Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm Baaa-aaack...

Sorry about missing two days, but when I get especially busy here the blogs are the first to suffer, even this one.

Quick comment, guys: do not post links here in the comments section, even legitimate ones. I don't have the time to look them up myself and if I'm not careful people will start posting all kinds of weird and irrelevant mess, Goat Dancing madness, or outright spam on here. Trying to sneak links into comments sections to promote commercial stuff is an old spammer's trick; I haven't fallen for it in a long time, but I still get outright spammers trying to sneak on here.

Now, regarding Bill White's address given below: he is supposed to be in Chicago for his habeas corpus hearing to see if he can get a new trial based on the Supreme Court's recent Elonis decision which states, basically, that even if Bill did what they claim he did (he didn't), it was not and is not a crime. 

His appeal, which was filed before Elonis, is also based on the fact, always tacitly acknowledged within the judicial system, that his entire persecution from 2008 onward is politically motivated horseshit carried out by some loon in the Justice Department who has developed a deranged and possibly sexual obsession with Bill . (No, I'm not kidding. There is some evidence for the latter.)

The sub rosa context here is that his lawyers will be asking the judge to pleeze, pretty pleeze with sugar on top, you've fucked with this man's life for seven years now, you've all had your fun chewing on him like a dog chews on a bone, come on, guys, be a sport and let him go. 

Okay, there will be a lot more formal legalese phraseology, but basically that's it. I gather from Bill that the Chicago conviction, the one where it was thrown out and he was released and then re-instated on a few days' notice and he was re-arrested after a futile attempt to flee the country, is kind of the load-bearing wall for the entire edifice of his persecution, and if he can get that one struck down (for the second time) by the courts he can eventually win free on the other charges as well, since Elonis seems to knock them all down.

He has already warned me that this process will take a minimum of two years, more likely three or four. Instead of simply letting him go now that the Supreme Court has basically ruled he's innocent, they're going to force him to go through new trials. This will allow a procession of U.S. Attorneys to wave 10-year-old photos of Bill wearing a Swastika under the nose of nigger and liberal juries, and knowing them, possibly indict him for something else to make sure that the Justice Department loon or looness who has developed this bizarre obsession gets their wish, so Bill White will die in prison, like all us White Su-PREEEEM-ists had oughta, and all will be right with the world.

Now, the question is: how long will it take the judge actually to rule after the June 25th hearing? Presuming it takes place on June 25th at all and isn't casually delayed until after Labor Day, of 2016? No one knows. He may bang his gavel and decide the fate of another human being right then and there. If Bill's lucky, the hearing will be after lunch and the judge will have a couple or four lunchtime martinis under his belt, and be feeling sufficiently mellow and expansive to give him a new trial and spend three or four million dollars in taxpayer money so the U.S. Attorneys can growl and play grab-ass with their favorite chew toy some more.

Or more likely he may "take it under advisement" for God knows how long. At that time Bill may be either allowed to sit, and sit, and sit, and sit in the hellhole of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago (God, can you imagine what their jail must be like now?) In which case mail sent to the Chicago address may or may not be allowed to reach him. I seem to recall from the last time he was there that they weren't too bad about giving him his mail there. (Chicago was where Bill was forced to sit on his bunk for two days in a cell filled with human feces and also where he was drugged pre-trial the first time,to the point where he began hallucinating in his cell, to make sure he would be incapable of assisting in his own defense, but I can't recall that they messed with his mail any more than usual.)

I would suggest that you guys send him short cards and letters of encouragement at the Chicago address below, but no books or publications or anything you don't want disappearing until after the hearing is held or postponed on June 25th and we see whether they're going to let him sit there for a while or yank him out immediately for another round of diesel therapy.  But you need to send at least a card to that Chicago address; remember that they're trying to isolate Bill from his support system and make him think he's been abandoned and forgotten. Don't let that happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking point for you, the humoungus fuss being made over the 2 random White boys in NY State that are in the wind. Think about it, these guys are unarmed (probably), have no support, and altho' not really capable of doing much against the system, have hundreds or thousands of policia beating the bushed for them.

Imagine a thousand NVA'ers in the forest, striking back in teams of 5-8, what would the system do?

Oh, and rachel dolezal made the big time, instead of being the laughing stock of CDA, is now a nationwide laughingstock, ayuck ayuck,


2:18 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

Rachel Dolezal's "passing for black", eh, at least, she's done something useful for the White race. This incident highlights the disadvantage that White privilege doesn't give. It's unconscious satire of the liberal multi-cultiverse perpetrated by a libtard and this incident should be used to extract as much anti-liberal propaganda as possible.

It's the libtard philosophical system that has to be attacked not Rachel Dolezal. She should be regarded as a White heroine, of sorts, for unintentionally exposing the hypocrisy at the heart of the anti-White progressive liberal movement.

kerdasi amaq

7:41 AM  

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