Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - June 18th, 2015

HAC on some housekeeping stuff, Gretchen on Wyatt Kaldenburg’s Odinist book, an especially hilarious segment of Who Guards The Guardians?, and Andy raps on the Great Galloping GUBU.


Anonymous Mstr Rick said...

That was another really funny segment on our federales and their never ending degenerate behavior. The replaced hotel room door and duct tape part had me rolling. Then mixing in the "America" hymn I almost came to seizure.

It's got to have gotten bad for a White guy in the Secret Service, having to guard a Nigger Monkey President and being surrounded and supervised by "Diversity" co-workers that can neither read nor write, have the IQ of an orange, and the sex instincts of a dog.

I suspect the White guys just want to get drunk until their pension requirements are fulfilled.

What cowards. Very funny! LOL

8:08 AM  

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