Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Latest In The Ongoing Saga

Okay, here is the sitch as I understand it, which I concede may not be 100%:

Bill White has another hearing scheduled for August 27th. The one on June 25th was his habeas corpus hearing. This one coming up in August is his something-something hearing, maybe you could call it his actual Elonis hearing, or Son of Elonis, or whatever.  

Bill's lawyers will say, "Hey thar, jedge, the gawd-damn nine Supremes done said whut this here feller is supposed to've did ain't no crime. He's innocent, been innocent ever since yer gun thugs dragged his ass away back in October of '08, and we'd take it mighty kindly if you'd kick his ass outen the door so he kin stop freeloadin' off the taxpayer."

The United States Attorney will then respond, "But ... but ... but ... but he's our favorite chew toy! Pleez pleez Your Honor, don't take away our favorite chew toy! 

"It's such a joy for us to drug Bill White into a psychotic state, chain him standing to steel posts for 18 hours at a time, fill his cell with human feces, hand him over to homosexual sadists in Florida who torture him with practices considered crimes against humanity by the Hague, and have big niggers load him up with chains and drag him all across the North American continent! We all have office pools on 'Where's Bill this week?'

"It's such fun to read his mail, poring over it like Talmudic scholars in the House of Study seeking hidden meaning and enlightenment. Not to mention that reading and chanting the Kabalah over Bill White's mail employs at least two FBI agents and two DHS agents, doing nothing else, full time. It's such fun to hide his mail away in plastic tubs in the basement of the federal building, ... and come on, it's not like us six-figure-a-year lawyers have anything else to do ... oh pleez pleez don't take our favorite chew toy away!"

You guys think I'm joking about this? Sickeningly--not really.

From what I can conclude from the information available to me and my knowledge of the realities of the so-called criminal justice system in this country and the people who control and administer it, that little vignette above is pretty much how it's going to go, all in perfect legalese, of course.

Basically, the Supreme Court has ruled that Bill White is innocent and technically, he always was innocent. Now the courts, the revoltingly mis-named Department of Justice, and several United States Attorneys' offices have to decide whether or not they will simply ignore that decision, in part or in toto, in order to keep on tormenting Bill White like a revolting, snot-faced child pulling the wings and legs off insects. 

This will probably get back to whatever Induhvidual in the power structure Bill originally pissed off, back in '08; he or she will have to decide if the consequences of telling the Supremes to go fuck themselves will be sufficiently annoying, bureaucratically speaking, so that the game is no longer worth the candle and he or she lets the shattered remains of William White stagger out of prison, where he should never have spent one day to begin with, according to the Supreme Court. 

Or he or she may not even be in government any more; they might have moved on to the private sector or some think tank where they're pulling down a few hundred grand a year for "consulting", and the whole stupid persecution machine is now running on its own, like a power lathe than somebody walked out of the shop, cut the lights, but forgot to turn off, so it just keeps rolling back and forth, back and forth in the dark.

Not that anyone in the power structure or the media will ever defend White or comment about his case other than with a few sneers, him bein' a wicked evil White Su-PREEEM-ist and all. Whoever is running this deranged zoo doesn't have to worry about anyone ever turning Bill White into the White man's Mumia Al-Jamal. He's blacklisted and blacked out in the media and will remain so.

Anyway, enough rambling. Bill will be at the address below until Labor Day, basically, and after that it looks like he will be returned to Marion, which is according to him the most comfortable prison he's been in but on the downside allows virtually no mail contact with the outside world and takes almost a month to deliver whatever they do decide to give him.

Bill is supposedly able to receive books in Chicago, although I can't say. I have sent him three so far and received neither rejection notices nor acknowledgements. You guys might want to try. It could be they're still running this bird-brained "gang leader" horse shit, and I may be marked down as one of Bill's three-man "gang," the other being blogger Gabe d'Annunzio, and so they won't let me send Bill a history of the Popes for fear it contains secret gang signs or whatever.

Writing to this man is a moral duty, even if it is only just a card that says Hi. Do it.

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


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