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The Hate Crime In Charleston

Allison Griffor.

It's a name you aren't supposed to know.

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear.

 She was five years old. 
Five-year-old Allison Griffor, gunned down on October 25, 2011 as she slept in her Charleston, South Carolina home. Police dubbed it a "botched home invasion" 
She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister.

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.

October 25, 2011 was her last conscious day on earth.

A five-year-old girl shot in the head during a suspected home invasion has died three days later. 

Allison Griffor was sleeping in her bed at her family’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, early on Tuesday when a bullet from a shotgun fired through the front door hit her and lodged in her brain. 
The four black males who participated in the "botched home invasion" in Charleston, South Carolina
Her father William had gone to the front door when he heard it being kicked, but before he could open it shots were fired through and he was also hit. His daughter was sleeping in the front room. 

Allison, a pupil at Drayton Hall Elementary School, had her life support machine turned off on Thursday after doctors could not find any activity in her brain scans. Her organs have been donated. 

It all began when Mr Griffor heard a loud banging on the front door and went to investigate, but as he reached for the lock there was a blast, reported WCBD. He told all the children to get under the bed.‘I went to the room to tell the kids and wife “we’re safe” and turned on the light to find our daughter would not respond,’ he told WCBD. ‘My wife turned her and she was laying in a pool of blood. 

‘The bullets had went through the door, through the wall, shooting her in the head as she lay sleeping in her safe bed… I was injured in the incident, but our daughter was critically injured.’ 

Mr Griffor said he was shocked by the shooting, because his ‘hard-working loving Christian’ family have no links to drugs or guns and ‘no enemies’. There have been no arrests made yet. 

The family are planning to sell a truck and boat to help fund huge medical bills since the incident, their spokesman Richard Douglas told the Charleston Post and Courier .
It would years until an eventual lead on the case would break, but not before the Charleston media would publish multiple, heart wrenching stories of the suffering her surviving family endured (particularly this October 25, 2012 piece).

But once the case broke, a picture developed of Griffor's murderers that few in the media outside Charleston would allow to disseminate. [ Deputies: 4 suspects ID’d in shooting that killed 5-year-old Allison Griffor, Post and Courier, June 5, 2015]:

Charleston County sheriff’s deputies on Friday came closer than ever to filing murder charges in the 2011 slaying of 5-year-old Allison Griffor when they identified four men suspected in her death.

During a news conference, Sheriff Al Cannon identified the suspects in the ongoing homicide investigation as Shyrome Jaquane Johnson, 25, of Mosstree Road in North Charleston; Philip Moses, 26, of Ashley Hall Plantation in Charleston; Franklin Glover, 30, of Cedar Petal Lane in Charleston; and Levell Leonard Grant, 27, of North Jupiter Hill Road in Adams Run. 

Each of the men had been in and out of jail in the years since Allison’s death, Cannon said. 

Warrants for murder have not been filed, though that is the office’s intention, Cannon said. 

Griffor was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast around 1 a.m. Oct. 25, 2011, at her family’s home on Pierpont Avenue. 

Cannon referred to the incident as a “botched home invasion” as investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.

Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know.  It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear.  She was five years old.  She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister.  Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.  Her murderers were four black males in a "botched home invasion"...  Had she lived and the "botched home invasion" been downgraded to just a "home invasion," odds are high she'd develop a (healthy) fear of black people that a black judge would one day scold her for having...  

Our job was never to Take America Back; Our job was always to survive the breaking of America. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't work up sympathy for the victims in the Charleston SC shooting in view of crimes like this that were committed by beastly savages. Until Negro "leaders" stand up and express concern and compassion for white victims of their own race's subhuman violence, I simply don't give a damn about what happens to these black beasts. I think of the Knoxville and Wichita massacres especially so in this context.

It's entertaining, really, to watch and listen to the NEOCONS flip out and throw themselves at the feet of the Negro community and demand the death penalty for the Charleston shooter, after a fair trial of course, (shades of Judge Roy Bean). These white pompous self-righteous asses will never see the Negro in solidarity with whites asking for the death penalty against one of their own like in the cases mentioned above and many hundreds of others that happen to whites every day.

Here's my comment to the black community which stands until they push back against their own criminals.

"So a white kid flips out and 8 or 9 niggers get killed, what's the big deal? You all freak out and put it on us. We're just reflecting you back at yourselves."

12:21 PM  
Anonymous AnalogMan said...

You have reprinted several articles from SBPDL, but he refuses to allow anybody to link to this site. What is his beef with you?

He seems to have the same problem with David Duke.

He also refuses to touch the third rail, the JQ. Sometimes I wonder if he's controlled opposition, then I figure, hey, it's the only game in town. Controlled opposition is better than no opposition at all.

2:17 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...


WTF knows? Probably something to do with the Nutty Nineties. I stopped worrying about this shit long ago. People either get the Northwest thing or they don't, and if they don't they will. Hopefully not before it's too late.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous AnalogMan said...

I think the nineties were before his time.

Presumably you meant "Hopefully before it's too late".

Unfortunately, it's already too late for me. A recent refugee from South Africa, I'm too old and too poor to make the move. SA rands don't go far in US dollars. I wish you well.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

The Norhthwest Front got a namecheck in the Charleston Shooter's manifesto. He doesn't think it's a good idea.

3:03 AM  
Anonymous ad fukal said...

If anyone's interested in studying the White struggle for survival in Rhodesia: check out the library section in memories of Rhodesia.

9:52 AM  

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