Saturday, July 18, 2015

Republicans Woo Jews

by Bill White
The recent rift between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu has left Americans Jews with an ethical dilemma—should they stand with the Republican Party and support the rights of Zionists to murder the born children of Palestinians, or, should they maintain traditional ties to a Democratic Party which supports the unlimited right to murder the unborn children of Americans?
“At this moment in time, many American Jews who have constantly voted Democratic are beginning to waver in that support because they’ve felt the bedrock relationship between [the false] Israel and the administration has been severely shaken,” said Rabbi Howard [illegible] their subservience to their Zionist masters and their willingness to play the shiksa goy, the Republican Party has been bending over, forward and backward, to display its kosher credentials.
All declared Republican candidates—Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio have stepped up denunciations of Obama’s nuclear treaty with Iran, which Netanyahu has denounced. Articles in Republican journals have speculated on a major shift of Jewish voters. And, the Wall Street Journal recently ran an opinion piece celebrating how anti-Semites and populists like Pat Buchanan have been driven not only out of the Republican Party, but out of American politics altogether.
But, even this base and obsequious subservience to the international Jew may not be enough. after all, even though few to no Jews vote Republican –70% are registered Democrats, and, only 13% to 34% of Jews have backed Republicans over the past 10 years—Jews dominate and control the Republican Party. Billionaires like Sheldon Adelson finance and control Republican candidates in America just like Likud candidates in the false Israel. Jewish writers and commentators control the official Republican press. Neo-conservative Jews control America’s foreign policy during the recent Bush administration. And, as the Wall Street Journal noted, even the “extremist” Tea Party, adherents of Judaeo-occultists like commentator Glenn Beck, are devoted to the Zionist occupation. This, it’s no surprise that, owning the Republican Party. Jews see no need to woo it.
As one Jew, Rabbi Steven Moss, recently told the press. “Some of the politicians who came out in support of Israel propose certain social legislation and economic legislation that the Jewish community might not be comfortable with.”
In other words, the Jews want to kill all gentile children, not just Palestinians on Gaza beach. And, they want more homosexuality and infertile sex. They also want more government money pumped into black Communist mobs so their negro puppets can burn white businesses and terrorize White communities. While Jews and Republicans agree on the need for an internationalized, multi-cultural, One World society dominated by free trade and open boarders immigration, the need to debauch and degrade these browned massed with depravities is a continuing sticking point.
 Judaism is a cult founded in ancient times for the purpose of destroying humanity by making human existence a constant sacrifice to infernal beings who thrive on human pain. While the “big Jews” who set the norms for the “Jewish community” understand this, they manipulate and control the “little Jews” with phony tales of persecution designed to maintain group unity through fear and hatred.
Slowly, during the 20th century, Jews infiltrated both political parties. In the Republican party. they spent decades driving paleo-conservatives like Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran, and, Sam Francis, out of party media and apparati, leaving White working people—the majority of American’s population—with no voice in American politics whatsoever. Mean while, the Jews forcefully converted America’s “racist” movements to anti-Islamic, pro-Zionist positions, arresting any white nationalists who challenged Jewish power on trumped charges or suing them out of existence.
The result of ascending Jewish power has been a bankrupt America that is seeing its military power and influence decline worldwide. But, this decline, as America’s consumed by its parasites, has given rise to no organized resistance, as federal internal security services have increased their organizing of genocidal black mobs to intimidate Whites into support of Jewish power.
The latest move in the Republican Party has as little hope for Whites as Obama’s break with Netanyahu. Obama has broken with Netanyahu because he sees Netanyahu as a “racist White man”, not as a Jew. Mean while, Jewish mind control and their electronic media hallucination keep the Republicans chasing elusive  and ultimately, unimportant Jewish votes. With no alternative, white workers continue to be herded into Republican camps where they are used like cattle and slaughtered by their kosher masters.


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