Friday, May 08, 2015

Update On Last Post

Bill has been allowed to write one heavily-censored letter to his mother, in which he makes it clear he is unable to speak freely.

-Hamlet, Act I, Scene V


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To what end is this horror show being perpetrated? I mean really. To scare others who might follow in his footsteps? What others? Who knows about Bill White? Its not like they give updates on National TV with the footnote that "you evil white people might end up like this if you're not careful!" Who's being terrified by his tortures? His family? They don't care, they're the ones who sold him up the river. Other white nationalists? They're already terrified elsewise there would be revolution.

Remember, once all other possibilities have been eliminated, that which remains, no matter how bizarre, must be the truth.

So, Bill White is locked up for the mere enjoyment of whoever sent him there. Whatever high level civil servant did this, whatever high level joo, him and him alone know about Bill White and his tortures. Him and him alone gets his jollies off it.

That's what this is all about. Some slimy, fat, corpulent thing in an office somewhere who gloats over the daily reports he gets about Bill White's torments while his secretary services him under the desk. If there's such a thing as Karma, or any sort of divine retribution in the hereafter, I'd hate to be this flabby spagface.

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