Thursday, May 07, 2015

Bill White Incommunicado Again

Bill White is now apparently in something called the Communications Management Unit at Marion Penitentiary in Illinois. He is being held completely incommunicado as far as any outgoing letters or phone calls are concerned and most likely as far as any incoming mail is concerned as well, although since he is not allowed to respond we have no way of knowing if he is being allowed to receive any mail at all.

Cutting an inmate off completely from the outside world, including members of his family, is illegal. Or it was back when the old Constitution was still in force. But of course, this is the problem. We the people have no way of compelling the dictatorship or the dictator's servants to obey their own laws. At least none to speak of.

Anyway, it could be that this is just another Orlando-like situation where Bill's outgoing letters are sent to some FBI functionary where they stack up in his or her in-box until they can be read and photocopied and then forwarded to whatever gnome-like little creature in the bowels of the J. Edgar building who is feeding off his case. It may be that tomorrow I'll get a big manila envelope with five or six letters and articles all at once. Let's give it another week or so.

In the meantime, as a profound moral duty, everyone needs to drop Bill White some kind of line. The purpose of this treatment, in addition to silencing his articles for American Free Press and the internet, is psychological warfare: to isolate Bill and mess with his mind by denying him any contact with the outside world. To make him feel abandoned and disoriented and make sure the dictator's servants have absolute control of his narrative and his perception, so they can play whatever mind games they feel like playing with him.

There may also be a more sinister purpose, since we don't know what is being done to him in there. They may have him back on his "special medication" from his previous stint in Chicago some years ago, trying to induce a psychotic break like they almost did before so that in addition to being designated as a "gang leader" he can be declared insane and buried alive forever in some rubber room in one of the Victorian madhouse-type psych wards in the federal prison system.

Write to Bill White at:

William A. White #13888084
USP Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


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