Saturday, May 09, 2015

I Got One Today

Yet a further update. I received a letter from Bill White today, from Marion, which is odd because I'm on the dictatorship's Terrorist Watch list due to my novels, and if he's in the CMU with his communications being "monitored" by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and if I am supposed to be a "member" of Bill's "gang," which apparently I am, it's odd that they would allow him to write to me at all. 

Oh, well. The serpentine workings of these people's minds are a riddle, and as Hawthorne wrote, "The Daniel who shall expound it is yet a-wanting."

The letter itself is kind of odd. Nothing really bad in it, but once you realize the kind of surveillance he's under and the fact that this letter must have been parsed line-by-line and word-by-word before it was allowed through, looking for secret coded messages to Bill's vast secret network of "followers" (me and Gabe; I don't know if Harvey has officially made "gang member" on their list yet.)--anyway, it has a kind of strange air of restraint. Like the letter Bill wrote to his mom, one gets the impression that he knows he's writing for an audience and he leaves much unsaid.

I won't publish this directly because I am still going over it in my mind looking for whatever weird booby-traps some FBI agent who thinks he or she is a clever dick has inserted. (They're not the only ones this case has made paranoid. If I'm still alive by the time this mess is over I would really like to see some reliable estimate as to how many man-hours and how much taxpayer money has been expended on this bird-brained lunacy, over nothing.)

One thing Bill does say is he asks me to command all you Followers out there who write to him, as well as kooks, weirdos, flotsam and jetsam, and the occasional genuine decent man or woman who has decided not to let this horrific act of tyranny go completely unchallenged: do NOT write stupid things to Bill White about violence and illegality. 

If the FBI wants to produce letters in court from crazy people who hear voices in their head and talk about criminal acts as "evidence" to prove the existence of the Bill White Conspiracy (damn, sounds like a rock group!)--anyway, any letters like that the Bureau needs, they can have the field agents in the Spokane office write those to him. They don't need your help, and Bill doesn't need it either.

Now, you would think that people writing to a man in prison would understand that his captors read everything that comes in or goes out. Why am I having even to tell you guys this? [Sigh...]

One more thing. Yesterday I received a large manila envelope. It had no postmark and the stamp was some kind of weird computer-generated thing I’ve never seen before, didn’t even give a postage amount. It was marked “FCM” whatever that means. “Federal Correctional Mail?” No clue. No explanatory cover letter. Nada, zip, zilcherino.

The envelope contained around 40 pages of handwritten yellow legal pad sheets, including a number of letters from Bill from John Polk dated March and April, and about two dozen American Free Press articles, judging by their content perhaps two to three months old. It is going to take me some time to sort through them all.

William A. White #13888084
USP Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


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