Friday, May 29, 2015

Letter From Bill White - April 23rd, 2015

[This letter is from the Oklahoma transit camp, and it is dated April 23rd. It arrived here on May 29th. Things turned out somewhat differently than Bill predicts here--for example, he has not been given access to the Corrlinks e-mail system, which is odd, since it would make the FBI and BOP's job of monitoring us "gangstas" much simpler and more efficient. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

It's another outstanding day. I have left Seminole County. However, I am not heading for my hearing to overturn my conviction. I am heading to USP Marion. Marion used to be the BOP Supermax, then it was the control center for the criminally insane. Now it is used to house political prisoners, and so I will be joining half of the world's Muslim population--the half that refuses a Jewish-led Reformation--and a smattering of harmless old White guys arrested in fabricated "patriot" plots in the Communications Management Unit. This decision was made by the BOP Counter-Terrorism Unit and snuck in while I was away winning my hearing in Florida.

[For those of you who came in late, Bill White has never committed an overt criminal act in his life, never mind a violent one. He has been framed, tortured, and held in prison for years solely for WORDS ON THE INTERNET, words which as it happens he did not in fact write or post, and which in one case were written and posted by the dictatorship's primary witness against him while in the presence of federal law enforcement officers. - HAC]

I have discovered the origin of the lie that I am a "gang leader" and a "sovereign citizen," though. It is the U.S. Marshals Service. In fact, I know which U.S. Marshal, a black (are you surprised?) idiot who picked me up at the Miami airport. You know, I believe that to negro law enforcement, "sovereign citizen" is just a name to call White people they don't like, like "racist" or "White supremacist," whatever that is. They don't know what it means.

This reminds me of a negro FBI agent to tried to approach me in 2004. He always called himself a "patriot." I had to explain to him (via e-mail) that I wasn't, LOL. To the negro a "patriot" is just another kind of White person that they are called upon to suppress, no different from the Ku Klux Klan or a "neo-Nazi." The words mean nothing to them. It's all just an excuse to kill Whitey.

Now, the fact that I have been misrouted to Marion is not good. The U.S. Marshals swore that they would have me in Chicago direct from Seminole, so my counsel and I could prepare for this hearing. As it is, I might get to Chicago by June. If so, I might just make my hearing. And after all, as the BOP says, if my attorney needed me, he'd call me. (Of course, the last time my attorneys tried to call me the BOP refused to connect them to me.) Well, just trust those attorneys--the attorneys who, for instance, just tried to concede the restitution case which I just beat. LOL.

Anyway, it's all insanity. At least the U.S. is now separating political prisoners from common inmates. Solzhenitsyn always complained that the Soviets commingled them. I'd crack a joke about how maybe I can get recruited by ISIS, but some half-wit on the lookout for White supremacist Muslims would take me seriously and the U.S. Attorney would end up solemnly presenting the letter to a jury full of the walking dead in court. 

You can spend your whole life opposing something, but no lawyer will ever defend National Socialism in court--if the dictator's servants say that National Socialism is ISIS, it's ISIS whether it is or not. After all, how did the Jew-ism "Islamist" start? Or "Islamo-Fascist," and I don't think even they have a clue WTF that means. I remember when the Jews made that one up, although your younger readers might not. A successful U.S. Attorney has to be an Alice In Wonderland who can make twelve fools believe six impossible things before breakfast.

On occasion people write to me and ask me how I can keep laughing about these things. All I can say is that you have to. The Jew takes these things seriously and ends up like Franz Kafka. Once I finally internalized that the people I was dealing with were insane at best and evil at worst, I lost any interest in paying anything they said much mind. I do get quite down at times, but the idea that the United States government and its deranged witch hunts against imaginary terrorists has any legitimacy just doesn't occur to me. At the time that I was re-arrested in 2012, I didn't have anything left I could lose, which is a very liberating position to be in, the essence of detachment.

I mean, have you read my latest trial transcript? The government's identifying witness testified that she was on so many drugs while she was testifying that she "didn't know what she was saying." They literally loaded this girl up on painkillers and put her on the stand blasted out of her mind. Should I be concerned because a court of that nature convicted me?

Anyway, I expect that in about 45 days the Supreme Court will hand down Elonis and vacate my convictions, or rather cause the Fourth and Eleventh Circuits to vacate my convictions. By the end of the year I may not even be serving an active sentence. Instead, I'll be held without bond pending trial. So all of this pettiness now is really nothing.

Be well, Harold. Thank you for all that you do. I should have e-mail at Marion--we shall see. So I will be in further touch. 


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chapter XVII. - Taking Town Tinsel Town

[Book promotion time again.]

No, no, they do but jest, poison in jest; no offence i’ the world.
-Hamlet – Act III, Scene 2

On a dark night in the following January, a high-level NVA conference convened in a private home in Westport, Oregon. Present were Red Morehouse, First Brigade Commandant Tommy Coyle with both of his urban battalion COs Bud Lawlor and Larry Donner, as well as Second Brigade Commandant Harry Hannon with his two battalion captains Mark Conway and Art McNeill. Lieutenant Wayne Hill and Lieutenant Charlie Randall represented the Third Section, with a nervous Captain Zack Hatfield and Lieutenant Charlie Washburn of Third Battalion acted as Mine Hosts. Once the men were all seated in the capacious living room of the safe house, and mugs of coffee or soft drinks distributed all around, Red opened the meeting. “Everything copacetic in the neighborhood, Zack?” he asked.

“We’ve got almost forty Volunteers outside and up and down the road, and patrolling the woods around and about,” Hatfield told them, taking his seat and taking off his broad-brimmed hat. “I’m not taking any chances. We made a concealed stand up on that little bluff behind us, and we’ve got a specially mounted twin M-60 rig and a couple of crack riflemen with infrared night sights in case any helicopters try to buzz us, but with all due respect, sir, I think we need to get through whatever it is you need to get done, and then break this up. I’m not happy about having this many of our people in one place, especially this many senior officers. The Wild Bunch has pretty much put the fear of God into anybody who might be inclined to drop a dime on us, but with this many bodies there’s bound to be some kind of accidental observation the longer we stay here, if only from Eye In The Sky satellites with infrared heat sensors. They can always send a Predator drone out here just on spec. I know you well enough not to have to say this, but this had better be important enough to justify this kind of risk.”

“It is,” Morehouse assured him. “All right, let’s get on with it, then. You all understand, I’m speaking for the Army Council now. I am going to be detailing a major strategic initiative, and the words top secret don’t even begin to cover the security we have to maintain on this until we’re ready to pop the top. First the bad news, and that is that I’m going to have to ask you guys for some of your best men, at least two dozen of them, maybe more, to be sent on detached duty for an undetermined amount of time. After a lot of consideration, the Portland brigades have been selected to put together a special active service unit for a series of highly sensitive and risky operations, the first extensive campaign the NVA has mounted outside the Northwest Homeland itself. The name of this unit will be Task Force Director’s Cut. Its mission will be to neutralize one of the prime weapons that ZOG has in this war, which is the Hollywood movie, media, and entertainment industry, and to render that industry as useless to the enemy as we can possibly accomplish. Put bluntly, we are going down to Hollywood, and we are going to take the Dream Machine apart at the seams.”

There was a low round of chuckles and approving grunts and comments. “Do we get to volunteer?” asked Conway. “I need to work on my tan.”

“I’ll need a cover job as a waiter or a soda jerk so I can be discovered by a big Jew producer,” said Lawlor. “Full frontal nudity is no problem.”

“I get dibs on wasting that obnoxious hebe Bert Steinfeld,” said McNeill, naming a well-known Hollywood leading man of the Mosaic persuasion who claimed to be a karate black belt and former Green Beret, a claim disputed by the United States Army, and who specialized in tough-yet-sensitive cop roles where he and his black or female or gay sidekick beat up on wicked white racists of various kinds while laying on snappy witticisms and one-liners.

“That’s one reason we’re here, to start working out the nuts and bolts,” said Morehouse. “Gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you that ever since the invention of the motion picture over a century ago, the movie industry has been the most completely Jewish field of private enterprise in the world, with the exception of international banking and the stock exchange. Even today, Yiddish is considered to be Hollywood’s second language. Literally so. It is spoken regularly on movie lots and sound sets, and in every office and casting department and boardroom. The senior executive office complex of every major production studio contains a private synagogue or chapel called a mincha, with one or more rabbis attached, as well as special glatt kosher catering facilities and kitchens. Entire boards of directors in Hollywood and also at their parent companies in New York sometimes hold Jewish religious services prior to meetings. Every crucial, non-technical job on the business and creative end of any major movie is either held by a Jew or is in the power of a Jew, from the studio heads, the producers and the directors, down to the scriptwriters, the casting directors, the agents, the accountants, and anything to do with the money. Even in areas that seem to be controlled by Gentiles, you will find that somewhere along the line during the process, Jews have crucial input and veto power. This control by the Tribe is pervasive and complete, and it extends into television as well, with the exception of two of the major cable networks, which are heavily Jewish in their senior personnel but are owned by consortiums of super-wealthy Protestant evangelical Christians of the Israel-worshipping, neo-Zionist persuasion, major neocons and Republican party backers, who are in their own way even more poisonous in their evil than the Jews themselves, because they have no excuse for turning on their own blood.

“I do not need to tell you of the terrible and largely irreversible damage that Hollywood has done to the white race and to Western civilization over the past century. For four generations, the international bankers and the corrupt politicians have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, especially the war after war after bloody war they have plunged our people into for Jewry’s sake, but it is Hollywood and Hollywood’s mutant bastard spawn television that has made the white people of America and the world swallow these atrocities and actually support them with enthusiasm. It is Hollywood that has spent the past 50 years pushing every conceivable kind of perversion of body and mind down the throats of white people. It is Hollywood that has turned the loathsome practice of homosexuality into something cute and trendy, the subject for silly jokes, when it is in fact a poison of the very soul. It is Hollywood that has turned white women as portrayed on film into either mindless sex objects, or else de-gendered, masculinized, man-hating neurotics. It is Hollywood that has poisoned the minds and broken the spirits of generation after generation of white children who are now beyond recovery, and turned them into whiggers. The bankers have stolen our money. The federal government of the United States has stolen our lives and our freedom and soaked the earth with Aryan blood, spilled to save a filthy race of Asiatic parasites. But Hollywood has stolen our peoples’ minds and souls, and in some ways that makes Hollywood more evil to my mind even than the sinks of iniquity centered in New York and Washington, D.C. Comrades, we will go down to southern California, we will grip this monster by the throat, and we will cut its heart out!” There was a cheer from around the table; the men found the project to their liking. “At this point I’ll turn the floor over to Lieutenant Hill,” said Morehouse.

“Thank you, Red, and isn’t this a great audience in our studio tonight?” There was a chuckle from the assembled men. “I need to begin by explaining just what has precipitated this operation, which by the way, has been designated Operation We Are Not Amused,” said Hill. There was more laughter. “Obviously, any revolutionary movement within North America has to deal with the Hollywood problem at some point or other, and it’s always been on our back burner, even back in the pre-10/22 days of the old Party. But for the past several years, our main problem has been survival on the streets of our own land. Although we have taken on the printed and electronic local media here in the Pacific Northwest and largely neutralized them as an effective weapon for the occupiers, we haven’t had the time and the manpower and the resources to go for the very root of the problem, that cesspool down in Los Angeles. That’s changing now. It’s pretty obvious that barring some catastrophic event, the NVA is here to stay as a permanent feature of Northwest life, and for us, to survive is eventually to win. The time has come for us to take our offensive for balance in the media right into the belly of the Beast.

“As odd as it may seem, in view of the rubbish they put on the tube about us every night, we’ve actually been surprised by just how relatively restrained the reaction of the Hollywood establishment has been to events in the Northwest. Restrained by their standards, anyway. The news programming originating outside the Northwest is pure government propaganda, of course, since they think we can’t get at them in New York or Atlanta or Los Angeles. Especially the cable TV talking heads. We get the sarcastic needling jokes by the late night celebrity show hosts, and there have been a few television episodes in various series dealing with the main characters fighting wicked racism in the Northwest and heroically saving cute little black babies and kiddies in yarmulkes from the Satanic racist revolt during the Sixteen Days, that kind of moo, but all things considered, the treatment that we’ve gotten at Hollywood’s hands hasn’t been nearly as vile an outpouring of hysterical hatred and incitement as we might have expected.”

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that myself,” spoke up Donner. “They’re just being snide and vicious, not full-bore screaming. Why do you think that is, Lieutenant?”

“A couple of subtle and complex reasons,” said Hill seriously. “First, we need to realize that Hollywood is not a monolith. As in all empowered élites, there are a number of competing and antagonistic factions within the top echelons, bitter personal feuds and conflicts of interest, and all kinds of wheels within wheels. Mostly these factions are concerned with personal prestige and wealth, and the acquisition and use of what was, up until Coeur d’Alene, real power in this society, i.e. media power, money power, and political power emanating from La Cesspool Grande on the Potomac. There are a lot of people of power in Hollywood, men and women, Jewish and otherwise, who are genuinely opposed to President Clinton and her clique for a wide variety of reasons, some ideological, others personal. You will notice that the slant of some of these television shows that have in fact come out over the past two years about events in the Northwest have not been so much about how wicked and evil we are—that’s taken as a given in the Hollywood ethos and our people are portrayed as simple stereotype villains—but how bumbling and incompetent and compromised Hillary and her government and her FBI are in the face of their increasingly obvious inability to do anything about us. There are also a lot of people in the industry who are really concerned that Hillary is going to throw the Constitution out the window and set up what amounts to a Presidency for Life.”

“Word is she’s going to put Chelsea in the Oval Office to warm her seat for her, while Mommy Dearest keeps on calling the shots,” said Morehouse. “I don’t know, though. Chelsea is so completely hopeless that I’m not sure the Sea Hag could get even this brain-dead electorate to swallow her.”

“Sir, you’re talking about a nation of people who actually re-elected George W. Bush in 2004, when everyone knew perfectly well that he had lied to the whole country to make up an excuse to invade Iraq and begin this horror show in the Middle East that hasn’t left us since then,” Hatfield reminded him. “There is no limit to the stupidity of the American electorate.”

“Point taken, Cap,” said Morehouse with a chuckle. “But Lieutenant Hill is correct in that so long as we don’t start shooting them, there are empowered people in Hollywood who, although they would never come right out and say it, don’t really mind having us around as a stick to beat Hillary with. They have fallen into the error of believing their own stereotypes about us. They don’t take us seriously and in the insulated, incestuous and self-absorbed world of Hollywood, it’s simply inconceivable to the empowered élite that we can win, so they don’t see us as a long-term threat to their own wealth and position.”

“But now we are about to start shooting them,” Harry Hannon interjected.

“And that’s another reason I think they’ve gone comparatively lightly on us since 10/22,” said Morehouse. “I said that the Hollywood élite don’t take us seriously as a long-term existential threat to their world, but remember, they live in a kind of money-fortified Green Zone down there, surrounded by criminals, junkies, black and Mexican and Vietnamese gang-bangers, and psychos of every stripe. Men with guns they can wrap their minds around. These people aren’t fools, comrades, and like all Jews they have a very highly developed personal sense of danger awareness and an almost instinctive threat assessment. They understand that we don’t like them or their filthy movies and boob tube, and that it wouldn’t take much provocation for us to come down there out of our northern forests and take a crack at them.”

“From the fury of the Northmen, good Lord deliver us?” said Hatfield.

“Exactly,” said Hill, nodding in agreement. “They’re taking precautions, against us and against their own environment, which ironically they have helped to create with their own crapulence. One of the biggest industries right now in Tinseltown is high-powered and discreet bodyguarding, personal, home, and corporate security. If you’re an ex-cop or ex-FBI you can write your own ticket down there. The stars’ homes have been fortified for years anyway, because of stalkers and gang-bangers and the general parade of lunatics that comes out under every southern California full moon, but now every studio and every lot and every office building in the industry is almost like Stalag Thirteen, surrounded by electrified fences and razor wire, with checkpoints and armies of hired goons patrolling the grounds, guard dogs, security clearances for various levels of employees, electronic surveillance everywhere, you name it.”

“But it’s not just simple fear that’s made Hollywood go a little easy on us so far,” Red Morehouse said. “I don’t want to get metaphysical, but Hollywood has always been the American ruling establishment with its heart on its sleeve, and southern California has always taken point in the culture wars, openly and brazenly, so you can read them like a book. And I can sense a deep and definite malaise. The Jewish and liberal establishment down there is not just afraid, they’re puzzled, disturbed, confused. They don’t know what to make of us quite yet. They’ve never seen white men act like this before—hell, no one in living memory has seen white men act like this before. Comrades, even if we were all wiped out tomorrow, the NVA has managed to achieve one incredible accomplishment, something that for the entire twentieth century, no one ever thought was possible. We have reintroduced the gun into American politics, the ultimate fount of all law and political power.”

Morehouse smiled and shook his head in admiration. “For the first time since the Civil War, the United States of America no longer has a credible monopoly of armed force, and that fact has thrown the whole ruling élite in this country for a loop, unbalanced them. Jews, Senators, judges, sheriffs, prison guards, lawyers, bureaucrats, corporate CEOs, asshole bosses, arrogant teachers and professors who destroy kids’ lives for a politically incorrect remark, faggots and dykes who corrupt and seduce teenagers, liberal and neo-con talking heads on TV, federal house niggers who are used to Mau-Mauing the honkies and seeing us tremble, all of these people who were once cock of the walk are now having to adjust, to come to grips with the fact that they can no longer just do any damned thing they please. If a tyrant in a black robe or sitting behind some government desk or directing a movie camera fucks over white people, there is now at least some chance that he will be shot for it, that he will be punished, that he will be held responsible. You can’t imagine how completely freaked out these arrogant ruling élitist sons of bitches are over this, and in Hollywood, where the Burger Kings, the Big Kikes, are neurotic as hell anyway under the best of conditions, we see signs that they are going quietly bonkers with paranoia. Those Hollywood Men of the Nose in their boardrooms and their jacuzzis and their limos, with their little twenty-room hideaways in Carmel and their reserved tables at the plushest restaurants, and their special trailers on set with the casting couches for blonde shiksas, know damned well that their turn is coming.”

"Which is why they may have decided to strike the first blow,” said Wayne Hill. “For reasons we have not been able to determine yet, the movie industry’s hands-off and go-slow policy regarding the NVA over the past two years seems to have been abandoned. This appears to have occurred several months ago at a hush-hush weekend house party at the Beverly Hills mansion of Sid Glick, the head of Paradigm Studios, attended by over 50 people. The guest list included other studio czars, industry CEOs, independent producers, directors, screenwriters, and some major actors and actresses. All without exception were Jewish, and according to our sources down there, even the caterers, the masseurs, the cocaine dealers and the poolside prostitutes were all Jewish, provided by a specialty madam in Bel Air. Whatever was discussed that weekend by Sid Glick’s swimming pool, and in his hot tub, and on his private handball court was not for goyische ears. The results of that meeting weren’t long in coming.”

Hill opened his briefcase and took out two large, bulky typescripts hand-bound in heavy cloth report covers. He handed them around the room. “About a month ago, Third Section came into possession of two highly classified documents from the Dream Machine down there. Both of these are movie scripts. Each studio copy of these preliminary scripts is numbered, a number you will see that I have effaced in these photocopies. The first, the blue-bound one, is from World Artists, chairman of the board Manny Gelblum, Senior Vice President in Charge of Production Hyman Landauer, you get the idea. This script has the working title Great White North, written by two top-echelon Hollywood writers, Josh Horowitz and Andrea Franken, and it’s being pushed through WA by the producer David Katz, with Arthur Bernstein slated to direct. This abortion is up to the slimiest Judaic standards, needless to say. It’s the story of a wicked and evil NVA terrorist who discovers to his horror that he’s really Jewish, and so he ends up returning to his Jewish roots and turning over his whole brigade to the feds, led by a sassy and charismatic black FBI agent with a lame white sidekick for comic relief, and of course his Strong Womyn supervisor. In the closing scene the rabbi places a yarmulke on this character’s head in a prison synagogue while he’s in chains in an orange jump suit, and he weeps for joy at having found peace at last as they take him away to the needle room to be executed.”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” snarled Larry Donner in disgust, throwing the script on the table.

“We’ll take your word for it, Lieutenant,” said Lawlor.

“You don’t need to eat all of a bad egg to know it’s rotten,” said Hannon contemptuously. “The smell is enough.”

“Yeah, well, if that one smells, this one in the brown cover reeks like the sewers of Calcutta,” said Hill. “It’s from Mammoth Productions, which is a subsidiary of Sid Glick’s paradigm and run by his brother Shlomo, but this one has Sid’s fingerprints all over it. The working title is Homeland, and I won’t even try to describe the plot to you. It is a compendium of every anti-racist, anti-Nazi, anti-white cinematic cliché since To Kill A Mockingbird. We are not just wicked and evil. We’re ugly and fat, or else alcohol-skinny, usually covered with prison tattoos, we have black teeth and body odor and we fart and pick our noses, we’re psychotic killers and craven cowards, we bomb babies, we’re all closet queers of course, and needless to say we abuse white women—in fact, the flick opens with a group of so-called Volunteers gang-raping a beautiful blond white girl whom we suspect of being an informer and then cutting her up with a chain saw. Do you want me to go on?”

“We get the picture, Lieutenant,” said Hatfield grimly.

“If we’re all supposed to be queers, then how do we come to be gang-raping women?” asked McNeill sarcastically.

Morehouse raised his finger bookishly. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

“You need to understand that these are not just made-for-TV movies or B flicks that will hit the theaters for three weeks and then go to DVD,” Hill told them. “These are going to be the biggest blockbusters Tinsel Town has put out in years. They have both been granted starting budgets of one hundred million dollars each. Virtually every speaking role in both movies will be played by a major or minor star. Some of these are only cameo roles or walk-ons, and they’ve got every once-famous has-been from the past twenty years lined up for the parts, even some old coots from the 80s and 90s they’ve dug up out of retirement or some nursing home. Mary Steenburgen is playing an old lady in a wheel chair, Ted Danson’s doing a wino and Melissa Rivers is playing a Yiddishe grandmama, with a nice long shawl to conceal her colostomy bag. The opening titles will read like a Who’s Who of Hollywood for the past quarter century; the casts alone will draw audiences since almost everybody’s favorite star is bound to be in there somewhere. And get this—they’re digging into the old archives and they’re going to be including some gratuitous dream sequences and fantasy scenes and whatnot with old movie footage never before seen, outtakes from Casablanca and Citizen Kane and old Westerns, so they can legitimately give new credits to old stars like Bogart and Bacall, Charlton Heston, Orson Welles, John Wayne, Glenn Ford and Jimmy Stewart.”

“Jesus, that’s overkill!” exclaimed Lawlor.

“Yeah, but can you imagine what the playbill is going to look like?” Hill asked. “It’s a blatant trick, but it will work. People will go see these damned things just to see Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Robert DeNiro and Brad Pitt do a scene together, and to watch all those hams falling all over the set trying to upstage one another. Needless to say, these pictures will be given the very best cameramen, sound men, grips, and crew in the industry, the most skillful cinematographers and set designers, top-notch special effects and fight coordinators, the zonks. They’re already scouting Northwest-looking locations for outdoor shooting, in Colorado, around the Great Lakes and in New England. They have sense enough to stay away from the Homeland itself, of course, and they’re doing their damnedest to keep it all hush-hush. They know how we’re going to react. As if it was ever possible to keep any secret in that goldfish bowl down there! But this is what’s coming down the pike, comrades, and if we don’t put the hammer down on these shenanigans, then from now on it will be more and more of the same, lies, vilification, insults, contempt, world without end!”

“We’re putting the hammer down, comrades,” said Morehouse. “We’ve taken a hundred years of this shit from these people. No more! It ends now!”

“Who gets to be the hammer?” asked Tommy Coyle eagerly.

"Sorry, Tom,” said Morehouse, genuinely commiserating. “You and Harry are too badly needed up here with your brigades, and that goes for you battalion commanders as well. I’m afraid the reason you are here is because we’re going to need your help and your concurrence to cherry-pick your units. The actual hammering will be planned and organized by the Third Section, but the nails will be from Portland and the North Shore.”

“Who ya gonna call? Jew-Busters!” laughed Charlie Washburn.

“But we don’t want to just arbitrarily start snatching bodies right, left, and center for Task Force Director’s Cut,” Wayne Hill assured them. “We have a list of names and we want to go over every one of them with you beforehand.”

"Who and what, exactly, will you need for this special team?” asked Hannon. “What kind of skill sets are you looking for?”

“For that I’ll hand over the floor to a colleague of mine. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have a comrade here tonight who hasn’t said much so far,” said Hill. “Gentleman, allow me to introduce Lieutenant Charlie Randall, one of our racial brothers from Down Under, who will serve as company commander for Task Force Director’s Cut.” Randall got up and stepped forward, and stood by the hearth, leaning on the mantelpiece.

“G’day, gents,” said the young Australian. “Threesec chose me to ramrod this little shindig because you can tell I’m not from around these parts the first time I open me mouth, and of course because of me rugged good looks as well, which will make it credible that I’m an aspiring actor and give me an excuse for hanging around movie people and places at all odd hours. Not to mention that me life’s vocation is manufacturing dead sheenies, a craft I’ve gotten bloody good at, if I do say so meself.”

“I will be the XO, the planning and intelligence officer,” Hill told them, “For the third member of the task force’s Trouble Trio, I would like to ask Zack here for the services of Lieutenant Christina Ekstrom as quartermaster. I heard she had to go under a while back.”

“Yeah, she’s been helping her dad out, and she’s as knowledgeable on guns as he is,” said Zack. “But before that she was our eyes and ears in local law enforcement for almost two years. I think she could do with a change of scene. The FBI have a real case of the ass for her because of the first tickle she helped us with, and they want her almost as bad as they want me. She’s a good choice.”

“We want to bring in at least six or eight other female comrades so we can make up boy-girl teams for the large amount of surveillance we’ll need to do,” said Hill. “Established couples would be best if you can spare them. I also want Lieutenant Vincent Pascarella and two Volunteers of Pascarella’s choosing from First Brigade EOD. I really want the Red Baron himself, but I was told flat out by the Army Council that he’s too badly needed here and the risk of losing him would be too great, so I can’t have him. We’re going to be making some noise down there, and we might even pop a chug-chug or two.”

Coyle nodded. “Okay, you got Pascarella and two EODs.”

“Then from Second Brigade, I’d like to take Johnny Featherstone along for torch work. I hear he’s good at it.”

“Yeah, he uses some goop one of our techie nerds made up that burns hot enough to melt steel, and he knows just where to place it and how much,” agreed Hannon. “When Johnny flicks his Bic, you can put what’s left of the joint in a teacup. Okay, you got him.”

“Now, dollars to donuts here’s where you comrades are going to go downright mulish on us,” said Randall, with a friendly grin. “We want at least four of your best snipers, including Cat-Eyes Lockhart himself.”

“I kind of saw that one coming,” admitted Coyle. “To be honest, I’ve been worried about Cat. Things are getting really hot for him in Portland again. His face is on TV every night and on every damned wall and telephone pole. They want him so bad they’re slavering, and his DT bounty is the only million-dollar reward in the NVA for a non-officer. He seems to have some kind of magical ability to move almost openly in the city without being spotted, but that kind of luck can’t hold forever. As much as I hate to lose Cat and his body count, I actually think it would be a good idea for him to go on the road again for a while outside Portland, until the heat here cools down a bit. You got him.”

“We need at least four good full auto men for watch-dogging and for spray jobs where necessary,” continued Randall. “Machine-gunners who can actually hit what they aim at and not just play John Wayne on the sands of Iwo Jima. Two from each brigade.”

“Jimmy Wingo,” said Coyle reluctantly. “Ace Biedermann to back him up.”

"Mike Gauss,” said Hannon. “And, uh, let’s see—Willis Nixon.”

“Machine Gun Mike? Good on him, mate,” said Randall happily. “As a sweetener, you can tell them they’ll be given two M-60s, a PKM, and an HK-11, with plenty of belts and ammo, and they can pick and train their own crews once we get down there.”

“You plan on playin’ Rambo down there, Lieutenant?” asked Conway, intrigued.

"We plan on rattling those Hebrews’ cages but good,” said Randall firmly. “Now, I mentioned we need at least six or eight gun bunnies, couples are fine, but bear in mind we’re dealing with Jews here, and so we’re going to need at least a few of those girls to serve as Loreleis and set honey traps. This will usually require the Sheilas to pose as aspiring actresses. As male chauvinist and crude as this may sound, they’re going to have to be built and look good enough to be Loreleis and starlets in Hollywood, where there’s a ten on every corner. Our girls have to stand out enough to attract some randy kike across a crowded cocktail party, you know wot I mean. You need to square that with them before they sign on. Let me know who’s willing.”

“Mmmm, we got that really sweet looking preppy girl in A Company, Becky, but her father’s a major knob and she’s too well known in society circles under her real name,” said Bud Lawlor. “She might run into someone who knows her at the wrong moment. Kicky McGee would fill the bill, if you can target a kike who likes ‘em blue-collar and tattooed. She’s uh, experienced. No disrespect to the comrade, she’s a cool hand and she’s gutsy. She’s carried some packages, she’s driven for Cat Lockhart, and we all saw her in action on Flanders Street.”

“Any of her tattoos racial?” asked Randall. “Any Confederate flags or Swastikas, or anything that might give the game away?”

“No, not racist, just Celtic biker kind of stuff, some flowers and barbed wire and witchy motifs. She’s got a couple of leather and denim outfits she looks hot as a two dollar pistol in.”

“She hooked up?” asked Randall.

“She and Jimmy Wingo have a thing going,” Lawlor told them. “That’s another reason I thought of her.”

“She’s in, then,” decided Randall. “Maybe she can lead Sammy Steinberg into a close encounter with Jimmy’s M-60.”

"What will be your plan of attack, Lieutenant Randall?” asked Hatfield.

“The main strategic objective here is to neutralize the Hollywood movie and television apparatus as an effective weapon of enemy propaganda,” said Randall. “It is now such a weapon because of the Jewish control of these industries. We have to get the Jews’ hands off the levers of power and creative control down there as much as possible, not only by terminating individual hebes, but by establishing a credible deterrent sufficient to prevent those reptiles from producing dingo doo like those things there.” 

Randall pointed to the scripts on the coffee table. “They have to know that even to contemplate producing an anti-NVA movie or television episode means bloody near certain death. We won’t be so much going after movie stars or actors themselves as we will be taking down the Jews who actually decide what movies and shows are made, and what their contents will be—studio heads, producers, directors, and screenwriters, and the money men. We have several objectives. First, to physically prevent these Jews from doing the dirty. A dead Jew can’t make an anti-white movie. Secondly, to create a psychological disincentive to make propaganda movies and telly for the Americans, since live Jews and liberals don’t wish to become dead ones. Finally, and this is a long-term goal, we want to demonstrate to the extensive Gentile community in the movie and television world down there that Jewish control of their industry, their money, their speech, and their creative talents is not some kind of perpetual, God-ordained inevitability. We want to show them and the whole world that Jewish power can be broken, right in the heart of their own oldest and most cherished empire in this country.”

“Gentile Hollywood people have been conditioned all their lives to a second-class status in their own world, in their work, and in their thoughts and their public utterances,” said Red Morehouse. “To them the Jewish control of their existence seems to be a law of nature, an immutable fact of life. Anyone who dares to stand up against it, or who makes a drunken slip like even the biggest stars like Max Garrett sometimes do, is crushed. But no one who has to live under Jewish rule likes it, and no one who is confronted on a daily basis with Jews in the flesh likes them as individuals. In a way, we’re trying to show the stars and the genuine film artists down there the same thing we’re trying to show our own people here in the Homeland—that it is possible to resist, and that the enemy is not invincible.”

“Which brings us to our own debut,” said Randall with an evil chuckle. “Gents, I am sure you’ve all seen the great blood and gore flicks of the past. Halloween. Friday the Thirteenth. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Prom Night. Black Christmas. Well, the Northwest Volunteer Army is going to add another memorable date to the calendar of Hollywood horror. The one that will beat all those other nights of horror all to hell and gone, the goriest splatterfest of them all.” He leered and leaned forward as he hoarsely stage-whispered:

“Oscar Night!”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - May 28th, 2015

HAC offers another episode of the ever-popular “Who Guards The Guardians?” and talks some more about migration locales, and we hear from some overseas comrades.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Better Explanation For Baltimore

New York Times Stumbles Onto the Truth About Baltimore

by Jared Taylor
American Renaissance - April 29, 2015

An article from yesterday’s New York Times about the relative calm in Baltimore stumbled by accident onto something like the real reason why blacks were rioting. 

Near the famous burned-out CVS the city had begged the company to ‘invest’ in a dodgy neighborhood the Times reporter found someone it identified as Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore. The article concludes with Mr. Wilson’s explanation of why blacks rioted. He said nothing about Freddie Gray or police brutality. (Negroes do not really care if cops waste a thug in their ‘hood because there are plenty more) Instead, he said this:

"We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us? We’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers," (fathers? Is he joking?) "and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down."

This quote almost perfectly captures the black mentality that leads to rioting. Blacks live in neighborhoods that they themselves have wrecked, and then ask, “This is all that is given to us?”

Hard-working people built the “broken-down” buildings Mr. Wilson is  complaining about. Many had parquet floors, high ceilings, and fine moldings found today only in the most expensive new construction.

After the black riots in Baltimore in 1968, Whites panicked and sold their property at desperation prices. Now, these houses are “broken down” because blacks didn’t maintain them. This pattern of White flight and “broken down” houses was repeated in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Washington, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and countless other American cities. Some of the best city housing in the world was handed over to blacks who wrecked it. Neighborhoods filled with irreplaceable architecture are now wastelands.

Mr. Wilson complains that “we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.” The remedy for crumbling houses is for the people who live in them to fix them, but instead, Mr. Wilson asks, “Is this all that is given to us?”  (No doubt the Jewish landlords have grown tired of making repairs, only to have structures damaged again before the paint is dry.)

Like so many blacks, Mr. Wilson doesn’t realize how perverse it is even to think in terms of pleasant houses and neighborhoods being “given” to anyone. Does he imagine the White authorities “giving” nice  neighborhoods to Whites and cruelly handing out slums to blacks? They didn’t start out as slums. Whites saved and worked hard to build those neighborhoods. They maintained them, repaired them, and loved them. They did not become slums until blacks moved in.

But in today’s world of welfare, food stamps, government housing, and White guilt, Mr. Wilson doesn’t know any better than to ask for handouts. Jesse Jackson is just as self-absorbed. At the funeral for Freddie Gray he wanted to know, “Why can’t the [black] West Side get the same things downtown gets?” Jesse Jackson is asking the same question: “Is this all that is given to us?”

And who, exactly, is not giving enough? Baltimore elected its first black mayor in 1987. Today, the mayor, the police chief, the fire chief, and half the police force are black. Two thirds of the population and most of the city council are black. But when Mr. Wilson and Jesse Jackson complain about stinginess, they are not blaming Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake; they are blaming White people.

Mr. Wilson says Baltimore’s blacks rioted because they are “angry at the surroundings.” Blacks make their surroundings ugly and miserable, and then make them even more ugly and miserable by burning them down. And then they  ask, “Is this all that is given us?”

Mr. Wilson has more complaints: “They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers.” Mayor Rawlings-Blake cut funding for 20 of 55 city-run community centers in 2013, but private foundations and neighborhood organizations kept most of them going. Rioters burned one down on Monday.

And fathers? In 1983, Baltimore had the highest black illegitimacy rate in the country: 76 percent, at a time when the national rate for blacks was about 55 percent. Now that the national black rate is 72 percent, what is the figure likely to be for Baltimore? Ninety percent? Ninety-five percent? Whoever “they” are didn’t have to work very hard to “take away our fathers.” Black fathers were never there to begin with.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Wilson thinks blacks haven’t been “given” what they deserve, and that “they” took away his father. He’s a college student, probably on scholarship, and that’s what blacks are taught from grade school.

The New York Times invariably blames “racism” and White privilege for the plight of blacks. It assumes that if only Whites could curb their bigotry, blacks would bloom and flourish. It is remarkable that it concluded this article with a quotation that so brutally undercuts its own assumptions. People who think “they” have taken away their fathers, who blame others for their “broken down buildings,” who look at misery of their own making and ask “Is this all that is given to us?”--such people will not bloom and flourish no matter what White people do. Nor do they deserve to.

Anti-Christian Violence In Palestine

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jews Use Negress To Help Dismantle Islam

by Bill White

[Note from HAC: Yes, yes, I know. Islam is supposed to be a forbidden subject for White Nationalists of any stripe to speak or write about, unofficially because Muslims are non-Whites and wogs, (although in fact not all of them are.)  Also, of course, as a common-sense security precaution because the slightest whisper of any conjunction between "Islamic terrorism" (usually Apu from down at the Quickie Mart who was framed in an FBI sting with a fake suicide bomb vest) and "domestic terrorism" (any views held by White American males even slightly to the right of center) generally sends the multifarious alphabet soup secret police agencies into a screaming tizzy, and gets them to drawing their stupid little mafia-like "organizational charts" that end up getting shown to dumb-ass juries with nothing but pork fat between their ears, and destroying human lives.

But in Bill's case it doesn't make much difference. What are they going to do? Put him in jail? 

I think in a weird way, a kind of inverse ratio process is at work here: the less free one's body is to enjoy the material pleasures of this decayed society, the more free the mind. If these shit-for-brains really wanted Bill to stop writing and saying the things that make them so uncomfortable, they'd let him go on some kind of strict probation that would allow them to drag him back into prison at the drop of a hat if he uttered or scribbled a single syllable some government bureaucrat didn't like, and then just hold that threat over him. I can think of many men I knew who were strong as steel while inside, but once out the threat of going back turned their knees to water and their spines to jelly and they caved to whatever the regime demanded, usually their silence.

Hint? Hint? I for one would be willing to lose his brilliant writing and insight into the human condition in exchange for you primates letting him go and finding someone else to torment like a nasty little fat kid burning insects with a magnifiying glass. Can I getta amen? Anyway, here's Bill.]

* * * 

World Jewry and the One World movement championed by Zionism are pushing a new book by notorious apostate and shiksa, the negress Ayaan Hirsi. Her book is called Heretic, in which the Somali-born anti-Islam activist demands the dismantling of Islam as a religion. In doing so, though Ali and her Hebrew backers have let a secret ship their plan to dismantle Islam is the same one they used to dismantle Christianity in the Western World.

Ali makes no secret of her Jewish controllers. “My journey has gone from Mecca to Manhattan,” she writes in Heretic. And, she makes no secret of her desires to end Islam as a religion by making it a docile and materialist philosophy, like Judaeo-Christianity.

Because their faiths went through a long meaningful process of Reformation and Enlightenment, the vast majority of Jews and Christians have come to dismiss religious scripture, Ali writes. She then lays out a five point program of how the Islamic faith is to be neutered to become more Western Judaeo-Christian.

1) Like Jesus in the West, “Mohammed should not be seen as infallible, let alone as a source of divine writ. He should be seen as a historical figure.” With this the Koran, like the Bible, is to be stripped of all claims to divine inspiration. “Although Islam maintains that the Quran is the literal word of Allah, it is in historical reality a book that was shaped by humans hands.”

2) All promise of heaven is to be denied, “Muslims must assign a greater value to the reward of this life than to those promised in the hereafter.”

3) The law of God is to be rejected. “Muslims should learn to put the dynamic evolving laws made by human beings above Sharia.”

4) The individual duty to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law.”

5) The collective right to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no imperative to wage jihad.”

Of course, once this is done Islam will cease to be a religion, as Muslims will no longer believe in anything but the adoration of the crafted, material world. Or rather, Islam will continue as a branch of another religion, of the Satanism and Luciferianism that informed the Judaeo-occult, Masonic, Zionist and Communist world view which conquered the White world and are now wagging genocide against White people. These religions call for a One World master state under which all but a handful of occult masters are enslaved.

Ali is simply the latest puppet put forward by the Jewish world conspiracy as it desperately tries to expand its influence beyond the conquered Anglo-American countries and Western Europe. Because usury, the essence of the One World system, cannot sustain a stable economic system. One World expansion has been checked for the past decade by both nationalist powers, like Russia and China, and the competing One World movement of the Islamic State and Caliphate. Recently, since the Islamic State has began executing Jewish Communists and collaborators as in the Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks, pressure to wage war on Islam itself has increased.

Ali’s problem is that her book is a little too explicit. Many of the strongest opponents of Islam in the Western world are religious Judæo-Christians who believe that the Zionist Entity in Palestine fulfills religious prophecy. While the false Israel is the prophesied army of Gog and Magog, it is not the prophesied true Israel. But, these religious Judæo-Christians just might be perceptive enough to see in Ali’s writing the blueprint of the death cult which has conquered and perverts their faith.

On the good side, Ali’s book is likely to have almost no impact in the Islamic world itself. While essential secularists control Egypt and Tunisia and some other African countries, and the One World movement keeps religious-seeming puppets in nations like Saudi Arabia, almost every secularist government in the Arab and South Asian world has been overthrown in recent years--ironically, often with Zionist assistance. The destruction of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in particular have allowed Salafi Islamic movements--fundamentalist movements which seek to emulate the Salfs, or, companions of Mohammed--to flourish in every Arab nation. Their main regional opponent is Iran, which champions a nationalistic Shi’a variant of Islam, and which now dominates Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Thus rather than conversion to One World, the question Islam faces is whether it will be internationalist or nationalist in its orientation.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Multifarious Nigga Graphics

People are constantly loading me up with this stuff. Usually I file it away and save it, but let's see what we can come up with for a little exhibition of Affikin-Amurkin Art, muthafukkas.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oops! I Called It Wrong

[Okay, I admit it...looks like I called this one wrong. Apparently Bill actually LIKES it where he is now. I was probably remembering Marion from the 1970s when Bob Miles was there--I have since learned that Marion FCC is no longer the designated super-max it once was, although if memory serves that's where they locked up John Gotti until his death. - HAC]

May 5, 2015

Hello Harold:

Well, things continue on here at UPS Marion CMU. My first piece of mail arrived today. After five days of "vetting," the BOPs Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU, geddit?--they apparently think they're Jack Bauer. - HAC) got to use the brain cell for the day and determined that the clerks of various United States District courts are not terrorists. So, they've almost approved me to write to them and update my address. I'm also told that I'll be on email soon. I'll believe it when I see it.

This unit is really not bad. It is virtually impossible to catch a shot (a disciplinary action) here. None of the normal rules of a prison apply. There are no metal detectors, no pat-down searches, no shakedowns. The COs here do not hassle people. Movement is open. It's nice. And the inmates here are disproportionately intelligent and interesting. In one day, I can discuss politics, philosophy and religion with a Salafi Imam, a Persian Shi'a, a Russian national-communist, the President of the United States (he tells me that Obama is an imposter) and a smorgasbord of characters. I feel like when I was in college and I used to go to different meetings to see what different groups were about--except then, they were all Communists. LOL. And, that's another bonus  - no Judaeos, and no loud nigro children-gangstas.

Oh--and I thought up a solution to the sovereign citizen problem. This unit is now opening and reading everyone's legal mail--which is unlawful, and about which nothing will be done at all--because sovereigns keep mailing bogus liens and lien releases and UCC forms to the courts, and because others send threats and other idiocy. I would actually file on this out of principle, but they'll move and moot me before I can get anywhere with it. So, instead, I thought of how to end sovereign idiocy so this won't be needed anymore:

Okay, start a sovereign rumor that, because Barack Obama is a Muslim, the US has been secretly placed under Sharia law. Then require the sovereigns to file their UCC forms in the courts of the Islamic State. You can probably tie in the Iraqi dinar  (which will soon be totally worthless, as Iraq is going to end up dissolved and partitioned) in as well. Voila- the U.S. courts stop getting stupid papers, the Islamic State gets their court system clogged, and the U.S. Attorney can now charge all the sovereigns with material aid to terrorism.

Actually, I have to say this--I have a lot of sympathy for sovereigns. There are two kinds: the ones who seriously believe their nonsense, and then dudes in prison who know that it's a scam and who just don't care.

The former tend to be very good people. Their motives are good. They want a government that is honest and which represents them and their national/ethno-cultural organism. They recognize that the United States is a sick country. They are correct in opposing the elite and the banking system. They are correct in wanting their rights.

But they are profoundly wrong in believing that going into court and chanting some magic words at a judge can fix things. Courts are areas of violence. Law is violence. Courts are the forums where the application of violence is decided on. And courts act in accordance with the wishes of superior power in our country, the Sanhedrin of the Supreme Court and the One World Zionist complex which controls our society. If the elite don't want  it, the court won't do it, the law be damned.

Really, Harold, what I dislike is how people escape into these fantasies to avoid facing the harshness of reality, and the hard work needed to change it. Evil is pervasive in the United States, dishonesty is the norm of government, economic exploitation is the rule. The decadence of the culture destroys people.

And, as much as we all want happy and peaceful lives, the fact of this evil mandates that we sacrifice our ease in opposition to it--a struggle that may not pay off for us personally or collectively. But so many people want easy outs. They want to hold views that aren't stigmatized ("you racist!"), they want to believe that, at some level, the government institutions of society can be trusted, they want  easy solutions--magic wands, suicidal acts. Oswald Mosley noted that it is easy to sacrifice in the instant, but it is hard to live one's life in sacrifice to one's people.

It  is your recognition, Harold, of these simple facts of life that won me over to your point of view. I often wish that you would guard your public speech more. The Constitution is gone and the force of law no longer protects it, and you lack a law of your own. But at least you don't offer hocus-pocus - no matter how sincere that hocus-pocus maybe.

I hope that all is well with you. I'm doing okay. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - May 21st, 2015

HAC and Andy rap on PSAs (Primary Settlement Areas) and migration in general. Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s book on the AWB in South Africa and we hear from an Arizona comrade.