Saturday, April 25, 2015

Letter From Bill White, April 16th 2015

[This is probably the last letter Bill wrote from the Seminole County Jail before he disappeared into the wonderful world of "diesel therapy" again. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I have been completely cut off from the world this past week. The Seminole County Jail allegedly tried to switch their phone service to another provider, probably one that offered better kickbacks, and the new system immediately crashed. For the past four days, no phone calls and also no visits allowed--I don't get the connection between the two, but the workings of these people's minds are veiled in obscurity. I am isolated, although I did get the two latest articles you submitted to AFP. Thank you.

[There have been far more than two submitted; the others are either sitting and gathering dust in some CO's drawer or else they were simply thrown in the dumpster along with most of Bill's mail. This is why we need to keep on sending letters even when there is an official ban, because SOME of them, a small handful, always get through, usually because some guard in the mail room didn't get the memo or is just too lazy to go through procedures and fill out the necessary forms to "legally" destroy the mail. - HAC]

Last week, on April 9th, the court was supposed to order me to Chicago, but the United States Attorney blew off the hearing. Maybe he just didn't feel like attending or had something better to do. (These people can be very arrogant and dismissive even with their own kind.) This seems to have pissed off the judge, who rescheduled for today, and if it hasn't been too much bother for the United States Attorney to send some flunky to court I should finally be ordered out of this jail, but I can't confirm that yet.

Since they removed me from the "soft torture" cell about a month ago, my days have largely been spent battling retarded young negroes and mentally ill Puerto Ricans for the right to sleep at night. So far my campaign has been successful, and not too much blood has been shed. However, I am looking forward to returning to the feds, where most inmates are marginally better behaved or when they're not, the staff makes at least some rudimentary effort to keep them under control. One thing about local jails is that they are used as a substitute for other institutions which functioned in the past but which no longer do so, or barely so. I would say that 90% of the inmates of most local jails are either mentally ill, drug-addicted, or of extremely low IQ, including outright mental retardation. Most of them should be in treatment facilities but instead, Obama's America warehouses them in county jails. There is less of this in federal institutions.

I am enclosing five AFP articles. [One came through. Presumably the others were read over and someone didn't like them, so they were thrown away. - HAC] My biggest news eye-opener this week has been that nominal wages have been falling since 2012--not a widely reported fact. Wages fell 0.2%, 0.9%, and then for the bottom four quintiles, 2.8% each year for the past three years. This is deflation. Before reading this, I had already determined that U.S. stocks and corporate bond markets seem to be pricing (? word illegible) 2% real deflationary rate into securities. This led to some intellectual exploration of how GDP and prices can rise despite deflation. It is possible, as long as wealth is mal-allocated and hoarded as it is now.

What everyone forgets, Harold, is that the root of the economy is labor and its productivity. Everything from demographic growth to prosperity depends upon labor compensation and production. The main U.S. economic problem is the vast reserve of unnecessary and unproductive workers--non-Whites in general, both illegal immigrants and otherwise--holding jobs Whites would otherwise hold. The U.S. will not truly prosper again until we reduce the working-age population by 30-40 million persons or close the borders to trade and force companies to find something for them to do.

When I used to speak on these issues, Harold, I found that the dictatorship and the dictator's informants did everything possible to keep the ANSWP and other organizations off economic subjects. All the dictatorship wants us doing is to spew about Jews and niggers and never address any serious issue from an intelligent perspective. Discussing National Socialism and the economy and the economic future of White people is the key to building a true political movement. 

Otherwise, a crazy Puerto Rican bum is throwing water and wetting his bed; a White crackhead who recently inherited money is boasting about spending $1000 per night and crack cocaine and whores; and two retarded negro youths singing crack cocaine carols about how they have baking soda have recently left the unit. Another day in the home of Disney World.

Be well, Harold.


P.S. I just heard my hearing in Chicago has been set for June 25th. No word on when I will be leaving. It could be tomorrow or any time over the next two months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how Bill stands it. I think this falls into the "never forgive, never forget" category.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

As long as he keeps fighting the system; he's winning.

If he gives up; he loses.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Greyman said...


Important that you view this video. This is the kind of guy we could use, but the ideas he has are right down our alley and should be adopted into our long term plans.

He is the guitarist for the Doubie Brothers, as well as an expert on Asymmetrical Warfare.


5:35 PM  

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