Monday, April 27, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - April 30th, 2015

Got it uploaded a bit early this week. HAC on the North Charleston monkoid shooting, Gretchen reviews a book on runes, Andy talks about migration and the old folks, and two codgers resume their duel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly, your analysis of the North Charleston issue really helps to explain the police and government reaction to the shooting (the famous news conference where the good-old-boy Mayor and Police Chief were scolding the press and threatening to end the news conference if certain baiting questions were kept up).

Its obvious the cop was just doing his duty in N. Charleston but, as you say, he got caught. I'm sure you, yourself, are familiar with the old joke about servicemen who get good conduct medals. "It means you didn't get caught." My own brother said that when he got one in the Navy.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

The sensible survival strategy of establishing a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest would not be necessary if the Federal government's massive focused effort over 100 years of trying to make integration and multiculturalism work in the US had not turned into an epic failure.
Amurrican whites for years have had to endure uncountable billions of their hard earned tax dollars squandered and draconian and unconstitutional laws aimed directly at them as a group that would make even Stalin's Politburo gasp. And still Federal efforts at trying to make race relations function has been a boondoggle and has pulled us down.

When is enough enough? Time to get a damned clue! Diversity is NOT a source of our strength nor is race simply a social construct and really doesn't exist, IT DOES!

1:13 PM  

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