Thursday, April 23, 2015

Regime Playing "Musical Bill" Again

Okay, guys, hold the letters to Bill White in Florida. Looks like I called that wrong. 

I just got word Bill was yanked out of his cell by the U.S. Marshals and "disappeared" into the system again. In theory he's supposed to be headed for the transit camp in Oklahoma, but they may once again place him in a "rented" cell in Hawg Likker up thar in Dead Dawg County, Oklahoma for an undetermined period so as to remove him from federal supervision (local Barney Fifes can get away with a lot more bad shit in the dark than badge-carrying feds) and continue to conceal his whereabouts from his family and friends.

At some point, after many long strange trips, Bill will presumably end up somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois. His hearing is scheduled for June 25th so that should keep him stable for a couple of months.

If Bill is properly housed, as he was before, in the federal wing of the Cook County Jail, then in theory federal rules should apply and he should be allowed incoming mail. In theory. In actual fact they may use his imbecilic designation as a "gang leader" to intercept his mail, although they may just decide to do it Florida style and just toss all Bill's mail in the dumpster out back.

After this hearing is when it gets interesting, because at that time Bill should in theory finally be assigned a permanent federal institution where he will serve his 10,000-year sentence for making politically incorrect Facebook posts and sending naughty e-mails. (Facebook posts which he never actually made and e-mails which he never actually sent, but which in at least one case were sent by the primary prosecution witness against him while in the presence of U.S. Marshals, a witness who admitted on the stand that she was under the influence of drugs at the time but whose testimony was allowed anyway.)

Yes, I know, Bill is eternally optimistic about how he's going to get new trials, etc. etc. I won't comment except to say I hope he's right. [Sigh....]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your description of Bill White as "the White man's Nelson Mandela" may turn out a lot more apropos than you think.

12:26 PM  

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