Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jewish Media Empire Collapsing

by Bill White

Maybe they don’t want their MTV after all.

Viacom, the empire of Jewish media baron Sumner Redstone and owner, among their properties, of the decadent cable channel MTV, is collapsing under pressure from millennial “cord-cutters” who find Jewish television ugly and irrelevant.

The multi-media company, which produces TV shows like CSI, Entourage, and Community, and which owns Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike, MTV, VHI, CMT, and numerous other media properties, announced that it would lay off 400 employees and write down the value of its assets by $785 million dollars after viewership of its programs, slipping for years, collapsed in the first quarter of 2015, and pay-TV providers indicated that they may drop Viacom channels from cable-TV bundles—groups of channels available to subscribers.

According to Viacom’s latest SEC filing, viewership of Nickelodeon was down 34%, all in just the first three months of 2015. Also, Viacom reported that it was having difficulties selling reruns of series like CSI.

The moves by the general public parallel a general move away from Jewish-owned media across the United States. Sales of CDs and streaming music by artists produced by Jewish-owned record companies and circulation numbers at most Jewish newspapers have also collapsed over the past decade. What is replacing these highly managed media organs is a less-policed online media. While Jews like Mark Zuckerberg dominate dissemination platforms like Facebook, the content of inline media has largely escaped management by the Jewish élite.

For most of the 20th century, Jews owned essentially all newspapers, news wires, radio stations, music producers, movie studios, television stations and book publishers in the United States, and they used their power mentally to control the American population. In 1995, as the internet exploded in reach, Jews began to worry, and about 2005 Jewish media companies began to collapse, one industry after another. What has largely preserved Jewish power has been violent repression of White-owned media and organizations by the U.S. federal government and continuing Jewish control of the university system, particularly the Ivy League from which future federal officials are chosen.

But Viacom is far from dead. Even after a 15% fall in net income, the company still brought in $429 million new of operations. It said that layoffs would save it $350 million a year. Its gross revenue last year was $3.17 billion, and it may gross as much as $2.71 billion this year. Still the loss of over one third of its audience has hit the Jew Redstone’s pockets; Viacom shares have lost 19% of their value in the past year.

Sumner Redstone is one of half a dozen Jewish oligarchs who have controlled the U.S. media for three decades. Using programs like MTV, Redstone first pushed acceptance of negro culture and artists into White American popularizing rap and hip-hop, then turned to pushing homosexuality and the sexualization of young children onto the United States. Redstone and fellow Jews like Edgar Bronfman, owner of Seagram’s gin and a major publisher of rap music, made in “uncoil” to be White and used their cultural dominance to poison White American souls.

The question is how the Jews will cope with a post-Zionist media. So far, censorship on Jewish-owned platforms, control of finance capital, and government repression have stifled much online White media. But nationally supported alternatives like RT and al-Jazeera, both of which have cracked U.S. cable markets, have proved resistance to American and Jewish censorship. While independent White Americas have been arrested and silenced, the U.S. cannot arrest media organizations controlled by foreign states.

These cracks in Zionist censorship have led to protests in politically influential Jewish-owned media, but no ready solution has been offered. Meanwhile, the Jews have looked on in dismay while American consumers, presented for the first time in a century with options, have dumped Jewish-owned products.

While the Jews have always promoted themselves as naturally the world’s greatest entertainers, their dominance in the media was always the result of money manipulations by Jewish usurers, who control the world’s banks and drain the world’s wealth through interest and debt-slavery.

Now, the youth of American in particular are making themselves clear—they don’t want Zionist MTV.


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