Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jewish Music Dying Globally

by Bill White 

The world has finally had its fill of Jewish-produced music.

The International Federation of the Photographic Industry announced in March that digital sales of online music, at $6.9 billion last year, finally exceeded sales of physical CDs, at $6.8 billion. Less prominently highlighted in the report is that global sales of music by the Federation’s members fell from $21 billion in 2004 to $13.7 billion in 2014, a 34% decline over the decade.

The IFPI represents the Jewish-dominated segments of the global recording industry, part of the same Zionist cartel which contains most American radio stations and the American media in general. Its figures show how the internet and exposure to national cultures and media has dismantled yet another segment of a cultural control mechanism that Zionist Jews once dominated.

As early as the 1920s, Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent raised concerns about Jewish domination of Tin Pan Alley, the Jewish musical-lyrics workshops where low-brow songs were cranked out for mass consumption. In the 1930s, the Jews used devaluations of major media companies to gain control of newspapers and to begin promoting into the mainstream music they were producing for negroes, like jazz. With the development of radio and the widespread distribution of record players and juke boxes, the Jews partnered with organized crime to control what music America consumed. The Jews also by this time controlled Hollywood and the American film industry. From here, control of television was inevitable.

Once the Jews had total control of all American information systems, they began to transform the American culture, while also taking control of the political system. Weak men who did the Jews’ bidding were promoted to positions of power, while good men were defamed. The Jews set the boundaries for American political debate, driving those they disliked out after branding them “extremists” and “cranks.” Jewish Communists took over both the Republican and Democratic parties, and a genocidal pogrom against White working people began.

In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, negro and Jewish musical acts and forms of music came to dominance. In the 1980s, pushed rap and hip-hop music on American culture, making idols out of black criminals. Simultaneously, the Jews encouraged drug abuse, suicide, and the worship of their god, Satan, through “White” musical culture, particularly heavy metal. Supposedly “extreme” bands all united in demanding multi-culturalism, anti-racism, and hatred for White social institutions.

By 1995, internet technology developed to the point where Jews became concerned about opposing dialogues. Jewish control over both news and mass media began to slip. In that decade, beginning with the Waco and Ruby Ridge massacres, and continuing with the FBI-assisted bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, the Jews began to target and arrest political dissidents. Aided by alternative media, liberated by the internet, White Nationalist groups experienced explosive growth, while White music companies like Resistance Records and Panzerfaust generated millions in sales. But beginning in 2001, the FBI acting under Jewish direction launched a campaign to decapitate all White organizations by jailing their leadership. White groups and music companies were forcibly disbanded.

However, all the violence of federal law enforcement has failed to make Americans continue to consume Jewish media. Most local Jewish-owned newspapers have seen their reader base fall by half or more. “Cord-cutters” have begun to turn off Jewish-produced television shows. Jews like Mark Zuckerberg struggle to suppress independent thought online and in social media. And now the Jewish music industry has started to succumb.

Digital music sales have not compensated for the 70% decline in physical music sales. But worse still, streaming music services now provide 32% of online music revenue, while sales of music online fell 8%. Free to users streaming services are now 9% digital revenue. This is significant because streaming music services essentially replace radio, not physical music sales. Without this revenue, the Jewish music industry has seen a 45% decline in consumption, comparable to Jewish failures in newspapers, television, and elsewhere.

While American internal security forces have suppressed much of the domestic alternative media, they have struggled with state-sponsored competitors, particularly in Russia and Iran. Both Russia and Iran use their English-language media to promote American political dissidents. In April, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held hearings in which they denounced Russian television channel RT, with 600 million viewers globally, for promoting what Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA) called “conspiracy cranks, Holocaust deniers, and other discredited figures in the West.”

For decades, the Jews and their occult allies controlled the culture in such terms. With the failure of their culture issues, they do so no more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting read. I'd like Bill's thoughts on the Laurel Canyon (LC) phenomenon of the 1960s.

Laurel Canyon, located in an obscure part of LA, saw the rapid growth of white musical groups from 1960 to the early 1970s. It was here that began what would become the Hippy "culture". Many of the music talents that started in LC made it big in spite of some really crappy music.

Moon-bat theorists think that MI and CIA money seeded the growth of the up and coming popular genre of music which, in turn, created the hippie culture that first appeared in LC. Theorists claim the purpose was to encourage this musical and cultural trend as a way to discredit the budding anti-war movement by associating them with degenerate and filthy hippies and their acid music. To make the connections researchers cite the many ties by talented singers to MI, FBI, and CIA operatives. I say BS to this. The real influence was Jew mob money. Jews saw that talented white groups in LC were rebelling against Jewish music control. The Jews set about to destroy this talent or take them over through drugs and degeneracy.

It's well known the Jew mob influence in Hollywood. Eastern Jewish mafia recycled its money through LA via movies, music, and, of course Jews controlled drugs, porn, JFK, and you name it. Nothing got produced or promoted in a significant way without this cabal's money and approval.

Charles Manson alleged that the Beach Boys ran on Jew mob money and when he tried to get his cut, the controllers stole from him and froze him out. This put ole Chuck into a rage.

The Beach Boys produced highly marketed and insipid but catchy tunes (e.g., '...Daddy took her T-Bird away')all supposedly financed on Jew money. In a competitive market with the talented white musicians in LC, there was a real threat to the established order. Eventually LC music becomes infested with filth like Knee-Grows, feminists, communists, Democrats, queers and so on. In other words, the music reflected Jewish themes, including Satanism and the occult. Much of this music underwrote Negro causes and spread white guilt. The protest song "Eve of Destruction" contained the lines: "Think of all the hate there is in Red China! Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama!"

Manson's killings were a strike against Jewish control that he perceived gave him the shaft. That was his motive; not drugs, not copycat, not race war. The point of the circus trials that followed was to make sure the public only saw the tip of the iceberg. If the state pulled too hard on the origins of the Manson and Tex Watson killings, the whole Hollywood "shitter-ree" would come tumbling down.

Laurel Canyon, with Jewish criminal influence, became known as Murder Canyon. The gruesome Wonderland killings were sort of a bookend to the whole sorted deal. These killings were likely orchestrated by the LAPD via the Eddie Nash gang to rid themselves of some vicious killers and dopers they never were going to convict. Isn't it strange that the Nash gang was tried for Wonderland and exonerated along with the degenerate Johnny Wadd? Had the Wonderland gang been prosecuted, instead of murdered, where would the threads have reached?

10:22 AM  

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