Friday, July 31, 2015

Honest Injun

Dear Mr. XXX:

Assuming that your e-mail isn't one of these stupid trolls I get on this subject all the time (for some reason lefty-libs are fascinated with this "who is White" topic and go to great lengths to try and get me to comment on it, have done for years, presumably in order to get us squabbling and screaming at one another on the internet, which we don't need their help to do, we do that quite well enough on our own, thank you ... where was I?)--

Okay, assuming this is a serious question, I will now indulge in one of the extremely rare occasions down through the years I have bothered to comment on it. Like count on the fingers of one hand in 43 years I have bothered.

I am a Southerner myself, from North Carolina. Long ago I noticed that our kind have one very strange mental quirk. Well, several, actually, but this one's pretty bizarre. It's been around for a long time, ever since I can remember.

For some reason having nothing to do with sanity, a lot of Southerners think it is in some weird way cool, or fashionable, or chic to claim to be part Indian. Usually Cherokee. (Why Cherokee, of all the godawful things? They were pretty scummy even by Indian standards.) Sometimes Tuscarora, a down-east tribe our ancestors exterminated root and branch in 1712, so being "descended" from them is quite a trick.

I notice that this bizarre trait of Southerners to claim to be part Indian doesn't seem to apply in Robeson County, where there is a small colony of genuine Indian-White and Indian-nigger half-breeds called Lumbees. Nobody in his right mind would want to claim to be a Lumbee, one of the few legitimate Southern tribes or ethnic Indian groups. Most of the "Indians" claiming to be Cherokees up in the mountains and selling "genuine Indian artifacts" from roadside stands along the Blue Ridge Parkway are either Mexicans or Jews.

Now, if one must for some incomprehensible reason claim to be part redskin, although for the very life of me I can't understand why--okay, I can see maybe wanting to claim some Comanche or Apache or Sioux or Cheyenne ancestry. Some of those Plains Indians had panache, I'll give 'em that. But an East Coast tribe? They were Stone Age savages. The ones down on the Gulf, the Karakawa (? Think that's what they were called) were coprophagic. They literally ate shit.

Before you ask, Northwest Indians made cool-looking totem poles and ate each other. They were cannibals.

I have run into this "ah'm part Cherokee" blethers time and time and time again, and although it irritates me, it doesn't bother me, because in 99 cases out of a hundred it's horse manure, and the person involved is as White as I am. It turns out that the alleged "Indian" ancestry is either so way far back as to be unprovable, or else it's just bogus. For example, our big Indian Rights leader in North Carolina, a loon named Eddie Hatcher, claimed to be a non-existent Tuscarora. He later died in prison of AIDS. Heap big misuse of totem pole.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with us, any of us, but I gave up trying to figure this Cherokee crap a long time ago.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bill White's Mail Interdicted

The FBI agent responsible for reading and photocopying Bill White's mail seems to be on vacation since about July 10th. Bill is not receiving any mail, nor has anyone received any mail from him. 

A contact in Chicago tells me Bill is still okay physically, so far as he knows, it's just his mail has been cut off for about three weeks.

Why not add your letter of encouragement to the heap piling up on that lazy-ass FBI agent's desk? Write to Bill today.

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago MCC
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - July 30th, 2015

Gretchen’s Part Two on Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans, we hear from Stefan and Annie on their Homecoming, and HAC reads one of his Golden Oldies.

Monday, July 27, 2015

RFN Call-In Show July 23rd 2015

Our fifth call-in show. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fire And Rain

This is my oldest published work with the three companies who have decided that I am to become an un-person, and my work is to be flushed down the memory hole. It was written in 1996 and published in October of 2000.

Fire and Rain contains some rather unkind remarks about a certain Sea Hag who was then at the height of her power and who is now running for President of the United States. In the coming presidential campaign season you will be deprived of my observations and insights on this woman's character, because someone in a carpeted and air-conditioned office made a phone call to someone else in a carpeted and air-conditioned office, and these two faceless individuals decided between themselves that you have no right to read what I have to say about the aforementioned Hildebeest. It might give you pale peasants ideers, and we can't have wretched serfs like you getting ideers in your noggins, now can we?

You have until August 14th to order, and after that, for good or ill, them bad ideers will not be allowed to infect your mind, since someone so much better and wiser than you will have decided you don't get to read this novel.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Watch Your Kindle Copies

Okay, I am still not completely certain how this is going to work, and we won't find out until August 14th when my books disappear from the ken of man thanks to that phone call between carpeted and air-conditioned offices that was made several weeks ago.

However, if you have purchased a digital copy of any Covington novel on Amazon Kindle, and you are keeping it "on the cloud" (which is a la-de-da way of saying you're keeping it on the Amazon server) there is every chance that your Brigade or your Stars In Their Path or whichever one of my ineffably evil works you purchased will simply disappear. 

I know that there have been some notorious cases in the past where Amazon Kindle has bowdlerized and censored literary works, including some famous ones, in order to bring those works into line with modern-day political correctness. This may happen with connection to my work. 

I think that if you actually purchased any of my works electronically, i.e. sprang for the princely fee of $3.99 for the book and actually downloaded the file itself to your Kindle tablet or computer, you should be okay. But if your forbidden Covington tomes are on the "cloud," you need to rectify that situation chop-chop, before the Ides of August.

Oh, by the way, speaking of, if you're doing a search on their site for my books prior to the Ides, make sure you search both H.A Covington and Harold Covington.


Friday, July 24, 2015

The Madman and Marina

One of my books which will be legally suppressed on August 14th, and essentially banned in the United States, is a collection of my short stories called Other Voices, Darker Rooms. It contains among other things the best short work I think I ever wrote, a novella called The Madman and Marina, about Soviet life under Stalin. This is a letter which I received from the Russian translator of The Brigade, to whom I sent the story:

Dear Mr. Covington,

I have read your novella and was deeply impressed by your bold attempt to penetrate the tragic theme of terror in the USSR. I am sure that you have read a lot about those times and grasped the subject.

It's a pity that your text was not edited by some Russian person. For example, Yesenin was a great Russian poet, and this name does not fit to the bloody treacherous Colonel. [I am familiar with the life and work of Sergey Yesenin; that was me being ironic. - HAC]

 In general, I really liked the novella. Thank you for your compassion to the tragedy of Russian people.

Best regards,


If you want a copy of this book before August 14th when it gets pulled offline because certain people with power do not like my political views, here's the link:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Other Blog

I've been letting my other blog slide, largely because it is simply ridiculous to begin presidential election campaigns 18 months before voting day, but things are beginning to warm up a bit.

No, I'm not turning into an Establishment politician. I just think it's fatuous the way our wee little Movement completely ignores actual politics. Nor am I saying that the electoral process holds out any hope for the 14 Words. It doesn't. I am saying that we need to begin engaging with the real world, no matter how we may detest it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - July 23rd, 2015

HAC talks about the cancellation of his book publishing contracts; we hear the second part of Edgar Steele’s interview from the Bonner County Jail, Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans, and HAC closes with some housekeeping notes.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Covington's Novels Banned From Publication In The United States

On Friday, July 17th, I received notice in the mail that my book publishers, all three of them at once, are canceling their contracts with me to publish my fiction and make it available for sale through their online distribution networks.
It is, of course, impossible to obtain any details on how this decision was reached, or by whom; this whole business will almost certainly remain forever the responsibility of the usual amorphous, glutinous American “they.” (And we all know who “they” are, don’t we?)

My books are being pulled off the market—all of them, not just the politically and racially oriented ones. A total of fifteen novels are affected, of which only five, the Northwest novel quintet, are overtly racial or political in nature. It is not just those specific books that these people are attempting to silence. It is me.

If these publishers keep their word given to me in their letters and stick to the provisions of the contracts (which may not turn out to be the case in practice), then admirers of my Northwest novels have until August 14th to order any last copies of any of my books they want online. After that, no one will be able to purchase a copy of any Covington novel, Northwest or otherwise, unless you can find one floating around a used bookstore somewhere.

This is the American way of suppressing dissent while maintaining the fiction that the old Constitution is still in force. De facto, not de jure.  Banning and suppressing books is a blast from the past, the old ADL trick—while it will not technically be outright illegal to own or read a Covington novel, as it is in Canada, one simply will not be able to find a copy to read. Or so the theory goes, at any rate.

No reason was given for this decision in the formal letters notifying me of the ban. None is needed. We all know what I have done wrong. I have spoken aloud of the death of the king, an offense which in Henry the Eighth’s time would have gotten me boiled in oil, but which today is punished with more subtlety and, in some ways, much greater cruelty.

Americans are weak, high-strung, neurotic and brittle people. Cyber-shaming, silencing, rejection, Twitter-screamed abuse and “economic discipline” can in fact destroy Americans mentally and physically. I sometime joke about that ridiculous wog in Canada who has been trying to achieve his stated intention back in 1998 of driving me to suicide by saying bad things about me on the internet, but it’s not really funny. That very thing has happened with unstable people, often tragically young White kids who have never learned that the majority of other human beings are suppurating pustules whose opinions on anything are worthless, and who are to be ignored.

Fortunately, I’m one of the older models. A few of us are still around, although it’s increasingly hard to get parts.

I doubt if a visit from our friends in the silk suits to these publishing houses was even necessary. Somebody in a carpeted and air-conditioned office picked up the phone and called somebody else in a carpeted and air-conditioned office, and my books disappeared from public view, or will do after August 14th, again with the caveat that they keep their word.

The possibility that I might have a legal or moral right to be different, and to think different thoughts other than those approved by The One and the Democratic Party—the fact that this action on their part was unconstitutional, illegal, and utterly vicious and immoral never entered into these people’s minds. Nor would I have expected it to, ruled by who and what we are ruled by in this day and age.

Although the details of who picked up the phone and called whom may be obscure and will probably never be revealed, there is no mystery here. We all know who is behind this, at least in a general way. Frankly, I’m astounded and maybe even a little grateful that they left me alone for 15 years.

The highest compliment that one man can pay to another is to attempt to silence him by force. To have one’s books banned and suppressed by a tyrant is perversely one of the greatest honors that any author can receive, and I feel honored. I am in good company now—Giordano Bruno, Michael Servetus, Copernicus, Galileo, James Joyce, Solzhenitsyn, a hundred others. I’m not as good as any of those giants and I know it, but I find myself sitting at the same table with them, and I am humbled and awed.

No kidding, guys, in a perverse kind of way, this is a victory. I have forced the United States of America into a humiliating expedient, one seldom availed of in the past because it was not thought necessary—but in my case, apparently it is.

Basically, I have beaten the U.S.A. They have now admitted that their laws, their society, their system is too weak, too confused, too quavering with senility to withstand my words and my ideas. And they’re right, of course, to be afraid of me. America isn’t strong enough to allow Harold Covington’s novels to be read. My words and my ideas are more powerful than America. Well, Obama’s America, anyway.

I’m not going to go off into a long oration about freedom of speech and all that rot. The mere fact that my books are being suppressed at all, without any appeal or recourse or discussion, tells us that there are no freedom of speech issues here, because there is no freedom of speech. People, I am dead serious—November 20th, 2014, burn that date into your memory! Since then we have been living in a Third World dictatorship which is ruled by the stroke of Barack Hussein Obama’s pen, in which the people’s elected representatives sit there like potted plants, cowering in their $3000 suits, and in which White males are third class citizens.

Okay, enough for now. It won’t work, of course. They don’t get to do this. Needless to say, steps will be taken to make sure that anyone who wants to read a Northwest novel, either electronically or from a printed volume held in the hand, will be able to do so.

I will leave this post up for a while and add on to the end of it a link to the official discussion thread on the Homeland blog. Oh, and I remind you—August 14th is the deadline. Make sure you order any last copies of any of my works you want to get hold of before then. I will publish a list of links on here in a few days.


And here's the link to the official discussion threat I promised.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Republicans Woo Jews

by Bill White
The recent rift between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu has left Americans Jews with an ethical dilemma—should they stand with the Republican Party and support the rights of Zionists to murder the born children of Palestinians, or, should they maintain traditional ties to a Democratic Party which supports the unlimited right to murder the unborn children of Americans?
“At this moment in time, many American Jews who have constantly voted Democratic are beginning to waver in that support because they’ve felt the bedrock relationship between [the false] Israel and the administration has been severely shaken,” said Rabbi Howard [illegible] their subservience to their Zionist masters and their willingness to play the shiksa goy, the Republican Party has been bending over, forward and backward, to display its kosher credentials.
All declared Republican candidates—Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio have stepped up denunciations of Obama’s nuclear treaty with Iran, which Netanyahu has denounced. Articles in Republican journals have speculated on a major shift of Jewish voters. And, the Wall Street Journal recently ran an opinion piece celebrating how anti-Semites and populists like Pat Buchanan have been driven not only out of the Republican Party, but out of American politics altogether.
But, even this base and obsequious subservience to the international Jew may not be enough. after all, even though few to no Jews vote Republican –70% are registered Democrats, and, only 13% to 34% of Jews have backed Republicans over the past 10 years—Jews dominate and control the Republican Party. Billionaires like Sheldon Adelson finance and control Republican candidates in America just like Likud candidates in the false Israel. Jewish writers and commentators control the official Republican press. Neo-conservative Jews control America’s foreign policy during the recent Bush administration. And, as the Wall Street Journal noted, even the “extremist” Tea Party, adherents of Judaeo-occultists like commentator Glenn Beck, are devoted to the Zionist occupation. This, it’s no surprise that, owning the Republican Party. Jews see no need to woo it.
As one Jew, Rabbi Steven Moss, recently told the press. “Some of the politicians who came out in support of Israel propose certain social legislation and economic legislation that the Jewish community might not be comfortable with.”
In other words, the Jews want to kill all gentile children, not just Palestinians on Gaza beach. And, they want more homosexuality and infertile sex. They also want more government money pumped into black Communist mobs so their negro puppets can burn white businesses and terrorize White communities. While Jews and Republicans agree on the need for an internationalized, multi-cultural, One World society dominated by free trade and open boarders immigration, the need to debauch and degrade these browned massed with depravities is a continuing sticking point.
 Judaism is a cult founded in ancient times for the purpose of destroying humanity by making human existence a constant sacrifice to infernal beings who thrive on human pain. While the “big Jews” who set the norms for the “Jewish community” understand this, they manipulate and control the “little Jews” with phony tales of persecution designed to maintain group unity through fear and hatred.
Slowly, during the 20th century, Jews infiltrated both political parties. In the Republican party. they spent decades driving paleo-conservatives like Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran, and, Sam Francis, out of party media and apparati, leaving White working people—the majority of American’s population—with no voice in American politics whatsoever. Mean while, the Jews forcefully converted America’s “racist” movements to anti-Islamic, pro-Zionist positions, arresting any white nationalists who challenged Jewish power on trumped charges or suing them out of existence.
The result of ascending Jewish power has been a bankrupt America that is seeing its military power and influence decline worldwide. But, this decline, as America’s consumed by its parasites, has given rise to no organized resistance, as federal internal security services have increased their organizing of genocidal black mobs to intimidate Whites into support of Jewish power.
The latest move in the Republican Party has as little hope for Whites as Obama’s break with Netanyahu. Obama has broken with Netanyahu because he sees Netanyahu as a “racist White man”, not as a Jew. Mean while, Jewish mind control and their electronic media hallucination keep the Republicans chasing elusive  and ultimately, unimportant Jewish votes. With no alternative, white workers continue to be herded into Republican camps where they are used like cattle and slaughtered by their kosher masters.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Apologies From HAC

Guys, I apologize for missing a couple of days on this blog and also for no call-in show this week. Some fires I had to put out and I got distracted. Growing pains, and there will be more. That's the way the real world rolls. It's happened before and it will happen again. I told you, I can't promise a call-in show every week. I'll try to get one done this week. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - July 16th, 2015

The usual eclectic mix of treasonous and cryptic remarks by HAC, plus a selection of Confederate music. Gretchen reviews a book by Alan Benoist.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Northwest Movement On Religion

          [Okay, try this on for size. This is from the Northwest independence novel A Mighty Fortress by H. A. Covington. The NVA negotiating team is about to leave for the Longview conference by helicopter.]

          The point negotiators and senior officers gathered in what had been the airport manager’s office. Morehouse turned on the air conditioner more out of habit than because he believed the place was bugged and got them all sat down around a conference table that filled one wall of the office. “We’ve got a problem,” said Morehouse.

            “I ain’t surprised. They don’t really want us to go down there. What are those Federal sons of bitches up to now?” demanded Morgan roughly.

            “They’re not up to anything, at least no more so than usual,” Morehouse told him. “It’s our own idiots who have decided they just can’t wait another day to bring back that good old Movement horse shit like mom used to make.”

            “What do you mean, Red?” asked Barrow.

            “Religion,” said Morehouse.

            Barrow stared at him for a moment in silence, and then buried his face in his hands. “They couldn’t even wait until we got down there?”

            “Apparently not,” said Morehouse bitterly.

            “Tell me.”

            “A double whammy. First off, there was an unauthorized leaflet distribution in Corvallis, Oregon yesterday. A big distribution, fifty thousand or so fliers dropped over the city from an airplane, baiting the local evangelicals, Pentecostals and so on, calling them names, daring them to come out and fight. In this leaflet Jesus Christ was referred to as a dead Jew on a stick, and described as having a homosexual relationship with his disciples.”

            “Mother of God!” cried Barrow in horror. “This was an official NVA thing?”

            “It was signed by a newly commissioned NVA lieutenant name Gregory Fetterman, and done on his orders and on the Party dime, so yes in that sense it was official, but needless to say it wasn’t authorized by the Army Council or Agitprop,” said McGrew, who was apparently in on the disturbing news. “Lieutenant Fetterman is now Volunteer Fetterman once again, and he’s being transferred, no doubt to nurture a sense of grievance as to how he is being persecuted by the NVA Bible-thumpers and eventually to make more trouble. The hell of it is, he has a good combat record and he’s not a complete fool, apparently. It was excess of zeal.”

         “He has dog doo where his brains should be,” said Barrow flatly. “Oh, this is the very way for the new government to win friends and influence people, and convince poor and confused and frightened working class white folks whose churches are their lives that we mean them no harm and that things will be better with us in charge! And he couldn’t even wait until we actually gained the Republic before he leaped into that lunatic slurry pond with both feet?”

           “I’ve got some bad news and some good news,” continued Morehouse. “The bad news is that the media got hold of this fiasco.”

         “I really, really want to hear the good news,” said Barrow.

        “We lucked out. The Commandant of the Corvallis Flying Column, Billy Basquine, was in town. He took one look at that leaflet, called out his boys and gripped everybody concerned. First time one NVA member has been officially arrested by another. In addition, there are several ladies and gents from the Fourth Estate sitting in custody in the newly occupied Corvallis jail right now, and they’re sweating, because Billy has put out the word that if one whisper of that crap gets onto the airwaves and upstages you guys at Longview, they get a bullet in the head. He made sure the newswhores made long, tearful calls to their editors and managers to drive home the point. I don’t know if it’s worked, too soon to tell, but if it does work, it has been a very near run thing. If it doesn’t, Basquine will probably shoot the newswhores, which will put the ones in Longview in a really favorably disposed mood to your delegation, I can tell you.”

             “Beautiful,” said Barrow, slowly shaking his head. “Just fucking beautiful.”

        “Ready for the other shoe to drop?” asked Morehouse quietly. “It gets worse.”

          “How can it be worse?” wondered Barrow.

          “We now have an official Christian fundamentalist faction within the Party, and they are demanding a seat at the negotiating table in Longview,” Morehouse told them. “Apparently Reverend McCausland here isn’t good enough for them.”

            “That’s worse,” agreed Barrow.

            “May I ask just who it is who takes such an uncharitable view of my ministry?” inquired McCausland politely.

        Morehouse pulled a paper out of the stack on the clipboard and handed it to Barrow. “They call themselves the Fifth Monarchy Tendency. You see, since we are a unitary political movement, we can’t have separate parties. There’s only one Party, of course. We just have so-called tendencies within that Party, which is another word for factions and cliques and claques and all the other tag ends of democratic chaos. These guys actually showed a little finesse, unlike Comrade Fetterman and his dopey leaflets falling from the sky. They claim with a certain logic that the best way to counter the threat of pro-Zionist evangelical militias and resistance to the new Republic is to out-Christian and out-Scripture them. This is their position paper.. They are demanding that it be one of our featured presentations at the conference and they want one of their people assigned to the delegation at the last minute. He’s standing by in town now and waiting for our call. One Reverend Gareth Burns. Interestingly, he has never been an NVA or Party member, although he did some pretty valuable support work up in B. C. Captain Chenault may know him.”

            “Never been a Volunteer yet he wants in on the kill and the cut?” snorted Morgan. “He’s got some damned nerve.”

            “Third Section is running a full profile on him now,” reported McGrew, “But apparently his bona fides are good. He’s done prison time under Canada’s hate law for preaching racial separation, You got to respect anyone who made it alive out of Kingston, and understand if he’s maybe a little funny in the head. That place is supposed to be worse than Florence or Auburn or the women’s camp at Pullman.”

            “Fifth Monarchy?” mused Barrow, glancing at the document in front of him. “Where have I heard that before?”

            “I know them,” said McCausland. “They’re an interesting blast from the past, actually, if you’re into obscure religious movements. That was the name of the most extreme of the Puritans who fought under Oliver Cromwell. That’s about where they are, too, theologically speaking. Back in the seventeenth century. They do not consider Christian Identity to be true Christians, but a mere fly-by-night modern fad from the nineteenth century. John Calvin was wishy-washy, John Knox is more to their taste, and to them the last great mind in theology was Cotton Mather. The passengers on the Mayflower would have hailed them in fellowship.”

            “So I see,” said Barrow. “According to this, that’s about how far we’re going back in time. The Northwest Homeland is to be a Christian state, and the Bible is to be the basis of the new society. Every law that is passed has to have a Scriptural cite, chapter and verse. The new youth must not be raised in frivolity, whatever that is. Oh, and we are to have a king.”

            “Well, I could go for that, so long as I get to be king,” said Robert Gair.

            “No, actually, we are to be ruled by King Jesus, according to this. Oh, I can just see it all now! We get up at the press conference this afternoon and tell everyone, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please set your watches back three hundred years.’ Dear God in Heaven, no pun intended! We are on the verge of securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, and these blubber-brained jackasses want to sit there and tell Howard Weintraub and Walter Stanhope all about frivolous youth and King Jesus?”

            “What do you want us to do, Frank?” asked Morehouse.

            “First off, call Reverend Burns and tell him to stay the hell away from this airport, because if I see him I will probably strangle him with my bare hands,” said Barrow. He handed the paper back to Morehouse. “Secondly, tell these people that they can take this nonsense and shove it up their asses, and I see no need for any diplomatic re-wording.”

            “The Political Bureau will,” said Stepanov.

            “Red, will the Army Council and the Political Bureau be able to keep these yammerheads out of the media and out of our hair at the conference? How much support do you think they’re going to get from the rank and file?”

            “I can tell you how much resistance they’re going to get from the rank and file,” said Captain Gair with a scowl.

            “Yeah, and that terrifies me. Red, we must not have any kind of conflict breaking out between Party factions while these negotiations are going on!” pleaded Barrow. “Please, please, tell these assholes like Burns and Fetterman whatever you have to, lock their asses away if you have to, but in the name of all that is holy, make them shut up!”

            “Carter?” asked Red. “You know I mean no offense to your own faith, but can you give me some idea of how much support this faction is likely to get within the Party and the NVA?”

            Wingfield sighed, “I don’t know, and I don’t think that’s how the question needs to be phrased. Let’s see if we can avoid the whole concept of factionalism. Anybody who knows me knows I was saved long ago by a good preacher and a good woman. You also know I had a daughter killed a while back, and a son-in-law I long ago came to regard as my own blood who was lucky to make it out of Auburn. I want this new country more than I can say, and I want it to be a righteous land that walks in God’s ways. But this,” he gestured towards the Fifth Monarchy document, “This isn’t the way to go about it. Look, let me talk to these people. I speak the language, so to speak.”

            “Thank you, Carter,” said Morehouse with audible relief in his voice.

            Barrow turned to them all. “And now I suppose I have to do something I was hoping to avoid. I have to ask you guys point blank: am I going to have to fight against this crap as well as the Federals when we get down to Longview? I mean, we know that the Americans are attempting to use religion to divide and conquer here. Have they succeeded? Have they penetrated this very delegation with this religious horse shit? Are you guys going to fall out and start going at one another with Bibles and hammers right in front of the media and hollering who’s a dead Jew on a stick? I can’t call off the conference, but I’d like to know. I’d also like to know why in the name of all sanity you people, both groups of you, cannot lay this aside for the common good of our people? Why in the name of God or gods or the Great Pumpkin am I even having to waste time on this, on today of all days, one hour before we confront the enemy of all mankind and try to save our people from extinction? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Barrow raved. “The ship is burning and sinking with our entire race on it, and you won’t let us in the lifeboat until we decide how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Damn you!”

            “All Southerners ain’t necessarily got religion,” said Morgan bleakly. “What I want to know is where was God when the FBI butchered my wife in the King County jail? Never mind. This stuff these Fifth Monarchy whosits are doin’ is stupid and verges on goddamned treason, and that damned fool down in Corvallis needs to be dropped out of his own airplane.”

            “I am National Socialist,” said Stepanov with a shrug. “I have no opinion.”

            “All right, that leaves you two,” said Barrow, looking at McCausland and Robert Gair.

            “Our Movement has been avoiding the issue for fifty years, sir,” explained Gair patiently. “Always we get told not now, not now, later, later, later. We’ve been patient, but exactly when is later? When do we talk about this and make a collective decision for our race to make a new departure? I’m sorry, but to some of us, to a lot of us, a new spiritual path for the white man is important. Damned important. I have never understood how we are supposed to fight a deadly dangerous enemy who threatens our very being, while at the same time worshipping that enemy as a god. We all know how Christianity has been used against our race as a weapon of corruption and genocide, and Colonel McGrew’s daily intelligence briefings are full of incidents where these Bible-thumping dumb-asses are being incited by their preachers to attack us on the ground because they think Jews are some kind of divine messengers or whatever. Captain Chenault is right on with what she said in there in the briefing yesterday. We can’t just fight with guns any more, we have to fight with ideas, and it’s more crucial now than ever before that we take on the most poisonous and dangerous ideological weapon in the enemy’s arsenal, and that’s Christianity!”

            “And why exactly do you self-proclaimed pagans and atheists persistently refuse to recognize the patently obvious truth, which is that the so-called Christianity taught by these greasy thieving televangelists for the past fifty years is not Christianity at all?” asked McCausland in exasperation. “What part of it isn’t simply a money swindle is Zionism wrapped in a quasi-Scriptural disguise that’s as phony as a three dollar bill! These damned TV preachers with their private Lear jets and their two thousand dollar suits and their so-called prosperity theology are nothing but con men working for the Jews! They’re part of the overall Zionist agenda to co-opt and destroy Western civilization just as much as the Federal Reserve and the United Nations and the Patriot Act ever were! Okay, fine, no argument. Let’s string ‘em all up. I’ll pull on the rope myself. But anyone with the slightest knowledge of history can tell you that this so-called Christianity practiced by the major denominations for the past century is a vile mutation, an abomination that has no more to do with the original faith than it does with time travel! And may I ask, Captain, how many times in the past five years has your life been saved by Christian comrades of the Northwest Volunteer Army? How many Christian families have sheltered you when you were on the run? How many Christians have been tortured in the FATPO barracks and the Federal prisons, sometimes beyond all human comprehension like that poor woman Cathy Frost?”

            “Many,” said Gair. “No argument there at all from me, sir. Look, nobody I know, nobody sane anyway, wants to ban Christianity or persecute you. Fetterman and his kind are kooks. It’s rather the reverse we’re worried about. You see what these Fifth Monarchy people are trying to do already, turn the Republic into a theocracy! Yes, I am familiar with the history of Europe under Christianity and a lot of good came from it. I’ll give you that hands down. But you can’t be trusted with state power, because it’s also a historical fact every time you wind up in a position of power you start burning people at the stake! I don’t want to take your faith away from you, but I damned sure am not going to tolerate any attempt by a bunch of ignorant tub-thumping boneheads to take my faith away from me!”

            Barrow waved his hands helplessly in the air. “Gentlemen, you do understand, don’t you, that if any discussion like this occurs at the Longview conference within range of the Federal listening devices and they pick up on it, we might as well pack the whole thing in and come back empty-handed? If we can’t present a united front, they’re going to eat us alive. Captain Gair, you ask when will be the time to discuss all this fascinating and vitally important stuff? I can’t tell you. I don’t know. I can only tell you one thing. It is not…now!” he concluded, slamming his fist on the airport manager’s desk for emphasis.

            “I think, General, that it would be of some help if we knew exactly where you stand on the religious issue,” said Rev. McCausland. “I’m sorry, sir, but I have to agree with Captain Gair about one thing. The undeniable fact is that it is important to many of the people who have laid their lives on the line for the cause of this new country, and it simply cannot be dodged forever in the name of temporary expediency. When does that temporary expediency end? You say not now. But it seems to be stretching out for a very long time. Don’t worry, I am not one of these fanatics who thinks that it would be better to remain in Babylon rather than to leave it under a cloud of doctrinal impurity. That’s just dumb. But if I am going to go in there today and negotiate a country away from those Jews and their pet swine, then I want to know what kind of country it will be. God forbid I should compare myself with a Scriptural prophet, but am I leading my people into the Promised Land, or is it going to be forty years in the wilderness?”

            “You mean you didn’t catch the golden calf provision in the draft treaty?” needled Gair.

            Barrow clenched his fists together and did his best to avoid cursing, shouting, and turning over the desk in his rage. “Very well, I am going to say some things now which I most likely shouldn’t say,” he said evenly. “It’s not my desire or my intention to offend any of you comrades, but I can’t overemphasize how important it is that we get this settled before we go in there into the presence of the enemy, so we can present a united front and win our Homeland. I am familiar with history, and I have the greatest personal respect for the good aspects of Christianity. Even if this weren’t the major issue it’s becoming, I would never dream of offending any of our Christian comrades or calling Jesus a dead Jew on a stick. That kind of behavior is childish and stupid and rude, and there’s no excuse for it no matter what one’s personal beliefs on the subject. As to my own views, of course there is a God. All you need to do is look at the way the human body works, or the way the ecological systems of the earth balance, or the structure of a snowflake or a leaf, to know that there is intelligent design in the universe.

            “What God is like I do not pretend to know, and I frankly believe that for human beings, He is unknowable in any real sense, no more than an amoeba can comprehend a galaxy. I do believe that we can discern His intent sometimes if we look hard enough, and that He does occasionally manifest Himself in human affairs in the person of certain very extraordinary men of the degree of Marcus Aurelius, or William Shakespeare, or Adolf Hitler. But this has nothing to do with securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, at least not in the immediate sense. So I repeat. Not now!

            “All this having been said, I believe that it is possible and maybe even desirable that many years from now, once we have obtained state power and created an all-white society, and done the thousand and one things that are necessary for us to do in order to insure our racial survival, we might want to address this. Once we have our own stable and prosperous all-white nation, and we can allocate the time on the racial agenda for this issue, and can debate it in an atmosphere of calm and security, then perhaps we should agree to all sit down and examine the role of religion in our people’s lives as it pertains to the coming centuries, in the light of scientific knowledge and the expanded consciences which we now have. I do not believe that it is blasphemy to try and perceive God through reason and not just through faith or holy texts. My personal guess would be that when that time comes, we will most likely come to a consensus among ourselves that while the Christian faith is a glorious and indelible part of our past, it is something we have outgrown, as a child outgrows his clothes, and it is time for us to move on.

            “But that is not our concern here, today. We are simply too busy to fuck with this mare’s nest right now. The only way that we can or should ever attempt something like that that is as mature adults, in a nation of our own, where we hold state power. We cannot, dare not, must not ignore all the urgent and life-threatening immediate things we have to do in order to stop and have a religious debate. Once again, comrades, I must ask you to lay this aside for the greater good.” Barrow sighed and spread his hands. “And that’s about the only thing I can say to you without breaking down and shouting myself. The whole issue is basically insoluble but since we’re all going to die, we’re all going to find out what if anything happens after death. Why, exactly, do we have to sit down and figure this out now, with our debut as a nation onto the world stage forty-five minutes away?”

            “You’re a bit more long-winded than you think, Frank,” said Morehouse. “Our nation’s debut onto the world stage is now only about half an hour away.”

            There was a knock on the door of the office and a young man in uniform stuck his head inside. “Sirs, Captain Chernilov says we need to start boarding now.”

            Barrow stood up. “Later, gentlemen,” he said. “Much later. Now we’ve got a job to do. Let’s go do it.” They all stood up and filed out the door. Barrow hung back, his hand on McGrew’s arm, and they walked out of the office and across the tarmac together. The delegates were loading the luggage onto the helicopter through the rear door that descended down into a ramp. “I believe you’ve got a name for me, Colonel?”