Sunday, June 07, 2015

Another Letter From Wonderland

[This one is dated one week before the previous letter and arrived one day after it, which gives you some idea of how Bill's mail is running. - HAC]

May 22, 2015

Hello, Harold:

I have received large stack of letters and publications from you today, including what I assume is the Journal of Counter-Terrorism article on the Northwest Front. I have received The Barnes Review per your letter of May 15th, but not the copy of The First Freedom you mentioned. The gnomes with the badges are still poring over that one in puzzlement, one presumes, and hopefully I will get it eventually. I am now being allowed to receive my Wall Street Journal subscription again, but four or five days' worth at a time (I guess it takes the gnomes that long to read it); individual letters can take weeks and of course, some never make it in here at all. No idea why; I have been given no list of criteria as to exactly what constitutes literary "terrorism." The dictator's servants don't seem to have any idea themselves.

Legally, things are going well. Having access to a law library is helping immensely.

I find it peculiar that the Department of Justice ever claims to have closed its Domestic Terror Task Force. The Civil Rights Division has continued full bore with quasi-legal actions racially targeting White people, while most domestic terrorism these days is coming from black mobs in places like Ferguson and Baltimore who are allied with the dictatorship, committing actual, physical acts of crime and violence and destruction while none of the White men in here with me have actually harmed a fly.

I also find this Journal of Counter-Terrorism article quite peculiar, in that at no point does it actually accuse you of terrorism. It never discusses any of your actual activities and merely points out that you have in your novels raised the disturbing possibility of revolt at some point in the future, which seems to give them the willies. 

This shows the power of an idea. Clearly, it is not you they are afraid of, Harold, it is your idea. [By George! I think he's GOT it!] Your idea is dangerous simply because you describe what has happened over and over again in decadent societies down through history.

Not much else is happening, Harold. This week I prepared and mailed briefs on the issue of Coram Nobis relief to the Fourth Circuit, an additional grounds for habeas relief to the Seventh Circuit, and another asking the Middle District of Florida to permit nominal and punitive damages for civil rights violations in the Seminole County Jail. Whether these legal documents are being allowed to be sent out to the respective Clerks or whether the gnomes are simply throwing them in the wastebasket, I haven't got a clue.  

I am half way through draft II of Serpent's Blood. [The comparative religion work the manuscript of which was stolen by the dictator's servants from Bill's stored property in Florida while he was getting his last round of diesel therapy and being batted all around the country like a badminton bird.] I have finally caved in and bought a $90.00 mp3 because my radio was smashed in transit. That's my life lately. I hope yours is more exciting.



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