Friday, June 26, 2015

A Preview of Coming Attractions

First they came for the racial realists, but I said nothing because my mortal enemies manipulated me into silence through fear of being called racist.

Then they came for the conservatives, and I said nothing, because I didn’t have the courage to defend ideas I didn’t really understand, anyway.

Then they came for the Christians, but I said nothing, because I can rarely get up for church, and besides, Sunday morning cable programming has lots of good movies.

Then they came for the Republicans, and I was silent because they taught me in kindergarten that the Republicans were bad, and they didn’t put up much of a fight, anyway.

Then they came for the Second Amendment people, who – despite endless rhetoric to the contrary – folded like lawn chairs and groveled in fear, so there was no one left to stand with me.

I was eventually taken away and sent here to to rot in a labor camp for being White and male.  I have lots of company, though, while we sit in our struggle sessions and learn to appreciate the true beauty and majesty of Hillary Thought. Praise be unto Her name! Praise Her!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard today on Glen Beck radio his reaction to the gross Obangocare decision. Glen claims that America is now completely transformed.

After the ruling on homos announced this morning,there are yet significant shoes to fall. One is the 2nd amendment. The supreme dorks will solicit a case that allows them to rule on the individual gun ownership issue which now stands on a thin 5-4 decision in favor.

Soon the death penalty goes as well because of its desperate impact on niggers.

(Caesar)Is now become a god, and we are
wretched creatures and must bend our body
if Caesar carelessly but nod on us.

White boys and girls we are surely cooked.

7:00 PM  

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