Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jews Use Negress To Help Dismantle Islam

by Bill White

[Note from HAC: Yes, yes, I know. Islam is supposed to be a forbidden subject for White Nationalists of any stripe to speak or write about, unofficially because Muslims are non-Whites and wogs, (although in fact not all of them are.)  Also, of course, as a common-sense security precaution because the slightest whisper of any conjunction between "Islamic terrorism" (usually Apu from down at the Quickie Mart who was framed in an FBI sting with a fake suicide bomb vest) and "domestic terrorism" (any views held by White American males even slightly to the right of center) generally sends the multifarious alphabet soup secret police agencies into a screaming tizzy, and gets them to drawing their stupid little mafia-like "organizational charts" that end up getting shown to dumb-ass juries with nothing but pork fat between their ears, and destroying human lives.

But in Bill's case it doesn't make much difference. What are they going to do? Put him in jail? 

I think in a weird way, a kind of inverse ratio process is at work here: the less free one's body is to enjoy the material pleasures of this decayed society, the more free the mind. If these shit-for-brains really wanted Bill to stop writing and saying the things that make them so uncomfortable, they'd let him go on some kind of strict probation that would allow them to drag him back into prison at the drop of a hat if he uttered or scribbled a single syllable some government bureaucrat didn't like, and then just hold that threat over him. I can think of many men I knew who were strong as steel while inside, but once out the threat of going back turned their knees to water and their spines to jelly and they caved to whatever the regime demanded, usually their silence.

Hint? Hint? I for one would be willing to lose his brilliant writing and insight into the human condition in exchange for you primates letting him go and finding someone else to torment like a nasty little fat kid burning insects with a magnifiying glass. Can I getta amen? Anyway, here's Bill.]

* * * 

World Jewry and the One World movement championed by Zionism are pushing a new book by notorious apostate and shiksa, the negress Ayaan Hirsi. Her book is called Heretic, in which the Somali-born anti-Islam activist demands the dismantling of Islam as a religion. In doing so, though Ali and her Hebrew backers have let a secret ship their plan to dismantle Islam is the same one they used to dismantle Christianity in the Western World.

Ali makes no secret of her Jewish controllers. “My journey has gone from Mecca to Manhattan,” she writes in Heretic. And, she makes no secret of her desires to end Islam as a religion by making it a docile and materialist philosophy, like Judaeo-Christianity.

Because their faiths went through a long meaningful process of Reformation and Enlightenment, the vast majority of Jews and Christians have come to dismiss religious scripture, Ali writes. She then lays out a five point program of how the Islamic faith is to be neutered to become more Western Judaeo-Christian.

1) Like Jesus in the West, “Mohammed should not be seen as infallible, let alone as a source of divine writ. He should be seen as a historical figure.” With this the Koran, like the Bible, is to be stripped of all claims to divine inspiration. “Although Islam maintains that the Quran is the literal word of Allah, it is in historical reality a book that was shaped by humans hands.”

2) All promise of heaven is to be denied, “Muslims must assign a greater value to the reward of this life than to those promised in the hereafter.”

3) The law of God is to be rejected. “Muslims should learn to put the dynamic evolving laws made by human beings above Sharia.”

4) The individual duty to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law.”

5) The collective right to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no imperative to wage jihad.”

Of course, once this is done Islam will cease to be a religion, as Muslims will no longer believe in anything but the adoration of the crafted, material world. Or rather, Islam will continue as a branch of another religion, of the Satanism and Luciferianism that informed the Judaeo-occult, Masonic, Zionist and Communist world view which conquered the White world and are now wagging genocide against White people. These religions call for a One World master state under which all but a handful of occult masters are enslaved.

Ali is simply the latest puppet put forward by the Jewish world conspiracy as it desperately tries to expand its influence beyond the conquered Anglo-American countries and Western Europe. Because usury, the essence of the One World system, cannot sustain a stable economic system. One World expansion has been checked for the past decade by both nationalist powers, like Russia and China, and the competing One World movement of the Islamic State and Caliphate. Recently, since the Islamic State has began executing Jewish Communists and collaborators as in the Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks, pressure to wage war on Islam itself has increased.

Ali’s problem is that her book is a little too explicit. Many of the strongest opponents of Islam in the Western world are religious Judæo-Christians who believe that the Zionist Entity in Palestine fulfills religious prophecy. While the false Israel is the prophesied army of Gog and Magog, it is not the prophesied true Israel. But, these religious Judæo-Christians just might be perceptive enough to see in Ali’s writing the blueprint of the death cult which has conquered and perverts their faith.

On the good side, Ali’s book is likely to have almost no impact in the Islamic world itself. While essential secularists control Egypt and Tunisia and some other African countries, and the One World movement keeps religious-seeming puppets in nations like Saudi Arabia, almost every secularist government in the Arab and South Asian world has been overthrown in recent years--ironically, often with Zionist assistance. The destruction of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in particular have allowed Salafi Islamic movements--fundamentalist movements which seek to emulate the Salfs, or, companions of Mohammed--to flourish in every Arab nation. Their main regional opponent is Iran, which champions a nationalistic Shi’a variant of Islam, and which now dominates Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Thus rather than conversion to One World, the question Islam faces is whether it will be internationalist or nationalist in its orientation.


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