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Letter From Bill White - April 23rd, 2015

[This letter is from the Oklahoma transit camp, and it is dated April 23rd. It arrived here on May 29th. Things turned out somewhat differently than Bill predicts here--for example, he has not been given access to the Corrlinks e-mail system, which is odd, since it would make the FBI and BOP's job of monitoring us "gangstas" much simpler and more efficient. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

It's another outstanding day. I have left Seminole County. However, I am not heading for my hearing to overturn my conviction. I am heading to USP Marion. Marion used to be the BOP Supermax, then it was the control center for the criminally insane. Now it is used to house political prisoners, and so I will be joining half of the world's Muslim population--the half that refuses a Jewish-led Reformation--and a smattering of harmless old White guys arrested in fabricated "patriot" plots in the Communications Management Unit. This decision was made by the BOP Counter-Terrorism Unit and snuck in while I was away winning my hearing in Florida.

[For those of you who came in late, Bill White has never committed an overt criminal act in his life, never mind a violent one. He has been framed, tortured, and held in prison for years solely for WORDS ON THE INTERNET, words which as it happens he did not in fact write or post, and which in one case were written and posted by the dictatorship's primary witness against him while in the presence of federal law enforcement officers. - HAC]

I have discovered the origin of the lie that I am a "gang leader" and a "sovereign citizen," though. It is the U.S. Marshals Service. In fact, I know which U.S. Marshal, a black (are you surprised?) idiot who picked me up at the Miami airport. You know, I believe that to negro law enforcement, "sovereign citizen" is just a name to call White people they don't like, like "racist" or "White supremacist," whatever that is. They don't know what it means.

This reminds me of a negro FBI agent to tried to approach me in 2004. He always called himself a "patriot." I had to explain to him (via e-mail) that I wasn't, LOL. To the negro a "patriot" is just another kind of White person that they are called upon to suppress, no different from the Ku Klux Klan or a "neo-Nazi." The words mean nothing to them. It's all just an excuse to kill Whitey.

Now, the fact that I have been misrouted to Marion is not good. The U.S. Marshals swore that they would have me in Chicago direct from Seminole, so my counsel and I could prepare for this hearing. As it is, I might get to Chicago by June. If so, I might just make my hearing. And after all, as the BOP says, if my attorney needed me, he'd call me. (Of course, the last time my attorneys tried to call me the BOP refused to connect them to me.) Well, just trust those attorneys--the attorneys who, for instance, just tried to concede the restitution case which I just beat. LOL.

Anyway, it's all insanity. At least the U.S. is now separating political prisoners from common inmates. Solzhenitsyn always complained that the Soviets commingled them. I'd crack a joke about how maybe I can get recruited by ISIS, but some half-wit on the lookout for White supremacist Muslims would take me seriously and the U.S. Attorney would end up solemnly presenting the letter to a jury full of the walking dead in court. 

You can spend your whole life opposing something, but no lawyer will ever defend National Socialism in court--if the dictator's servants say that National Socialism is ISIS, it's ISIS whether it is or not. After all, how did the Jew-ism "Islamist" start? Or "Islamo-Fascist," and I don't think even they have a clue WTF that means. I remember when the Jews made that one up, although your younger readers might not. A successful U.S. Attorney has to be an Alice In Wonderland who can make twelve fools believe six impossible things before breakfast.

On occasion people write to me and ask me how I can keep laughing about these things. All I can say is that you have to. The Jew takes these things seriously and ends up like Franz Kafka. Once I finally internalized that the people I was dealing with were insane at best and evil at worst, I lost any interest in paying anything they said much mind. I do get quite down at times, but the idea that the United States government and its deranged witch hunts against imaginary terrorists has any legitimacy just doesn't occur to me. At the time that I was re-arrested in 2012, I didn't have anything left I could lose, which is a very liberating position to be in, the essence of detachment.

I mean, have you read my latest trial transcript? The government's identifying witness testified that she was on so many drugs while she was testifying that she "didn't know what she was saying." They literally loaded this girl up on painkillers and put her on the stand blasted out of her mind. Should I be concerned because a court of that nature convicted me?

Anyway, I expect that in about 45 days the Supreme Court will hand down Elonis and vacate my convictions, or rather cause the Fourth and Eleventh Circuits to vacate my convictions. By the end of the year I may not even be serving an active sentence. Instead, I'll be held without bond pending trial. So all of this pettiness now is really nothing.

Be well, Harold. Thank you for all that you do. I should have e-mail at Marion--we shall see. So I will be in further touch. 


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000


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