Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Tests Exclude "Racists" From Medical Schools

by Bill White

DNA science has proven that race is not a social construct, but prospective doctors will have to defy science and say it is on the new Medical College Admission Test, released by the Association of American Medical Colleges in late April.
For college students waiting to study medicine and become physicians, both hard science and functional literacy are out, while politically correct discussions of “social inequality, class consciousness, racial and ethnic identity, institutionalized racism and discrimination, and power, privilege, and prestige” are in according to the AAMC.
“This is not science. It’s agenda-driven garbage.” Robert Hansing, a Columbia Missouri pathologist who is leading opposition to the new MCAT told the press.
According to the AAMC, the essay requirements of the old MCAT are gone, along with much of the material dealing with physics and chemistry, two subjects critical to medical science. But not requiring students to be able to read and write or understand science, the AAMC hopes to induct more ignorant blacks – aka “underrepresented minorities” –into the medical professions, However the wisdom of making one’s understanding of Marxist dogma more important than medical knowledge in qualifying individuals as doctors is not clear.
Catherine Lucey, a Marxist extremist and Vice Dean of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, sat on the AAMC committee which developed the new MCAT and defends its new political conformity section. Lucey also said that she wanted to eliminate the tests score, but this radical measure was opposed by many AAMC members.
“There was some sentiment that a person’s future shouldn’t rest on medical score.” Lucey said, ignoring the fact that score, which reflects how many answers a person gets correct, measures an applicant’s ability to practice a difficult art in which other peoples lives are at stake.
The decision to abandon the medical profession to inept blacks and Marxists ideologies is a peculiar one. Historically, Marxist approaches to medicine have not been very successful. Marxist dogma, for instance, denies all existence of biological racial differences, and for decades, Marxist Jews falsified scientific studies to deny easily and obviously observable physical differences between blacks and whites. Modern DNA science, which is both the foundational and cutting edge of modern medicine, has confirmed that human beings are divided into three root races, called haplogroups, which conform to three categories of human skin color—black, yellow, and White. Within these haplogroups are sub-groups which define ethnicities.
Further, under the Soviet Union, which imposed similar tests on its prospective doctors, a theory that environmental, not biological factors, formed the genome, and, that environmentally acquired traits could be passed onto off spring, became dominant. Unless an environmental factor biologically alters the gene line of the genome, this is false.
These kinds of medical errors have been common over the millennia to times when Jews and Jewish ideologies dominated medicine. At various points in the Middle Ages, for instance Jewish doctors insisted upon following Aristotelian dogma, which was demonstrably wrong, in treating patients, retarding the growth of medical science until Jews were eventually sidelined from the profession.
But, in the United States, the Jews and their lies have taken over American universities, and a climate of hysteria, hatred, and pathological opposition to intellectual inquiry reigns. This is largely a lingering result of the Soviet-backed, Jewish-led radical movements that infiltrated American colleges in the early 20th century and took power in the 1960s. These radicals, bereft of skills and trained only in sophistry, were unable to survive in the real world after college, and so they created a self-perpetuating pseudo-intellectual world within major universities to keep themselves employed. Through nothing that they believe is true, their lies further the One World agenda of both international Zionism and the US government, so they are allowed to fester.
The AAMC tests was developed largely without input from actual practicing doctors. According to the AAMA 2700 medical students and professionals educators—not doctors—made the decision that science and literacy were not important to the practice of medicine.
In addition to harming non-Jewish Whites, the new tests will also likely displace Asian medical school applicants in favor of unqualified , ignorant blacks. Despite alleged “racism,” east Asians have never had the trouble blacks have had qualifying for and earning university degrees. This is because most Asian peoples share with whites the intellectual capacity to participate in civilization, while most blacks do not.



Anonymous Paul Rain said...

You know, this topic feels like one that should be pushed on 'conservatives' as much as possible.

As I come from a land down under without much exposure to blacks, one of the first things that made me realize that 'Yes, they really are different' was learning that blacks have a significantly different response to the various classes of blood pressure medication; to the point where a responsible doctor who cared about not killing his black patients would take race into account.

Not only do these pinkos deny reality, but they actually are willing to sacrifice a few of their pets to do it. Amazing. Not that there aren't billions of junglebunnies to replace them with.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down for Serving Human Flesh"

"Too Many Black Students Suspended Leads Oakland Schools To Stop Punishment"

Just two headlines picked off a News feed totally at random looking at the first page. The way white people have their head buried in the sand, and even going along with their own genocide, is just sickening.

6:23 PM  

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