Sunday, June 21, 2015

Statement Of The Council Of Conservative Citizens

[As one might expect, my take on all this is significantly different from Jared Taylor's, but in fairness I am posting their statement here.]
Press Release from Jared Taylor, who will speak for the CofCC on the issue of Dylann Roof's relationship to the CofCC:

Spokesman for Council of Conservative  Citizens  Available to Speak to Media about Dylann Roof and Charleston church killings.

In a manifesto widely attributed to Dylann Roof , he cites the Council of Conservative Citizens ( C of CC) as the organization that first drew his attention to black-on-white crime.

C of CC spokesman, Jared Taylor, welcomes media inquiries about the council’s positions and how they relate to Dylann Roof.

The C of CC unequivocally condemns Roof’s murderous actions.

However, the council stands unshakably behind the facts on its website, and points out the dangers of denying the extent of black-on-white crime.

Every year, there are about 500,000 violent , interracial crimes. Of these, about 85 percent are committed by blacks against whites.

Every year, there are some 20,000 rapes of white women by blacks, but rapes by white men of black women are so unusual, they scarcely appear in crime statistics.

If these figures were reversed—if there were wide-spread white-on-black rape and violence—it would be constant national news. Instead, the true nature of interracial violence is ignored.

This is dangerous. Our society’s silence about these crimes—despite enormous amounts of attention to “racially tinged” acts by whites—only increase the anger of people like Dylann Roof. This double standard only makes acts of murderous frustration more likely.

In his manifesto, Roof outlines other grievances felt by many whites. Again, we utterly condemn Roof’s despicable killings, but they do not detract in the slightest from the legitimacy of some of the positions he has expressed. Ignoring legitimate grievances is dangerous.

For further commentary on Roof, please contact Jared Taylor at 703-706-0900. Taylor is a former board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and frequent speaker at council conferences.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WN's are in the target reticule now after this incident. I would seriously consider, if I were you, to lay low for awhile until this blows over. Posting flippant comments and "counter-attacks" on how WNs are right and there are statistics to back it up will only bring further attack.

Remember General Giap, the victor in Vietnam, saying "When the enemy retreats, we advance. When the enemy stands still, we stand still and observe. When the enemy attacks, we withdrawal and hide"

The enemy is attacking right now. Its not the time to stand up and say "Bring it on!"

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Wingnut said...

The supposed website of the nigger church shooter was only up for a couple days and has been taken down. There is no record of it in the Internet archive until Sat. June 20th, which is 3 days after the shooting.

It consists of nothing but a single page with the so-called "manifesto" in plain text.

It is obviously a fake.

There is no Dylann Storm Roof person on Facebook.

There is no proof that the shooter was "one of us".*/

11:27 AM  

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