parties, was largely organized by Lord Greville Janner, a Leicestershire member of Parliament for the Labour Party. Britain’s most prominent Zionist, Janner was president of the Jewish Board of Deputies, the British version of the ADL, and, vice president of the World Jewish Congress.

While Britain’s director of public prosecution, Alison Saunders, has said that Janner homosexually assaulted and battered at least 22 boys personally in conjunction with this rang, she has also said that she will not prosecute him.

Britain is in the midst of a massive pedophilia scandal that has encompassed members of the royal family and both major political parties, as well as American politicians. In the United States, this scandal is largely being suppressed, with newspapers like the Wall Street Journal focusing on 2000 children raped by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, a small English town. But, behind that Pakistani gang, and the entire child rape network are Zionist Jews and a huge proportion—50% or more—of those holding public office at the federal or national level in the United States and Britain.

Janner spent many years procuring children from council youth homes, foster homes and orphanages, having sex with them, and, pimping them to senior Labour, conservative, and Liberal Democrat leaders, since before 1991. That year Frank Beck, director of children’s home in Leicester, testified, during his trial for selling orphans and abused children to pedophiles, that “one child has been bothered and abused for two solid years by Grenville Janner” who regularly sodomized him.

However, these changes, and, another 2007 case, were swept under the rug by Jewish power, and by the fact that most of Britain’s political and media establishment were clients of the Jewish pedophile cartel of which Janner was part. Liberal Democrat leader Cyril Smith and former Jewish Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan are among those implicated in the Janner buggery scandal. A related case involving convicted Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has implicated old Britain’s Prince Andrew and former president Bill Clinton and child sex orgies that occurred on Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin islands.

The British revelations are also almost precisely identical to allegations that first surfaced in the Franklin Cover-up case in the United States in the 1980s, and, which eventually spread to encompass several White House staffers working for them or President George H.W. Bush. They also intersect with a Russian–Zionist child sex rang that was broken up in Russia in the early 2000’s, and, which include Jewish billionaires in the United States and Europe and the false Israel’s ambassador to Brazil.
Given the power of Jewish pedophiles internationally, it is little surprise that Britain is refusing to prosecute Janner. Aged 90, Janner claims to be suffering from dementia, making him non compos mentis and unable to stand trial. However, Janner has routinely given lengthy speeches urging the House of Lords to support the fake Israel, and recently appearing in the Knesset to speak on British–Jewish relations. He is also refusing to surrender his seat in the House of Lords. Britain’s official Jewish community is backing Janner and other Jews accused of pedophilia, largely because the entire leadership of Britain’s Jewish community is involved.

But, there is precedent for trying man like Janner and Britain in absentia, to promote truth and reconciliation. This trial would go forward despite the fact that Frank Beck and many of the victims who tried to expose Janner in the 1990s, have died under mysterious circumstances, or disappeared. “They say that he can’t stand trial because he can’t defend himself, and he will not understand what is happening,” one of the victims told the Sunday Mirror. “As children, we could not defend ourselves, and did not understand what was happening. It did not stop us from being abused.”

In addition, there are allegations that Janner’s sodomy was conducted in furtherance of Judeo–occult religious ceremonies, part of a group called the Magic Circle. Ritual sodomy and murder of children has always been part of Jewish society. Such acts are called horvah, or, sacrifices to YHWH, whose name means “I am”, Jah-, “glorious”, –ho-, “desire”, –avah.

Jews also refer to Jesus Christ as to’ eva, “the sodomized one,” and, they see the sodomy of non-Jewish children as a way to defy the Savior. Jews commit these crimes because their leaders, the nefesh are umbroformed serpents – beings from a realm of darkness who have human form, and, who are trying to destroy humanity.
The Zionist entity in Palestine, which sponsored Janner’s crimes, is taking the allegations in stride. Shortly after the allegations were announced it dedicated a kindergarten to Janner.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

From The Homeland Blog

A recent anonymous comment on Homeland:

It strikes me as odd that what has to be the quietest White Nationalist group in Amurrica has managed to be classified as the most dangerous. All you do is tell people to come to the Northwest and settle. No violence, no vitriol against anyone. Just pack your stuff and come on up. Something this simple has the liberals' panties on fire.

I am waiting to see how the other so-called leaders in the Movement spazz out. Here is Harold. Man has been dumped on by every so-called "leader" in the movement for years, and still he is listed by the liberals as the most dangerous man in the Movement. I can just picture how that burns them up. Don't tell me you haven't been sitting there with a little smile thinking about all that. I know I would.

I get your point about having to be more circumspect. Uncle Slime is going to go over everything you or anyone in the Northwest Movement does with a fine-toothed comb just looking for an excuse to drop the hammer and get them some face time on the tube. That in and of itself should motivate some people actually to move. This being the only group in the Movement that the liberals consider an actual threat. Something to consider.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - August 20th, 2015

Donald Trump, White character, robots, March of the Titans--this episode of RFN has it all.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bill White Update

[I received this letter yesterday, so there's about a three-week delay in Bill's outgoing mail. Presumably whatever FBI agent is in charge of reading and photocopying his mail is still on vacation. - HAC]

July 24th, 2015

Hello, Harold:

[Redacted] told me that you haven't heard from me in a while. The CTU must be delaying my mail, lest someone become terrified, or still worse, be made to feel uncomfortable. I have been extraordinarily busy. I finished a 260-some page revision of my geneology chart (only through 1200 A.D.) and got a Xerox of it off in the mail Monday, a necessary precaution given the tendency of the gremlins to seize my writing and carry it off to the Islas Dos Perditos or WTF they do with it.  I have started working with the Popes book that you sent me and I've not only added a new Chapter 7 but revised a Chapter 9, taking my revised manuscript through 600 A.D.  I work about 12 hours per day, so it fills my time. 

[N.B. Bill is attempting to reconstruct the manuscript of his magnum opus, Serpent's Blood, which was stolen by the FBI from his effects in Florida while he was getting diesel therapy'ed earlier this year. - HAC]

On August 27th I will have my hearing to vacate this conviction here. [The original Chicago conviction for publishing public-record information to an "inherently criminal and violent audience," i.e. you guys. This is the load-bearing wall of the entire edifice of quasi-legal persecution Bill has suffered since he pissed off Barry in 2008.]  

Purely as a delaying tactic, the dictatorship has opted to go to oral argument in my Virginia case [The one where the judge stated prior to sentencing that he believed Bill to be innocent and that he was being persecuted for his beliefs, and then sentenced him anyway.] That has been scheduled for October 28th.

Last week, the Sixth Circuit, the most civil rights-unfriendly circuit in the United States, threw out an §875 case because of Elonis, so things are settled--I will at least be given new trials in Virginia and Florida. [Or they'll get tired of fucking with him and have him murdered in his cell like they did Edgar Steele and Bruce Pierce and Maynard Campbell.]

The big question, my lawyers tell me, is whether the dictatorship will be permitted to re-try me in Florida at all. [That was the one where the prosecution's star witness was high on drugs on the stand, drugs provided to her by U.S. Marshals, admitted the fact in open court, and her testimony was nonetheless allowed by the judge.] Two of the charges seem dead because of venue, the rest are probably dead for lack of evidence. We'll see.

Thank you for all you do, Harold. Be well.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West  
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


Radio Free Northwest - August 13th 2015

HAC on gun talk on RFN, Gretchen continues with her rolling reviews on Arthur Kemp's March of the Titans, we hear from the Trucker, and we hear part of a call-in show which isn't really.

Friday, August 07, 2015

These Books You May Not Read: It Is Forbidden

Some time in the middle of July, a faceless and unknown person in a carpeted and air-conditioned office made a telephone call to someone else in a carpeted and air-conditioned office, equally faceless and unknown. As a result of that phone call 15 of my novels, a lifetime of creative work since I was 16 years old, were withdrawn from publication and forced out of print. This despite a specific promise by all three publishing companies involved when I signed the contracts that this would never happen. 

The faceless unknowns who took it upon themselves to do this, without any consultation or recourse, are well aware that I have no money to retain an attorney, and that no attorney would take my case if I did. In this society those with money can do whatever they like to those without, with no accountability of any kind.

This is how books and ideas are banned in the American dictatorship: not through government decree, but through that fine old American tradition, the blacklist.

The people who did this are not only violating my right to think and write and speak what I wish, they are violating your right to hear what I have to say, should you choose to do so. I really wish I could get a lot more traction on that idea, because it is vital to the agonizing process of recovering a free society in North America.

These are the books that these faceless and nameless (but not noseless) people have decided that you may not read, because they contain ideas you are not allowed to know or to think about. I have listed only the seven novels that have some remotely political content: the other eight are simply fiction, although apparently the Power is so terrified of my words that you're not allowed to read those either.

Anyone who wants to order these books needs to order them before August 14th, after which they will have been forced out of print because America simply is not strong enough to allow or tolerate the words of one man.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - August 6th, 2015

HAC on Covington novel recovery and Who Guards the Guardians, then later on he rambles on about some internal stuff. Stefan and Annie join us as well as Lord Lucan and the Trucker.

Monday, August 03, 2015

They REALLY Don't Want You Reading This One

The faceless and nameless people in carpeted and air-conditioned offices who made and received that telephone call a few weeks ago really, really don't want you reading this one, not with the Hildebeest making her ultimate push for the Oval Office.

This was published in 2001, and I understand that at the time it was brought to the Sea Hag's notice. We We Were Not Amused.

The publishing ban on my fiction goes into effect on August 14th. That means you have eleven days to order and find out just what it is that has made me America's first officially Forbidden Author.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Revised RFN Recommended Listening List

Howdy Harold,

I revised the RFN Recommended Listening List to add in some new essential listening.  I included links to the page that hosts the file, and links to the .mp3 file (where available) hosted on the as a backup.  Would you be so kind to share this with everyone again?

To everyone getting this: If you haven't listened to these, I demand you download them and do so. Most of the NF's core concepts are contained in here, and also included are some shortcasts for entertainment value.  If you have a monotonous job where you can use a .mp3 player and headphones, these make for fantastic listening.  Mr. Covington often speaks of spaced repetition.  I doubt he will complain if you take the initiative and do it yourself.  The end of the year all music podcasts are especially good for expanding your musical knowledge into the wide universe of the White Man's music.

This list will also make a handy cheat sheet for pointing your own new contacts in the proper direction.

-Marcus in Idaho

A Short Introduction To The Northwest Front

.org link:

.net direct link to mp3:
This is a short audio introduction to the NF meant to be sent out to people who contact us as part of their introductory packet.  Essentially a brief intro to the NF along with content from HAC speaks to Conservatives and Why I Say Nigger.

A Short 5 Minute Intro to the Northwest Front

.org direct link to .mp3:
A distilled version of the into.  Five minutes and to the point.  Useful for spreading the message to the uninitiated and those who are attention-span challenged.

The FAQ Episode

.org link

This special two hour Radio Free Northwest is a FAQ broadcast, wherein Mr. Covington answers a number of standard questions that come up all the time such as does the NF advocate violence? Does the NF preach “hate”? What about small White enclaves instead of a whole new country? Why can’t we take back all of America? Are today’s White youth really completely useless? and many others...

Why Racism is Right

.org direct link to mp3:

.net direct link to mp3:

A no-brainer for anyone racially conscious, but never hurts to reinforce our ideals.  Can also be used to help convert muggles that have conflicting feelings about their own racism.

Conservatives And The Northwest Front

.org link:

HAC on what makes us different from Conservatives

Why I Say “Nigger”
.org link:

HAC on his use of forbidden language.

The Northwest Front and Class

.org link:

A shortcast by HAC on the subject of class divisions within the White Nationalist movement.

Grow Stronger!

.org link:

HAC speaks frankly and to the point, to the existing racially conscious community, on the subject of White Character.

Shortstopping And “Standing And Fighting”
.org link:

Another shortcast from HAC on people who won’t migrate and people who won’t migrate all the way.

The Propaganda of the Deed

.org direct link to mp3:  

HAC on throwing your life away, and why it's a bad idea.

The Charleston Vespers

HAC speaks about the events in Charleston, and why you DO NOT DO THESE KIND OF THINGS.  Includes poetry by the Old Man.

Contra Mundum
.org link:

Who are the authors of the liberal-left agenda, and what is their purpose?

American Immigration For White Nationalists

HAC talks to White Nationalists outside of the US about the difficulty of immigration.

White Character

.org link:

.net direct link to mp3:

HAC's canned answer on goat dancers, space madness, and GUBU.  Basically the bad parts of White Character.

The Revolution Starts Now

.org link:

The Old Man’s Speech from A Distant Thunder.

Let's Talk a Little Treason

.org link:

HAC reads one of his "famous" short articles.

Dreaming the Iron Dream
.org link:

Mr. Covington reads one of his most well known articles, Dreaming The Iron Dream.

HAC Reads Freedom’s Sons Prologue

.org link:

HAC reads the Prologue to Freedom’s Sons, demonstrating his talent as a voice actor, and makes us all wish he would personally make the Northwest Quintet into audiobooks.

Songs of the Northwest
At the end of the year, HAC has a special all-music podcast featuring some his favorite tunes, along with other songs popular with the audience. Averages about 2 hours in length.