Thursday, July 02, 2015

Republican Party Nest Of Pedophiles

by Bill White
As revelations of Bill Clinton’s jaunt with Jeffrey Epstein to Little St. James for child sex orgies fill the British and Russian press, former Republican Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert has been revealed to be a gay pedophile, confirming rumors of a “gay mafia” at the heart of the U.S Republican party.
Since the Franklin Cover-up scandal of the 1980s, allegations have abounded that senior Republicans, from the George H.W. Bush White House to Congress, have been “groomed” and promoted to office based on a mutual love of young boys.  But as Britain’s entire Labour and Conservative party establishments have been recently exposed as being under the control of Zionist sex slavers, spillovers hae been crossing the seas and scooping in men like Hastert, who was indicted in June on charges of laundering money to hide payoffs to the boys that he raped.
Hastert worked at Yorkville [Illinois] High School from 1966 to 1981, where he taught and he coached the school wrestling team. The sight of young boys wrestling was apparently too much for Hastert, though, so he began taking them home and sodomizing them.
Now that Hastert has been indicted, victims are coming out of the woodwork. “I want you to know that your secret didn’t die with my brother,” aid Jolene Burdge, sister of Stephen Reinboldt, a victim of Hastert’s who died of AIDS in 1995.
“We always wondered what you had to do to drive the Porsche,” said Jeff Nix, a student of Hastert’s who was not molested. Hastert owned a Porsche which he allowed several students to drive. “Well, now we know.”
These reports match the Franklin Cover-up narrative, in which Nebraska Republican fundraiser Larry King was alleged to have procured boys from orphanages and foster homes, then pimped them out to senior Republicans in the Midwest and D.C. In 1984 it was revealed that future H.W. Bush White House staffer Mark Tapscott had brought “call-boy” prostitutes to White House staff. Since then, there have been a steady stream of scandals involving homosexual pedophiles and pornographic actors working in both conservative media and Republican politics. In the past decade, Idaho Congressman Larry Craig resigned after being caught soliciting deviate sexual contact in an airport men’s room, Florida Congressman Mark Foley was forced to resign for sending Congressional pages nude photos of himself along with homosexual propositions, and New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy was involved in a scandal after being caught soliciting sodomy in highway rest stop’s men’s rooms.
Former Democratic president Bill Clinton has been involved in a similar scandal involving high school girls kidnapped from Florida and turned into sex slaves on Little St, James, a private island in the U.S. Virgin islands owned by Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
The case of Bill Clinton mirrors similar charges erupting in Britain, where Prince Andrew has been caught partying with Clinton and Epstein, and most of both the Conservative and Labor party leadership has been implicated as customers of a child sex ring run by Britain's Jewish Board of Deputies, and led by former Board president and current MP Lord Greville Janner.
Both Britain and the United States are run by a Judæo-occult network derived from ancient demonic religions, who practice ritual infertile sex—homosexuality and pedophilia—to show their contempt for living things, and their desire to resurrect infernal gods imprisoned in the earth after a divine combat tens of thousands of years ago. The current push for gay marriage comes from this homosexual-pedophile élite, as do the pushes for Zionism, Judæo-Christianity, and war against nations like Russia and Iran who condemn homosexuality.
So far as is known Dennis Hastert, for eight years the most powerful public official in Washington, D.C., stopped raping teenagers when he ran for office. The established pedophile networks run out of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem took over servicing his deviate sexual needs.
GOP leaders and conservatives prevent heterosexuals from obtaining office, and support the false Israel because Jewish organized crime sells them children, often children kidnapped from Russia and Eastern Europe, Russia’s Vladimir Putin angered these Congressmen when he stopped Americans from “adopting” Russian children, often a cover for entry into this network.
The false Israel’s ambassador to Brazil was caught operating a similar network out of the Zionist embassy in Rio de Janeiro in 1999. That year the Jerusalem Post ran an exposé on Jewish sex slave networks. Three years later one of these networks, involved in child porn and snuff films, was rolled up by Putin’s FSB; American and European politicians were implicated.
The only mystery is why now, after more than six decades, are cascading revelations of U.S.-British-Zionist pedophilia hitting the mass media. The answer appears to be Putin, who has decided to open Russian intelligence files on what he calls the Atlanticist system and expose the sick scumbags who are building One World.


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The blackmailing is how our enemies control governments.

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