Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - April 23rd 2015

HAC talks about Basic Joosh Eddjication, Gretchen reviews a German girl’s war memoirs, Brian from Illinois talks about the loneliness of a long-distance right-wing runner, and HAC and Mike Harris give us another hot riff of Dueling Codgers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey HAC,

While ago you just wondered aloud what the Sea Hag Billary did to piss off the joos and Soros. Did you know that Chelsea Clinton married a joo in 2010? Yeah, they married her off to a joo in a full jooish ceremony (one of those long Sanhedrin ones that take like four hours).

So I guess Hillary Lesbo-ton is trying to use the old European medieval tactic of a diplomatic marriage to try and get the joos back on her side...

This is ironic seeing that one of her goals is to destroy that Western Civilization and, second, she's a fool because the joos do not think the same way about marriage. Women are cattle just as much as goyim and marriage is not a diplomatic move nor treaty-building to the joos.

I think the joos just don't like Hillhag because of how filthy she is. She's a lesbian. She's a woman (but doesn't act like one). She's all the traif things that they joos dislike. Plus, enemies of the Clintons have ended up dead and the joos probably don't feel like fighting a Cosa Nostra vendetta with her through four to eight years of a presidency.

The joos will back her up for the election as long as they can't find someone else, maybe another Nigroid.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunno if you'd enjoy this; it's not a party political broadcast for the Hilbeast.

3:35 PM  

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