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Letter From Wonderland

May 29, 2015

Hello, Harold:

Today I am 38 years old. In ten days I will have spent three years in prison (with good time, four years' worth for credit.) As I sit here working on Serpent's Blood, I realize what productive, if painful years they have been. I am annoyed at the material that has been lost, but like the Muslims I say "Inshallah". I can replace it all in two weeks with the right materials. By week's end I will have 6-7 chapters reconstructed out of 20 planned, about 60,000-70,000 words, back in their proper shape.

I have found out how I came to be here. I am sure it will shock you to the very core of your being to learn that a United States Attorney lied to a judge and subverted a court order. On April 14th the United States Attorney assured the court that he would bring me to Chicago. Assured it, by golly by gum! Now we learn that it has regrettably slipped his mind. [Sigh...] He simply forgot to go to the Clerk's office and get the writ. But now I am told "my transfer for trial is in process." Yaaaaaay! What this means is the paperwork will come in maybe 60 minutes before I have to go, and I will be rushed to pack out. Up until that minute the dictator's servants smugly assume that I have asked about my writ because I am insane.

For Harold, I am truly in an asylum. It's a relaxed and comfortable asylum, for a prison, but it is an asylum. Earlier this week, someone told me they were an "international lawyer" and general counsel, in fact, to "King Hut of Western Australia," almost certainly an FBI joker. I have known how the FBI fakes "terrorism" among Muslims to frighten and control Americans; I had not realized the extent to which they manipulate genuinely mentally ill Whites into crazy conspiracies. I have come to believe that the sovereign citizen movement and the tax protestor movement in this country were created by the FBI to flush out crazies. Most sovereign citizens are mentally disadvantaged or extremely ignorant people who have been sold a line of bull by federal agents looking to make arrests.

There was a time, Harold, when someone claiming to be the "President of the United States" and issuing "bonds" against non-existent bank accounts would be put somewhere comfortable and treated. Today he's down the hall from me, doing 18 years in a control unit for "terrorists."

Of course, I am among the lunatics, so I am also assumed to be one, which is obnoxious, but not as much as one might think. On the one hand, if I say something like "I have a court date June 25th in Chicago," it is assumed that I have an imaginary court date, so I get a pooh-pooh'ed "Okay, but in case you don't, do this." I try hard not to laugh. I write a letter to my lawyer, and I get "Are you sure that's your lawyer?" I don't respond usually, because my answer is irrelevant. Regardless of what I say, they're going to check and satisfy themselves. What's really funny is that I have told these people what my legal proceedings are, in general terms, but since they don't have paperwork on them, all of that is assumed to be a lie, so when my lawyers do call they say, "I don't know what kind of legal proceedings you have going on."

But I also can't blame these people. The "President" will be visited by another loon playing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he'll demand a legal visit. Or someone upset at the mail policy (which admittedly is completely illegal) will give them registered mail "because it's under the jurisdiction of the World Court" and then complain, rather than file administrative remedy, and then they will write a bunch of nonsense on an FTCA form and try to send it as a "bond" to the Postmaster, or some such. Every day I watch these fools argue, making patterns with their stamps, insisting that their judgment and committal order is invalid because it lacks a seal of wax like its an 18th-century parchment, etc. I want to shake them when they talk to me and be like "of all the stupidity, why this stupidity?" but I can't.

Really, what this all comes down to is a question I have wrestled with since childhood, the question of "What is real?"and "how is reality crafted?" This is why Michael Hoffman spends his days studying clowns. It is also something I've spent decades philosophizing over, only recently to acquire my latest dept of understanding on.

The dictatorship, and those who want the dictatorship's version of reality to be true, not just in regard to me but in regard to life in general--people who wish that everyone was equal, that the world was good, the U.S. is just, etc.--that we're all drinking that pink Bubble Up and eating that rainbow stew--want to believe that "Nazis" are criminals, that they themselves are with the good guys, that some other side are the bad guys, that the bad guys are inherently evil, that juries cannot err, that prosecutors don't pursue the innocent, etc. To avoid cognitive dissonance--the pain of having their illusions shattered--they will do anything at all to crush dissent, as witness the violence which has been used against me.

What those who see the world more deeply and clearly know is that mankind lives locked inside illusions, inside Maia. That the manipulation of illusion is magic. That manipulation of illusion is the basis of power, wealth, fame--and that all of those things, too, are eventually illusional, because when it all comes down to it, this entire material existence is illusion. Vanities, attachment, etc. And then we start getting down to Buddha, Christ, to each of the avatars.

And this is why clarity is as much hated and is treated as insanity. Many people in this facility are insane and delusional. But anyone who believes in the Holocaust or racial equality is just as delusional. Power allows delusion, for so long, and then the system collapses. Human misery comes from illusion, and this is why man is responsible for so much of his own misery. Salvation is completely within our power, and just beyond our grasp.

Anyway, thought I'd send you an update, Harold. Serpent's Blood is moving along. That's all I'm worried about at the moment. Be well, Harold.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000


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I recommend reading gods of eden.

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