Monday, June 29, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - July 2nd, 2015

HAC on the loss of the First Amendment plus a brief comment on the Night of the Charleston Vespers; Gretchen reviews Wyatt Kaldenburg’s book on Odinism, and we hear from Andy on morality.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our First Rough (Very Rough) Attempt At A Call-In Show

Okay, guys. The good news is, we managed to overcome the technical glitches, although it kind of sounds like I'm Ming the Merciless broadcasting from the Planetoid of Death back in the 1930s. 

The bad news is, only two people called. So you've got me, Don, two callers, one at the very beginning and one at the very end, and Lord Lucan who wandered by in the middle of the show, so he's in there too. 

This is mostly just a panel discussion; hopefully we can improve if we can coax some more callers.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Preview of Coming Attractions

First they came for the racial realists, but I said nothing because my mortal enemies manipulated me into silence through fear of being called racist.

Then they came for the conservatives, and I said nothing, because I didn’t have the courage to defend ideas I didn’t really understand, anyway.

Then they came for the Christians, but I said nothing, because I can rarely get up for church, and besides, Sunday morning cable programming has lots of good movies.

Then they came for the Republicans, and I was silent because they taught me in kindergarten that the Republicans were bad, and they didn’t put up much of a fight, anyway.

Then they came for the Second Amendment people, who – despite endless rhetoric to the contrary – folded like lawn chairs and groveled in fear, so there was no one left to stand with me.

I was eventually taken away and sent here to to rot in a labor camp for being White and male.  I have lots of company, though, while we sit in our struggle sessions and learn to appreciate the true beauty and majesty of Hillary Thought. Praise be unto Her name! Praise Her!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bill White On Jade Helm

[Yes, this is a bit dated. As described on this blog, communication between Bill and the outside world is spotty at best and very, very slow. He is aware of this and tries to keep his written work more general these days so as to keep it "fresh," so to speak, but sometimes he can't help falling into the old rite-wing habit of news commentary. - HAC]
Simulated Invasion of Seven U.S. States Raises Concerns
by Bill White

A planned U.S. military exercise involving the invasion of seven U.S. states by 1200 members of the U.S. Navy Seals, Marine Recon, Army Delta Force, Army Rangers and, Army Special Forces helicopter units is raising concerns about American preparations for either a foreign invasion or martial law.

In the peculiar exercise which the U.S. is calling Jade Helm, U.S. Special Forces will infiltrate American civilian populations and conduct covert operations designed to depose hostile governments in Texas, Utah, parts of California and, possibly Arizona and New Mexico. Launching from bases in California, Nevada and Colorado, the Special Forces personnel will practice kidnapping and murdering “enemy” leaders, conducting bombings and acts of terrorism, and, other guerrilla operations--all while escaping responses from U.S .citizens and law enforcement.

According to the Houston Chronicle, regular Army forces will create disturbances, drop soldiers, civilian and military vehicles will barrel through residential areas and fire blank rounds.

The US military has specifically denied that the operation is a rehearsal for the imposition of martial law by the Obama government.

“That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises.” USASOC spokes man Army LT. Col. Mark Lastoria told Stripes. “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces.”

Yet, coming after a recent military exercise in Florida, in which U.S. military forces practiced rounding up and interning hundreds of members of a simulated town in military concentration camps legitimate concerns about the methods and intentions of that military have arisen.

A map of Jade Helm, for instance, seems to portray a situation where much of the South-western United States, particularly along the Mexican border, has fallen out of the control federal government. This scenario is similar to doomsday scenarios floated by patriot groups in which Latino extremists, backed by Mexico, declare a Reconquista and secede. For decades, some groups have posited a possible Chinese or Russian-backed invasion of the United States through Mexico.

In recent months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has contracted with the government of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to establish military bases, and he is reportedly planning to station 40,000 Russian troops in the Caribbean and Latin America. However in the case of war between the US and Russia, these forces would more likely support a “Little Green Man”-style attack, coordinated with U.S. dissidents, along the Gulf Coast and Florida, rather across the than Mexican border as Operation Jade Helm posits.

There have never been reliable reports of Chinese troops being based in Mexico, though Chinese firms control some key pieces of Mexican infrastructure.

Despite the concern of patriot groups, it seems highly unlikely that the federal government is considering an overt imposition of martial law, as such a move is completely unnecessary given the success of America’s vast psychological control mechanism. Because of the power of the American-Zionist media, few Americans ever seriously consider dissenting viewpoints and even fewer are inclined to act.

The major domestic sources of unrest are black mobs being financed by Obama ally George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, Muslims incited by combination of al-Qaeda and Islamic State radicals, and the patently offensive antics of American-Jewish extremists like Pamela Geller. While the confrontation at the Clive Bundy ranch upset the Obama administration, White radicals both Constitutionalists and Nationalists are disempowered and preserved in a state of disorganization by federal security forces and their vast network of informants. Very few revolutions have been built, historically, without foreign support or the support of the ruling élite.
While many have stayed hidden, clutching their guns and waiting for some overt doomsday event, One World forces have essentially taken power in the United States, voided the US Constitution, dispossessed the majority of American’s White population, and suspended most traditional civil liberties.

Fantasies of martial law or Chinese invasion, like apocalyptic fantasies in general, serve to paralyze dissident movements by distracting them from the real, present problems people face, putting action off until a triggering event which isn’t going to happen occurs, and, substituting violent fantasies for hard work of daily political struggle. Its easy to do nothing while waiting to shoot imaginary Chinese and hard to, say, spend months going door to door petitioning for an electoral movement that needs 6-10 years of hard work to bear fruit, or to take on other projects which challenge the dominant illusion.

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago MCC
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004

Monday, June 22, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - June 25th, 2015

A special Radio Free Northwest on the events of last week in Charleston, South Carolina.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Statement Of The Council Of Conservative Citizens

[As one might expect, my take on all this is significantly different from Jared Taylor's, but in fairness I am posting their statement here.]
Press Release from Jared Taylor, who will speak for the CofCC on the issue of Dylann Roof's relationship to the CofCC:

Spokesman for Council of Conservative  Citizens  Available to Speak to Media about Dylann Roof and Charleston church killings.

In a manifesto widely attributed to Dylann Roof , he cites the Council of Conservative Citizens ( C of CC) as the organization that first drew his attention to black-on-white crime.

C of CC spokesman, Jared Taylor, welcomes media inquiries about the council’s positions and how they relate to Dylann Roof.

The C of CC unequivocally condemns Roof’s murderous actions.

However, the council stands unshakably behind the facts on its website, and points out the dangers of denying the extent of black-on-white crime.

Every year, there are about 500,000 violent , interracial crimes. Of these, about 85 percent are committed by blacks against whites.

Every year, there are some 20,000 rapes of white women by blacks, but rapes by white men of black women are so unusual, they scarcely appear in crime statistics.

If these figures were reversed—if there were wide-spread white-on-black rape and violence—it would be constant national news. Instead, the true nature of interracial violence is ignored.

This is dangerous. Our society’s silence about these crimes—despite enormous amounts of attention to “racially tinged” acts by whites—only increase the anger of people like Dylann Roof. This double standard only makes acts of murderous frustration more likely.

In his manifesto, Roof outlines other grievances felt by many whites. Again, we utterly condemn Roof’s despicable killings, but they do not detract in the slightest from the legitimacy of some of the positions he has expressed. Ignoring legitimate grievances is dangerous.

For further commentary on Roof, please contact Jared Taylor at 703-706-0900. Taylor is a former board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and frequent speaker at council conferences.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Hate Crime In Charleston

Allison Griffor.

It's a name you aren't supposed to know.

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear.

 She was five years old. 
Five-year-old Allison Griffor, gunned down on October 25, 2011 as she slept in her Charleston, South Carolina home. Police dubbed it a "botched home invasion" 
She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister.

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.

October 25, 2011 was her last conscious day on earth.

A five-year-old girl shot in the head during a suspected home invasion has died three days later. 

Allison Griffor was sleeping in her bed at her family’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, early on Tuesday when a bullet from a shotgun fired through the front door hit her and lodged in her brain. 
The four black males who participated in the "botched home invasion" in Charleston, South Carolina
Her father William had gone to the front door when he heard it being kicked, but before he could open it shots were fired through and he was also hit. His daughter was sleeping in the front room. 

Allison, a pupil at Drayton Hall Elementary School, had her life support machine turned off on Thursday after doctors could not find any activity in her brain scans. Her organs have been donated. 

It all began when Mr Griffor heard a loud banging on the front door and went to investigate, but as he reached for the lock there was a blast, reported WCBD. He told all the children to get under the bed.‘I went to the room to tell the kids and wife “we’re safe” and turned on the light to find our daughter would not respond,’ he told WCBD. ‘My wife turned her and she was laying in a pool of blood. 

‘The bullets had went through the door, through the wall, shooting her in the head as she lay sleeping in her safe bed… I was injured in the incident, but our daughter was critically injured.’ 

Mr Griffor said he was shocked by the shooting, because his ‘hard-working loving Christian’ family have no links to drugs or guns and ‘no enemies’. There have been no arrests made yet. 

The family are planning to sell a truck and boat to help fund huge medical bills since the incident, their spokesman Richard Douglas told the Charleston Post and Courier .
It would years until an eventual lead on the case would break, but not before the Charleston media would publish multiple, heart wrenching stories of the suffering her surviving family endured (particularly this October 25, 2012 piece).

But once the case broke, a picture developed of Griffor's murderers that few in the media outside Charleston would allow to disseminate. [ Deputies: 4 suspects ID’d in shooting that killed 5-year-old Allison Griffor, Post and Courier, June 5, 2015]:

Charleston County sheriff’s deputies on Friday came closer than ever to filing murder charges in the 2011 slaying of 5-year-old Allison Griffor when they identified four men suspected in her death.

During a news conference, Sheriff Al Cannon identified the suspects in the ongoing homicide investigation as Shyrome Jaquane Johnson, 25, of Mosstree Road in North Charleston; Philip Moses, 26, of Ashley Hall Plantation in Charleston; Franklin Glover, 30, of Cedar Petal Lane in Charleston; and Levell Leonard Grant, 27, of North Jupiter Hill Road in Adams Run. 

Each of the men had been in and out of jail in the years since Allison’s death, Cannon said. 

Warrants for murder have not been filed, though that is the office’s intention, Cannon said. 

Griffor was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast around 1 a.m. Oct. 25, 2011, at her family’s home on Pierpont Avenue. 

Cannon referred to the incident as a “botched home invasion” as investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.

Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know.  It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear.  She was five years old.  She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister.  Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.  Her murderers were four black males in a "botched home invasion"...  Had she lived and the "botched home invasion" been downgraded to just a "home invasion," odds are high she'd develop a (healthy) fear of black people that a black judge would one day scold her for having...  

Our job was never to Take America Back; Our job was always to survive the breaking of America. 

Charleston Shooting

As I've said before, I consider most if not all of you guys presently wandering our current wee little circle to be future leaders or at least potential leaders of the Northwest independence movement. So here's some advice, in view of the fact that there will certainly be more of this kind of thing in the future as our people finally begin to respond, sluggishly and spasmodically and incorrectly, to the ongoing genocide.

When something like this happens, give it a pause for a few days or a week or so before leaping in with pontifical comments that no one except a tiny, tiny handful of people will ever actually read, seeing as how we only speak to each other. Which is what I am going to do. Give the dictatorship time to lay out the Official Version of events so we can deconstruct it, and let "our" people start working the weirder conspiracy theory elements out of their system, at least hopefully. 

The term "false flag," which we will almost certainly hear shouted out in this case, has now pretty much lost all meaning among "us," since in our current mindset these days everything is a "false flag," including South American earthquakes, and absolutely nothing may be taken at face value lest we fall for the wiles of the Evil Ones who see all, know all, encompass all, cause all to happen, and magically pull every string from behind the curtain. This is the problem with being ruled by genuinely evil people who do in fact engage in vile criminal conspiracies in order to do an entire race and nation terrible harm; it kinder makes yuh paranoid.

At some point we will hopefully realize that while conspiracies and false flag actions do occur, so do human events, and that despite all attempts to manipulate it, history has a mind of its own.

Anyway, I'll probably comment on this on next week's RFN after the sound and fury has had a few days to die down.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - June 18th, 2015

HAC on some housekeeping stuff, Gretchen on Wyatt Kaldenburg’s Odinist book, an especially hilarious segment of Who Guards The Guardians?, and Andy raps on the Great Galloping GUBU.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm Baaa-aaack...

Sorry about missing two days, but when I get especially busy here the blogs are the first to suffer, even this one.

Quick comment, guys: do not post links here in the comments section, even legitimate ones. I don't have the time to look them up myself and if I'm not careful people will start posting all kinds of weird and irrelevant mess, Goat Dancing madness, or outright spam on here. Trying to sneak links into comments sections to promote commercial stuff is an old spammer's trick; I haven't fallen for it in a long time, but I still get outright spammers trying to sneak on here.

Now, regarding Bill White's address given below: he is supposed to be in Chicago for his habeas corpus hearing to see if he can get a new trial based on the Supreme Court's recent Elonis decision which states, basically, that even if Bill did what they claim he did (he didn't), it was not and is not a crime. 

His appeal, which was filed before Elonis, is also based on the fact, always tacitly acknowledged within the judicial system, that his entire persecution from 2008 onward is politically motivated horseshit carried out by some loon in the Justice Department who has developed a deranged and possibly sexual obsession with Bill . (No, I'm not kidding. There is some evidence for the latter.)

The sub rosa context here is that his lawyers will be asking the judge to pleeze, pretty pleeze with sugar on top, you've fucked with this man's life for seven years now, you've all had your fun chewing on him like a dog chews on a bone, come on, guys, be a sport and let him go. 

Okay, there will be a lot more formal legalese phraseology, but basically that's it. I gather from Bill that the Chicago conviction, the one where it was thrown out and he was released and then re-instated on a few days' notice and he was re-arrested after a futile attempt to flee the country, is kind of the load-bearing wall for the entire edifice of his persecution, and if he can get that one struck down (for the second time) by the courts he can eventually win free on the other charges as well, since Elonis seems to knock them all down.

He has already warned me that this process will take a minimum of two years, more likely three or four. Instead of simply letting him go now that the Supreme Court has basically ruled he's innocent, they're going to force him to go through new trials. This will allow a procession of U.S. Attorneys to wave 10-year-old photos of Bill wearing a Swastika under the nose of nigger and liberal juries, and knowing them, possibly indict him for something else to make sure that the Justice Department loon or looness who has developed this bizarre obsession gets their wish, so Bill White will die in prison, like all us White Su-PREEEEM-ists had oughta, and all will be right with the world.

Now, the question is: how long will it take the judge actually to rule after the June 25th hearing? Presuming it takes place on June 25th at all and isn't casually delayed until after Labor Day, of 2016? No one knows. He may bang his gavel and decide the fate of another human being right then and there. If Bill's lucky, the hearing will be after lunch and the judge will have a couple or four lunchtime martinis under his belt, and be feeling sufficiently mellow and expansive to give him a new trial and spend three or four million dollars in taxpayer money so the U.S. Attorneys can growl and play grab-ass with their favorite chew toy some more.

Or more likely he may "take it under advisement" for God knows how long. At that time Bill may be either allowed to sit, and sit, and sit, and sit in the hellhole of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago (God, can you imagine what their jail must be like now?) In which case mail sent to the Chicago address may or may not be allowed to reach him. I seem to recall from the last time he was there that they weren't too bad about giving him his mail there. (Chicago was where Bill was forced to sit on his bunk for two days in a cell filled with human feces and also where he was drugged pre-trial the first time,to the point where he began hallucinating in his cell, to make sure he would be incapable of assisting in his own defense, but I can't recall that they messed with his mail any more than usual.)

I would suggest that you guys send him short cards and letters of encouragement at the Chicago address below, but no books or publications or anything you don't want disappearing until after the hearing is held or postponed on June 25th and we see whether they're going to let him sit there for a while or yank him out immediately for another round of diesel therapy.  But you need to send at least a card to that Chicago address; remember that they're trying to isolate Bill from his support system and make him think he's been abandoned and forgotten. Don't let that happen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - June 11th, 2015

Brian from Illinois speaks and Harold berates him with cow-like moos; we hear from Adam and Gretchen, HAC raps on Edgar Steele and also on the first American Holocaust Denial indictment.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bill White's New Address

Quick update to yesterday's post. Bill White's new address is:

William A. White 13888-084
MCC Chicago
71 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60606

He will be there until the hearing on June 25th, and probably for a few days afterward, and then he's in the wind again to God knows where. Back to Marion, if he's lucky, since despite the lunatic surroundings he seems to like it better there than the other holes they've dropped him into in this endless game of whack-a-mole they play with him. Maybe back to Loretto, which seems to be his "prison of record," insofar as he has one.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Bill White On The Move Again

I have received word that Bill White has been taken from the loony bin in Marion (see below) and is presumably on his way to Chicago now, although with these people you never know. So hold all letters to Marion. I will let you know when I get a definitive address on him.

What Bill is appearing for in the Windy City is a habeas corpus hearing, basically to determine if he is being lawfully held in prison. He isn't, but that makes no difference; the judge in this case will rule however he damned well feels like ruling and none shall say him nay. Judges are, if possible, even more utterly unaccountable than federal law enforcement agencies and the prison-industrial complex itself.

Although this was laid on before the Elonis decision of last month--wherein the United States Supreme Court basically ruled that even if Bill White did what they say he did (he didn't), it was not a crime--there will be no prison doors springing open for Bill any time soon. You'd think that once the nine Supremes ruled that what White is accused of is not criminal behavior that would be it, and he'd be out as soon as they could process his paperwork. 

Don't be silly little Whiteboys. Do we not understand that Bill White is a wicked evil Whiiiii-te Su-PREEEM-ist and he is going to die in prison? Do we not get that decision has already been made, and fuck the Supreme Court, we are the dictator's faithful servants and we do WTF we want, to WTF we want, and none shall say us nay?

What this hearing may or may not lead to is a new trial for Bill, which even if he is acquitted will take about two years, plus as I understand it he now has to jump through all the Elonis hoops to get new trials on his other convictions for crimes that are no longer crimes.

On the upside, if he is granted a new trial they may decide to keep him in Chicago until that trial and stop kicking him all around the countryside like a soccer ball in order to keep him one step ahead of his mail, his support system, and keep him away from his attorneys, which seems to have been part of the reason for his month-long sojourn in Marion, to keep him away from his lawyers so he can't prepare his case for the June 25th hearing.

Or they may take him back to Marion. Or send him to some other federal concentration camp in Goosed Moose, Michigan or Devil's Crapper, Nevada, moving him back and forth every few months to make sure he doesn't get too comfy and get too much mail. 

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Another Letter From Wonderland

[This one is dated one week before the previous letter and arrived one day after it, which gives you some idea of how Bill's mail is running. - HAC]

May 22, 2015

Hello, Harold:

I have received large stack of letters and publications from you today, including what I assume is the Journal of Counter-Terrorism article on the Northwest Front. I have received The Barnes Review per your letter of May 15th, but not the copy of The First Freedom you mentioned. The gnomes with the badges are still poring over that one in puzzlement, one presumes, and hopefully I will get it eventually. I am now being allowed to receive my Wall Street Journal subscription again, but four or five days' worth at a time (I guess it takes the gnomes that long to read it); individual letters can take weeks and of course, some never make it in here at all. No idea why; I have been given no list of criteria as to exactly what constitutes literary "terrorism." The dictator's servants don't seem to have any idea themselves.

Legally, things are going well. Having access to a law library is helping immensely.

I find it peculiar that the Department of Justice ever claims to have closed its Domestic Terror Task Force. The Civil Rights Division has continued full bore with quasi-legal actions racially targeting White people, while most domestic terrorism these days is coming from black mobs in places like Ferguson and Baltimore who are allied with the dictatorship, committing actual, physical acts of crime and violence and destruction while none of the White men in here with me have actually harmed a fly.

I also find this Journal of Counter-Terrorism article quite peculiar, in that at no point does it actually accuse you of terrorism. It never discusses any of your actual activities and merely points out that you have in your novels raised the disturbing possibility of revolt at some point in the future, which seems to give them the willies. 

This shows the power of an idea. Clearly, it is not you they are afraid of, Harold, it is your idea. [By George! I think he's GOT it!] Your idea is dangerous simply because you describe what has happened over and over again in decadent societies down through history.

Not much else is happening, Harold. This week I prepared and mailed briefs on the issue of Coram Nobis relief to the Fourth Circuit, an additional grounds for habeas relief to the Seventh Circuit, and another asking the Middle District of Florida to permit nominal and punitive damages for civil rights violations in the Seminole County Jail. Whether these legal documents are being allowed to be sent out to the respective Clerks or whether the gnomes are simply throwing them in the wastebasket, I haven't got a clue.  

I am half way through draft II of Serpent's Blood. [The comparative religion work the manuscript of which was stolen by the dictator's servants from Bill's stored property in Florida while he was getting his last round of diesel therapy and being batted all around the country like a badminton bird.] I have finally caved in and bought a $90.00 mp3 because my radio was smashed in transit. That's my life lately. I hope yours is more exciting.


Friday, June 05, 2015

Letter From Wonderland

May 29, 2015

Hello, Harold:

Today I am 38 years old. In ten days I will have spent three years in prison (with good time, four years' worth for credit.) As I sit here working on Serpent's Blood, I realize what productive, if painful years they have been. I am annoyed at the material that has been lost, but like the Muslims I say "Inshallah". I can replace it all in two weeks with the right materials. By week's end I will have 6-7 chapters reconstructed out of 20 planned, about 60,000-70,000 words, back in their proper shape.

I have found out how I came to be here. I am sure it will shock you to the very core of your being to learn that a United States Attorney lied to a judge and subverted a court order. On April 14th the United States Attorney assured the court that he would bring me to Chicago. Assured it, by golly by gum! Now we learn that it has regrettably slipped his mind. [Sigh...] He simply forgot to go to the Clerk's office and get the writ. But now I am told "my transfer for trial is in process." Yaaaaaay! What this means is the paperwork will come in maybe 60 minutes before I have to go, and I will be rushed to pack out. Up until that minute the dictator's servants smugly assume that I have asked about my writ because I am insane.

For Harold, I am truly in an asylum. It's a relaxed and comfortable asylum, for a prison, but it is an asylum. Earlier this week, someone told me they were an "international lawyer" and general counsel, in fact, to "King Hut of Western Australia," almost certainly an FBI joker. I have known how the FBI fakes "terrorism" among Muslims to frighten and control Americans; I had not realized the extent to which they manipulate genuinely mentally ill Whites into crazy conspiracies. I have come to believe that the sovereign citizen movement and the tax protestor movement in this country were created by the FBI to flush out crazies. Most sovereign citizens are mentally disadvantaged or extremely ignorant people who have been sold a line of bull by federal agents looking to make arrests.

There was a time, Harold, when someone claiming to be the "President of the United States" and issuing "bonds" against non-existent bank accounts would be put somewhere comfortable and treated. Today he's down the hall from me, doing 18 years in a control unit for "terrorists."

Of course, I am among the lunatics, so I am also assumed to be one, which is obnoxious, but not as much as one might think. On the one hand, if I say something like "I have a court date June 25th in Chicago," it is assumed that I have an imaginary court date, so I get a pooh-pooh'ed "Okay, but in case you don't, do this." I try hard not to laugh. I write a letter to my lawyer, and I get "Are you sure that's your lawyer?" I don't respond usually, because my answer is irrelevant. Regardless of what I say, they're going to check and satisfy themselves. What's really funny is that I have told these people what my legal proceedings are, in general terms, but since they don't have paperwork on them, all of that is assumed to be a lie, so when my lawyers do call they say, "I don't know what kind of legal proceedings you have going on."

But I also can't blame these people. The "President" will be visited by another loon playing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he'll demand a legal visit. Or someone upset at the mail policy (which admittedly is completely illegal) will give them registered mail "because it's under the jurisdiction of the World Court" and then complain, rather than file administrative remedy, and then they will write a bunch of nonsense on an FTCA form and try to send it as a "bond" to the Postmaster, or some such. Every day I watch these fools argue, making patterns with their stamps, insisting that their judgment and committal order is invalid because it lacks a seal of wax like its an 18th-century parchment, etc. I want to shake them when they talk to me and be like "of all the stupidity, why this stupidity?" but I can't.

Really, what this all comes down to is a question I have wrestled with since childhood, the question of "What is real?"and "how is reality crafted?" This is why Michael Hoffman spends his days studying clowns. It is also something I've spent decades philosophizing over, only recently to acquire my latest dept of understanding on.

The dictatorship, and those who want the dictatorship's version of reality to be true, not just in regard to me but in regard to life in general--people who wish that everyone was equal, that the world was good, the U.S. is just, etc.--that we're all drinking that pink Bubble Up and eating that rainbow stew--want to believe that "Nazis" are criminals, that they themselves are with the good guys, that some other side are the bad guys, that the bad guys are inherently evil, that juries cannot err, that prosecutors don't pursue the innocent, etc. To avoid cognitive dissonance--the pain of having their illusions shattered--they will do anything at all to crush dissent, as witness the violence which has been used against me.

What those who see the world more deeply and clearly know is that mankind lives locked inside illusions, inside Maia. That the manipulation of illusion is magic. That manipulation of illusion is the basis of power, wealth, fame--and that all of those things, too, are eventually illusional, because when it all comes down to it, this entire material existence is illusion. Vanities, attachment, etc. And then we start getting down to Buddha, Christ, to each of the avatars.

And this is why clarity is as much hated and is treated as insanity. Many people in this facility are insane and delusional. But anyone who believes in the Holocaust or racial equality is just as delusional. Power allows delusion, for so long, and then the system collapses. Human misery comes from illusion, and this is why man is responsible for so much of his own misery. Salvation is completely within our power, and just beyond our grasp.

Anyway, thought I'd send you an update, Harold. Serpent's Blood is moving along. That's all I'm worried about at the moment. Be well, Harold.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000

Public Service Announcenent fo' Niggaz

I know, I know, I’m doing the senile thing again, but I’m sorry—this is a real hoot!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Michael Collins Piper, R.I.P.

For those of you who keep up with the Cartoids, I have just been informed that Michael Collins Piper died Saturday in Idaho of a heart attack. He was 54.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - June 4th, 2015

HAC on adding new hateful words to the language and a suggestion for our European comrades; Gretchen on William G. Simpson’s essays, also the Trucker and the English guy.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Breaking News Update

Bill White Wins First-Step-To-Release Victory. 
Well, In Theory, Anyway. 

Bill White has won a minor legal victory, or rather has been handed a stroke of good fortune. The Supreme Court has decided in favor of the defendant in Elonis vs. the United States. I will not go into a long digression here, but I will quote from the official Supreme Court website: 

“Issue: (1) Whether, consistent with the First Amendment and Virginia v. Black, conviction of threatening another person under 18 U.S.C. § 875(c) requires proof of the defendant's subjective intent to threaten, as required by the Ninth Circuit and the supreme courts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont; or whether it is enough to show that a “reasonable person” would regard the statement as threatening, as held by other federal courts of appeals and state courts of last resort; and (2) whether, as a matter of statutory interpretation, conviction of threatening another person under 18 U.S.C. § 875(c) requires proof of the defendant's subjective intent to threaten."

Basically, the Elonis case strikes down the “Bill White Doctrine,” which was actually established in federal courts in Chicago by the Bill White case itself, several years before Anthony Elonis posted his rap lyrics to Facebook. That doctrine being that it is sufficient for someone to get up on a witness stand and weep that they “feels threatened” by something on the internet in order to send someone to prison, and screw the First Amendment. Bill actually did not send the e-mails or make the Facebook threats for which he has been “convicted,” if that is the word for a verdict of “anonymized” juries who for all anyone knows may be comprised of mental patients from the local cackle box, if they exist at all. 

The Elonis case means that Bill now has legal grounds to ask for a new trial so clear-cut that it’s difficult to see how he can be denied that right, even in this totally corrupt system, while keeping up even the most rudimentary of appearances.

It is pointless for him to ask simply to be released, because the Supreme Court has now basically stated that even if he did what they say he did (which he didn’t), he committed no crime. The dictatorship simply isn’t going to do that. They’re not going to let him go, ever, period, end of story, because someone in wealth and power has decided that Bill White is his favorite chew toy.

Not to mention the fact that if he is ever released on the grounds he should never have been arrested and imprisoned in the first place, Bill White will have grounds for a massive civil lawsuit that will get him a settlement which will leave him free to live and write for the rest of his life, on Uncle Slime’s dime, and they’re just not going to allow that to happen. Or maybe I’m just being an Eeyore there. I hope so.

P.S. Anthony Elonis, who admitted making the Facebook posts in question and who did, in fact, write and post material to Facebook which by a long stretch his ex-wife and an especially nervous female FBI agent might have found made them uncomfortable, received a sentence of 44 months in prison. I have been unable to find anywhere on the Net so far any information as to how much time Elonis actually served.

Bill White was sentenced to a crushing 28 years in prison for allegedly doing the same thing, acts which A) he did not in fact commit, and which in one case appear to have been committed with the active collusion of federal law enforcement agents; and B) which the Supreme Court has now ruled were not criminal even if White did commit them.

Anyway, in theory, this decision could lead to Bill being released, although it will take some years to jump through all the hoops. I’ll send Bill a brief congratulatory letter and hope to God his captors decide to give it to him. You guys should, too:

William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000


The Facts On Freddie Gray

[Going around the Net. It's always a mistake to try and confuse these people with facts, but what the hell?] 

How many more guys like Freddie are roaming the streets, doing as he did, and destined for jail, death, or further serious injury to himself and to others? And then they cry "discrimination." Go figure.

For what it's worth, here are the facts on the late Freddie Gray of Baltimore:

Freddie Gray had a pre-existing spinal and neck injury and had severe nerve damage and scar tissue from an accident that Allstate Insurance was paying him for, in a structured settlement.  This monthly payment and drug money were his means of support.  Freddie had had several unsuccessful spinal fusion surgeries over the past 4 1/2 years.  His most recent spinal/cervical operation was a week and a half before he
was arrested on April 12.  He was on doctor's orders to remain home and in bed to speed recovery from that major operation.  Instead, Freddie was out manufacturing and distributing drugs on the streets of Baltimore, and strenuously resisting arrest.

Freddie had a criminal history (rap sheet) many pages long for manufacturing and distributing drugs and controlled substances, including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana.  He had been convicted of numerous other felonies including assault, firearms violations, breaking and entering, armed robbery, receiving stolen property, and the list goes on and on from his 18th birthday.  In Baltimore County, juvenile records are forever sealed except by judicial order. 

Freddie, known on the streets as "Pepper", was 25 years old, 5'8" and weighed 145 lbs. when last arrested.  He had been incarcerated at least 12 times, the longest stretch being 2 years in prison in Maryland.

Freddie had recently tried to convert his structured settlement from Allstate into a lump sum payment from Peachtree Funding, of Atlanta. Friends say he was confused by the paperwork and legal terminology.

Following his arrest, Freddie was placed into the paddy wagon by the police officers who had arrested him -- black officers, all of them. He could have easily slipped on the floor or bench, or twisted his neck or shoulders to reopen his recently fused and weakened spine. 

Enroute to the County jail, the paddy wagon stopped once so that officers could put leg restraints on Freddie to calm him down and restrict his movement.

Freddie was a dangerous career felon, well-known to the BPD officers, with a damaged and healing spine and neck, and was supposed to be home healing a week and a half after surgery.  He should not have been running around on the streets of Baltimore committing drug felonies and resisting arrest.

Now, why are so many residents of Baltimore destroying their own city with looting and arson? Because it's a good way to get new shoes and TVs for free? Seems to be. They sure know how to pick their heroes, don't they?

By the way, none of the eight BPD officers who arrested Freddy has ever had a complaint against him for brutality or use of excessive force.

Freddie Gray's arrest record:

03-20-15 dealing  cocaine
08-28-08 possession of narcotics
10-05-12 illegal   gambling
01-25-14 possession of narcotics over 10 grams
08-24-07 manufacturing and distribution narcotics
08/29-07 distribution of    narcotics
09-16-08 distribution of  narcotics
04-16-08 distribution of    narcotics
05-09-12 distribution of  narcotics
01-04-15 distribution of    narcotics
12-31-14 distribution of  narcotics
05-13-14 stolen    property
07-16-08 distribution of  narcotics
03-28-08 possession of    narcotics
02-12-08 distribution of   narcotics
09-29-13 distribution of    narcotics
12-04-14 distribution of  narcotics
12-04-14 possession of    narcotics
03-20-08 burglary
03-20-08 possession of   narcotics
09-21-07 distribution of   narcotics
04-30-08 unlawful   possession (two counts)

(Source Maryland Dept of Justice)