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Bill White On Jade Helm

[Yes, this is a bit dated. As described on this blog, communication between Bill and the outside world is spotty at best and very, very slow. He is aware of this and tries to keep his written work more general these days so as to keep it "fresh," so to speak, but sometimes he can't help falling into the old rite-wing habit of news commentary. - HAC]
Simulated Invasion of Seven U.S. States Raises Concerns
by Bill White

A planned U.S. military exercise involving the invasion of seven U.S. states by 1200 members of the U.S. Navy Seals, Marine Recon, Army Delta Force, Army Rangers and, Army Special Forces helicopter units is raising concerns about American preparations for either a foreign invasion or martial law.

In the peculiar exercise which the U.S. is calling Jade Helm, U.S. Special Forces will infiltrate American civilian populations and conduct covert operations designed to depose hostile governments in Texas, Utah, parts of California and, possibly Arizona and New Mexico. Launching from bases in California, Nevada and Colorado, the Special Forces personnel will practice kidnapping and murdering “enemy” leaders, conducting bombings and acts of terrorism, and, other guerrilla operations--all while escaping responses from U.S .citizens and law enforcement.

According to the Houston Chronicle, regular Army forces will create disturbances, drop soldiers, civilian and military vehicles will barrel through residential areas and fire blank rounds.

The US military has specifically denied that the operation is a rehearsal for the imposition of martial law by the Obama government.

“That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises.” USASOC spokes man Army LT. Col. Mark Lastoria told Stripes. “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces.”

Yet, coming after a recent military exercise in Florida, in which U.S. military forces practiced rounding up and interning hundreds of members of a simulated town in military concentration camps legitimate concerns about the methods and intentions of that military have arisen.

A map of Jade Helm, for instance, seems to portray a situation where much of the South-western United States, particularly along the Mexican border, has fallen out of the control federal government. This scenario is similar to doomsday scenarios floated by patriot groups in which Latino extremists, backed by Mexico, declare a Reconquista and secede. For decades, some groups have posited a possible Chinese or Russian-backed invasion of the United States through Mexico.

In recent months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has contracted with the government of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to establish military bases, and he is reportedly planning to station 40,000 Russian troops in the Caribbean and Latin America. However in the case of war between the US and Russia, these forces would more likely support a “Little Green Man”-style attack, coordinated with U.S. dissidents, along the Gulf Coast and Florida, rather across the than Mexican border as Operation Jade Helm posits.

There have never been reliable reports of Chinese troops being based in Mexico, though Chinese firms control some key pieces of Mexican infrastructure.

Despite the concern of patriot groups, it seems highly unlikely that the federal government is considering an overt imposition of martial law, as such a move is completely unnecessary given the success of America’s vast psychological control mechanism. Because of the power of the American-Zionist media, few Americans ever seriously consider dissenting viewpoints and even fewer are inclined to act.

The major domestic sources of unrest are black mobs being financed by Obama ally George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, Muslims incited by combination of al-Qaeda and Islamic State radicals, and the patently offensive antics of American-Jewish extremists like Pamela Geller. While the confrontation at the Clive Bundy ranch upset the Obama administration, White radicals both Constitutionalists and Nationalists are disempowered and preserved in a state of disorganization by federal security forces and their vast network of informants. Very few revolutions have been built, historically, without foreign support or the support of the ruling élite.
While many have stayed hidden, clutching their guns and waiting for some overt doomsday event, One World forces have essentially taken power in the United States, voided the US Constitution, dispossessed the majority of American’s White population, and suspended most traditional civil liberties.

Fantasies of martial law or Chinese invasion, like apocalyptic fantasies in general, serve to paralyze dissident movements by distracting them from the real, present problems people face, putting action off until a triggering event which isn’t going to happen occurs, and, substituting violent fantasies for hard work of daily political struggle. Its easy to do nothing while waiting to shoot imaginary Chinese and hard to, say, spend months going door to door petitioning for an electoral movement that needs 6-10 years of hard work to bear fruit, or to take on other projects which challenge the dominant illusion.

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