Monday, June 08, 2015

Bill White On The Move Again

I have received word that Bill White has been taken from the loony bin in Marion (see below) and is presumably on his way to Chicago now, although with these people you never know. So hold all letters to Marion. I will let you know when I get a definitive address on him.

What Bill is appearing for in the Windy City is a habeas corpus hearing, basically to determine if he is being lawfully held in prison. He isn't, but that makes no difference; the judge in this case will rule however he damned well feels like ruling and none shall say him nay. Judges are, if possible, even more utterly unaccountable than federal law enforcement agencies and the prison-industrial complex itself.

Although this was laid on before the Elonis decision of last month--wherein the United States Supreme Court basically ruled that even if Bill White did what they say he did (he didn't), it was not a crime--there will be no prison doors springing open for Bill any time soon. You'd think that once the nine Supremes ruled that what White is accused of is not criminal behavior that would be it, and he'd be out as soon as they could process his paperwork. 

Don't be silly little Whiteboys. Do we not understand that Bill White is a wicked evil Whiiiii-te Su-PREEEM-ist and he is going to die in prison? Do we not get that decision has already been made, and fuck the Supreme Court, we are the dictator's faithful servants and we do WTF we want, to WTF we want, and none shall say us nay?

What this hearing may or may not lead to is a new trial for Bill, which even if he is acquitted will take about two years, plus as I understand it he now has to jump through all the Elonis hoops to get new trials on his other convictions for crimes that are no longer crimes.

On the upside, if he is granted a new trial they may decide to keep him in Chicago until that trial and stop kicking him all around the countryside like a soccer ball in order to keep him one step ahead of his mail, his support system, and keep him away from his attorneys, which seems to have been part of the reason for his month-long sojourn in Marion, to keep him away from his lawyers so he can't prepare his case for the June 25th hearing.

Or they may take him back to Marion. Or send him to some other federal concentration camp in Goosed Moose, Michigan or Devil's Crapper, Nevada, moving him back and forth every few months to make sure he doesn't get too comfy and get too much mail. 

I'll keep you posted.


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