Friday, July 24, 2015

The Madman and Marina

One of my books which will be legally suppressed on August 14th, and essentially banned in the United States, is a collection of my short stories called Other Voices, Darker Rooms. It contains among other things the best short work I think I ever wrote, a novella called The Madman and Marina, about Soviet life under Stalin. This is a letter which I received from the Russian translator of The Brigade, to whom I sent the story:

Dear Mr. Covington,

I have read your novella and was deeply impressed by your bold attempt to penetrate the tragic theme of terror in the USSR. I am sure that you have read a lot about those times and grasped the subject.

It's a pity that your text was not edited by some Russian person. For example, Yesenin was a great Russian poet, and this name does not fit to the bloody treacherous Colonel. [I am familiar with the life and work of Sergey Yesenin; that was me being ironic. - HAC]

 In general, I really liked the novella. Thank you for your compassion to the tragedy of Russian people.

Best regards,


If you want a copy of this book before August 14th when it gets pulled offline because certain people with power do not like my political views, here's the link:


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