Saturday, July 25, 2015

Watch Your Kindle Copies

Okay, I am still not completely certain how this is going to work, and we won't find out until August 14th when my books disappear from the ken of man thanks to that phone call between carpeted and air-conditioned offices that was made several weeks ago.

However, if you have purchased a digital copy of any Covington novel on Amazon Kindle, and you are keeping it "on the cloud" (which is a la-de-da way of saying you're keeping it on the Amazon server) there is every chance that your Brigade or your Stars In Their Path or whichever one of my ineffably evil works you purchased will simply disappear. 

I know that there have been some notorious cases in the past where Amazon Kindle has bowdlerized and censored literary works, including some famous ones, in order to bring those works into line with modern-day political correctness. This may happen with connection to my work. 

I think that if you actually purchased any of my works electronically, i.e. sprang for the princely fee of $3.99 for the book and actually downloaded the file itself to your Kindle tablet or computer, you should be okay. But if your forbidden Covington tomes are on the "cloud," you need to rectify that situation chop-chop, before the Ides of August.

Oh, by the way, speaking of, if you're doing a search on their site for my books prior to the Ides, make sure you search both H.A Covington and Harold Covington.



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