Thursday, April 30, 2015

Four For The Future


by Michael O'Meara

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

H.A. Covington's Northwest Quartet of novels - The Hill of the Ravens (2003), A Distant Thunder (2004), A Mighty Fortress (2005) and The Brigade (2008) - now represents the most worked out and authoritative treatment of White Separatism in the English language. Both as popular fiction and political tract, it is a remarkable work. But most remarkable of all is the utter silence that surrounds it. If not for a VNN respondent (the wise and judicious New America), I might never have learned of its existence.

I'm not quite certain why this is. Covington's Quartet is infinitely more readable and convincing than William Pierce's Turner Diaries (now one of our classics), but has probably sold only a fraction as many copies. Part of the problem with its reception might lie in the fact that Covington, a veteran of the NS movement, has made not a few enemies within the racially conscious community, evident in his numerous critical references to Pierce, as well as to Koehl, Klassen, Metzger, Duke, Webster, Tyndall, and others.

As a nationalist whose experiences are mainly European I have no actual knowledge of Covington's personal history or of the sectarian squabbles that have alienated him from other racial nationalists. For this reason, there may be a subtext to his Quartet that eludes me. I only know the Quartet as a work of political fiction. But on this basis, I can categorically say that Covington is a great talent and that his work speaks, as no other does, to the burning question of our age.

Political fiction has one overriding purpose: To reach those who can't be reach through rationalist discourse. In this Covington's Quartet is superb. It is full of memorable characters - classic American types (strong, daring, two-fisted white males) who remind us of our ancestors and not the ridiculous creatures we see on nightly television. It abounds with actions and adventures that evoke our earliest racial memories and reveal what we can be once freed of the Jews' lunar spirit. It conveys the ideals of our movement in a language and style accessible to those who would otherwise ignore them. It tells an exciting story that is both entertaining and didactic. But above all it imagines a course of action - perhaps the one possible course of action - that will insure our existence as a people. Whatever one might say of Covington the activist, he's made a work of art out of his separatist vision and it deserves a hearing.

It is not, though, his art that I want to address in this essay, but rather certain of his ideas, three of which I think are fundamental to the politics of white racial survival in this period. To put these ideas in their proper context, something needs first to be said of the story Covington tells.

As a separatist, he believes the present situation is such that any hope of reversing America's "de-Europeanization" or the Judeo-liberal regime in Washington responsible for it is no longer feasible. The sole option left to whites seeking to ensure their existence in North America is to break off a portion of the lands their ancestors possessed and establish a white homeland. To this end he proposes the migration of racially aware whites to the Pacific Northwest - the whitest section of the United States - to create there the critical mass that will be needed when the time comes to wage an anti-colonialwar against the Zionist regime in Washington.

Premised on this migration, his three novels revolve around events that occur sometime in the second or third decade of the 21st century, when all the tendencies presently in place have been taken to their horrific and ethnocidal extension. For reasons almost providential, whites in Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) finally rebel, when they spontaneously resist federal agents attempting to carry off the children of a politically incorrect, but well regarded family. Locally based members of the Party created by the migration then intervene. They help arm, organize, and lead several hundred Coeur d'Alene whites against the troops sent in to crush them. Their rebellion is quickly extinguished, but, like Ireland's Easter Rebellion, ignites a war for national independence.

From three different perspectives Covington tells the story of the Northwest Volunteer Army (NVA), as it leads an IRA-style terror campaign against the Anglo-Zionist forces in control of the United States. The NVA's struggle is greatly facilitated by the fact that in this future period American society and the US government have become even more incompetent than they are today. The US military is bogged down in endless Mideastern wars fought on Israel's behalf; its social system is increasingly dysfunctional, balkanized into rival racial-ethnic interest groups; an ever-growing part of the white population, unable to compete with coolie labor, is condemned to unemployment or conscription; and the material prosperity that has long served as a race-obliterating opiate has given way to the growing impoverishment and alienation of the white masses.

For five bitter years, the NVA wages the "war of the flea," blowing up key infrastructures, sabotaging databases, attacking the regime's tax-collecting and judiciary agents, intimidating employers of non-white labor - even sending Volunteers to disrupt the vulnerable lifelines that allow New York and Washington to function as the ZOG's central nervous system.

Unable to sustain the damages and disruptions of these assaults, Anglo Zionist representatives of the federal government are eventually forced to negotiate a peace settlement with the insurgents, negotiations which end up sanctioning the secession of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (along with parts of Northern California, Wyoming, and Montana) from the United States of America and the establishment of a white homeland under the political auspices of a Northwest American Republic.

                                   1. The Jewnited States

Unlike racial conservatives (Vdare and AR types) and not a few white nationalists, Covington sees the United States - not just the current administration, but the System itself - as the enemy. He calls it "the fount and wellspring of all that [is] evil" in our time. For at least two generations this state has carried out a systemic assault on European America, forcing it to congregate with inferior and hostile races; promoting integration, miscegenation, and the destruction of the white family; adopting policies that siphon off its wealth, pollute its culture, and corrupt its children; but above all, legitimating its self-destruction through the imposition of dysgenic behaviors and values.

With "only the most remote and tenuous historical connection with the country and system of government which was originally established and envisioned by the Founding Fathers," the United States today has become a Jew-led corporate plutocracy that denies whites their birthright.

But it's not just its state, with its race-destroying policies, that wars on them. The entire American social system - the reigning civilizational forms - have become no less noxious to their existence. Covington describes early 21st-century America (and this is a projection of current trends) as "a world of unspeakably vile sexual perversions . . . a kleptocracy, quite literally ruled by criminals, some of whom were so bad and so blatant that they were even indicted under the Americans' own laws . . . a world based on no other foundation than sheer greed, wallowing in the most gross and despicable material gluttony . . . a wasteland of spiritual emptiness, moral corruption and cultural pollution . . . an entire society based on a bizarre and grotesque moral inversion: the utterly ridiculous and thoroughly evil idea that all humanoid creatures are in some manner equal."

This world born of the Jews' materialist metaphysics - this world in which man is viewed primarily as an economic animal rather than as a spiritual being with a soul - turns everyone into either a consumer or a commodity and everything that has traditionally made life worth living - family, community, religion - into an economic calculation.

Whether rich and poor, the citizens of this Jewified enterprise live "all doped up, dumbed down, zoned out . . . confused, hostile, paranoid . . . looking out for nobody but Number One." America's traditional European life forms become not only unsustainable under such a system, they are demonized and rendered criminal.

No self-respecting white man, Covington assumes, would want to preserve, reform, or redeem such an abomination. As one of his Volunteers says: "I didn't want to be an American any more. I wanted to be a man instead, a white man."

                              2. A War Of White Liberation

Despite the passivity and conservatism that marks much of the racially conscious community, it is not difficult to understand why our nobler spirits would want to wash their hands of the American experiment.

With great justice, Covington argues that a century of peaceful, legal methods to reverse the racial policies of the United States have been totally ineffective. "Petitions have been ignored . . . The electoral and political process has been undermined . . . The judiciary has become an instrument of racial and social tyranny." All the while, the reigning powers continue their de-Europeanization, using all their vast powers to re-engineer the American population and eviscerate its racial heritage.

Covington's work rests on the rather unchallengeable contention that nothing so far has had the slightest effect in stemming the enveloping tide of mud. Efforts to create an alternative media, raise white consciousness, mobilize voters around racial issues, or post another illuminating exposé on the internet have had virtually no effect in halting our advance toward the abyss.

Those among us who continue to emphasize the need to educate or wake people up, he argues, usually end up doing "nothing more than hide behind an email address while playing with the computer in one's basement rec room, with a bowl of nachos and a cold brewski beside the mouse." Relatedly, most actual efforts by racialists and right-wingers to act in the real world continue to aim at influencing the Judeo-corporate system, rather than getting free from it.

Given that all the forces of indoctrination, socialization, and influence are in enemy hands and that all the principal institutions and social-economic structures are arrayed against us, the thought of using the system's established forms to bring down the ZOG, repatriate the 100 million muds occupying our lands, or reverse the present ethnocidal course of American developments is nothing short of fantastic. Given also that every effort to reverse American racial policy has failed and that this policy threatens the survival of the European race in North America, the sole remaining recourse, Covington insists, is the right to take up arms against the system threatening us.

As Covington imagines it, the struggle to establish an independent white homeland in the American Northwest will resemble an anti-colonial war, waged in ways not unlike the campaign the Provisional IRA carried out against the British government in Northern Ireland after 1969. Sustained by a migration of racially aware whites to the region (Covington mentions 50,000 migrants), the NVA that is to arise from some future effort to acquire a small piece of territory will challenge Washington's monopoly of armed force and undermine its revenue producing sources, making it impossible for the federal government to maintain its authority over the Pacific Northwest.

But how realistic is such a prospective struggle against the ZOG? To many it will seem even more fantastic than the alternatives that Covington criticizes. And to those who know something about the physical-force wing of Irish Republicanism, it will seem no less fantastic to imagine that American white nationalists (whose struggles are waged almost entirely in cyber space) could emulate the IRA gunmen, street fighters, and terrorists who fought the British Army to a standstill.

These objections, though, are not actually an argument against Covington's notion of a white liberation struggle - only an obstacle to be overcome. History, moreover, is full of improbable undertakings. Who would have thought that 10,000 lightly-armed Sunni insurgents would check the conquests of America's imperial legions?

Great historical transformations are almost always implausible until they happen. Part of this is due to the fact that it is rarely the size of one's armed divisions or the quality of one's military technology that matters, but rather certain qualities of the human spirit. As Victor Hugo put it: "Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come." If American whites, especially their racially conscious vanguard, should ever imbue the NW migration with the force of a Sorelian myth (that is, with the force to act), there is simply no telling what may happen. Nothing is impossible - not even the thought of white men marching to the sound of the guns.

To those who would dismiss this as wishful thinking, it might be added that not only does the survival of the white race depend upon such a mythic transformation of white consciousness, but that our age has turned such transformations into something of a Zeitgeist. With the advent of globalization and the fourth-generation war it provokes, traditional state systems have everywhere gone into crisis, as anti-national elites endeavor to impose a one-world superstate that reduces everything to the market demands of the Jew-led Yankee money men cashing in on the extermination of white race.

The idea of a white liberation struggle is not, then, entirely implausible. Nor would there be any lack of potential Volunteers. Sections of the middle class, deprived by globalization of the lifestyles which insured their traditional passivity, are already feeling embittered and by-passed.

A sharp economic downturn, the collapse of the dollar, a humiliating military retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan, an energy crisis that undermines our automotive civilization, a protracted governmental paralysis - the conditions could suddenly arise when elements among the complacent, TV-programmed white masses are forced to the conclusion that their allegiances are misplaced. In any case, conditions for whites are almost certain to continue to deteriorate.

Echoing the theorists of partisan, guerrilla, or asymmetrical warfare of the last half century, Covington contends that the bigger and more complex the ZOG becomes, the more vulnerable it is to a few brave men with weapons in their hands and the courage to use them. American society, he notes, is "so complex, everything so interactive and interlocking and dependent on everything else, that when you cut the chain at one point the whole works just grounds to a halt."

The struggle for white liberation would also benefit from the fact that the US government is already a corrupt, mismanaged institution and that American society, premised on purely economic criteria, lacks real cohesion. The whole system, in fact, rests on a foundation of sand. All the powers of corruption, incompetence, cowardice, and short-term thinking conspire against it. (Think of Katrina New Orleans).

Its declining revenues and budget constraints are even now making it difficult to fund its repressive apparatus. At the same time, the system is more and more served by inept muds and the Jews who manage the system's decision-making centers are beginning to overreach themselves, pushing their host people in ways that formerly ended in pogroms. Is it so inconceivable to think that an armed white opposition could force it out of the Northwest?
                                         3. A Homeland

Once it is accepted that the United States constitutes the principal threat to our existence and that we will be free of its perverse, ethnocidal policies only through force of arms, then the third, most crucial facet of Covington's vision comes into focus: The imperative of creating a white homeland.

Terre et Peuple, Blut und Boden: The notion that every people needs its own land is as old as Europe itself. In the postmodern, transnational, and global order favored by our one-world elites such a notion, of course, is deemed obsolete, as if the quantitative monetary principles of the world market are a better way of organizing social life than traditional ones based on healthy families, organic communities, and ethnoracial identities.

In the last generation, this ancient notion has assumed a new urgency: For the rising tide of color has everywhere begun to sweep into the former white homelands, threatening the integrity of white life. One more generation of Third World immigration and the great race passes away forever.

A racially exclusive homeland, the antithesis of the New World Order, would in Covington's view be our ark to weather the great flood of mud. "It is absolutely essential," he argues, "that the white race acquire a Homeland of its own, some place on earth where white children can be born and raised in physical and spiritual safety, and where our numbers may be restored and the threat of racial extinction overcome."

Based on blood, not creed or economics, such a homeland would guarantee the perpetuality of our people. It would also solve most of the social, political, and cultural problems that ail us. For once free of the Jews who have pathologized white existence and who have set the colored hordes on us, we could begin dealing honestly and forthrightly with the problems besetting our civilization. Indeed, once free of the Jews and their multiracial legions, most of these problems would simply vanish.

The result would almost certainly be a renaissance of European life in North America. As one of Covington's characters observes: "When you have stability and unity in a racially homogenous society . . . you'd be amazed what a small country like ours can accomplish."

This vision of a sovereign Aryan Republic is, of course, merely a figment of Covington's imagination, but imagination, as Shakespeare reminds us, "bodies forth the things unknown."


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Jewish Media Empire Collapsing

by Bill White

Maybe they don’t want their MTV after all.

Viacom, the empire of Jewish media baron Sumner Redstone and owner, among their properties, of the decadent cable channel MTV, is collapsing under pressure from millennial “cord-cutters” who find Jewish television ugly and irrelevant.

The multi-media company, which produces TV shows like CSI, Entourage, and Community, and which owns Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike, MTV, VHI, CMT, and numerous other media properties, announced that it would lay off 400 employees and write down the value of its assets by $785 million dollars after viewership of its programs, slipping for years, collapsed in the first quarter of 2015, and pay-TV providers indicated that they may drop Viacom channels from cable-TV bundles—groups of channels available to subscribers.

According to Viacom’s latest SEC filing, viewership of Nickelodeon was down 34%, all in just the first three months of 2015. Also, Viacom reported that it was having difficulties selling reruns of series like CSI.

The moves by the general public parallel a general move away from Jewish-owned media across the United States. Sales of CDs and streaming music by artists produced by Jewish-owned record companies and circulation numbers at most Jewish newspapers have also collapsed over the past decade. What is replacing these highly managed media organs is a less-policed online media. While Jews like Mark Zuckerberg dominate dissemination platforms like Facebook, the content of inline media has largely escaped management by the Jewish élite.

For most of the 20th century, Jews owned essentially all newspapers, news wires, radio stations, music producers, movie studios, television stations and book publishers in the United States, and they used their power mentally to control the American population. In 1995, as the internet exploded in reach, Jews began to worry, and about 2005 Jewish media companies began to collapse, one industry after another. What has largely preserved Jewish power has been violent repression of White-owned media and organizations by the U.S. federal government and continuing Jewish control of the university system, particularly the Ivy League from which future federal officials are chosen.

But Viacom is far from dead. Even after a 15% fall in net income, the company still brought in $429 million new of operations. It said that layoffs would save it $350 million a year. Its gross revenue last year was $3.17 billion, and it may gross as much as $2.71 billion this year. Still the loss of over one third of its audience has hit the Jew Redstone’s pockets; Viacom shares have lost 19% of their value in the past year.

Sumner Redstone is one of half a dozen Jewish oligarchs who have controlled the U.S. media for three decades. Using programs like MTV, Redstone first pushed acceptance of negro culture and artists into White American popularizing rap and hip-hop, then turned to pushing homosexuality and the sexualization of young children onto the United States. Redstone and fellow Jews like Edgar Bronfman, owner of Seagram’s gin and a major publisher of rap music, made in “uncoil” to be White and used their cultural dominance to poison White American souls.

The question is how the Jews will cope with a post-Zionist media. So far, censorship on Jewish-owned platforms, control of finance capital, and government repression have stifled much online White media. But nationally supported alternatives like RT and al-Jazeera, both of which have cracked U.S. cable markets, have proved resistance to American and Jewish censorship. While independent White Americas have been arrested and silenced, the U.S. cannot arrest media organizations controlled by foreign states.

These cracks in Zionist censorship have led to protests in politically influential Jewish-owned media, but no ready solution has been offered. Meanwhile, the Jews have looked on in dismay while American consumers, presented for the first time in a century with options, have dumped Jewish-owned products.

While the Jews have always promoted themselves as naturally the world’s greatest entertainers, their dominance in the media was always the result of money manipulations by Jewish usurers, who control the world’s banks and drain the world’s wealth through interest and debt-slavery.

Now, the youth of American in particular are making themselves clear—they don’t want Zionist MTV.

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Radio Free Northwest - April 30th, 2015

Got it uploaded a bit early this week. HAC on the North Charleston monkoid shooting, Gretchen reviews a book on runes, Andy talks about migration and the old folks, and two codgers resume their duel.

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Letter From Bill White, April 16th 2015

[This is probably the last letter Bill wrote from the Seminole County Jail before he disappeared into the wonderful world of "diesel therapy" again. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I have been completely cut off from the world this past week. The Seminole County Jail allegedly tried to switch their phone service to another provider, probably one that offered better kickbacks, and the new system immediately crashed. For the past four days, no phone calls and also no visits allowed--I don't get the connection between the two, but the workings of these people's minds are veiled in obscurity. I am isolated, although I did get the two latest articles you submitted to AFP. Thank you.

[There have been far more than two submitted; the others are either sitting and gathering dust in some CO's drawer or else they were simply thrown in the dumpster along with most of Bill's mail. This is why we need to keep on sending letters even when there is an official ban, because SOME of them, a small handful, always get through, usually because some guard in the mail room didn't get the memo or is just too lazy to go through procedures and fill out the necessary forms to "legally" destroy the mail. - HAC]

Last week, on April 9th, the court was supposed to order me to Chicago, but the United States Attorney blew off the hearing. Maybe he just didn't feel like attending or had something better to do. (These people can be very arrogant and dismissive even with their own kind.) This seems to have pissed off the judge, who rescheduled for today, and if it hasn't been too much bother for the United States Attorney to send some flunky to court I should finally be ordered out of this jail, but I can't confirm that yet.

Since they removed me from the "soft torture" cell about a month ago, my days have largely been spent battling retarded young negroes and mentally ill Puerto Ricans for the right to sleep at night. So far my campaign has been successful, and not too much blood has been shed. However, I am looking forward to returning to the feds, where most inmates are marginally better behaved or when they're not, the staff makes at least some rudimentary effort to keep them under control. One thing about local jails is that they are used as a substitute for other institutions which functioned in the past but which no longer do so, or barely so. I would say that 90% of the inmates of most local jails are either mentally ill, drug-addicted, or of extremely low IQ, including outright mental retardation. Most of them should be in treatment facilities but instead, Obama's America warehouses them in county jails. There is less of this in federal institutions.

I am enclosing five AFP articles. [One came through. Presumably the others were read over and someone didn't like them, so they were thrown away. - HAC] My biggest news eye-opener this week has been that nominal wages have been falling since 2012--not a widely reported fact. Wages fell 0.2%, 0.9%, and then for the bottom four quintiles, 2.8% each year for the past three years. This is deflation. Before reading this, I had already determined that U.S. stocks and corporate bond markets seem to be pricing (? word illegible) 2% real deflationary rate into securities. This led to some intellectual exploration of how GDP and prices can rise despite deflation. It is possible, as long as wealth is mal-allocated and hoarded as it is now.

What everyone forgets, Harold, is that the root of the economy is labor and its productivity. Everything from demographic growth to prosperity depends upon labor compensation and production. The main U.S. economic problem is the vast reserve of unnecessary and unproductive workers--non-Whites in general, both illegal immigrants and otherwise--holding jobs Whites would otherwise hold. The U.S. will not truly prosper again until we reduce the working-age population by 30-40 million persons or close the borders to trade and force companies to find something for them to do.

When I used to speak on these issues, Harold, I found that the dictatorship and the dictator's informants did everything possible to keep the ANSWP and other organizations off economic subjects. All the dictatorship wants us doing is to spew about Jews and niggers and never address any serious issue from an intelligent perspective. Discussing National Socialism and the economy and the economic future of White people is the key to building a true political movement. 

Otherwise, a crazy Puerto Rican bum is throwing water and wetting his bed; a White crackhead who recently inherited money is boasting about spending $1000 per night and crack cocaine and whores; and two retarded negro youths singing crack cocaine carols about how they have baking soda have recently left the unit. Another day in the home of Disney World.

Be well, Harold.


P.S. I just heard my hearing in Chicago has been set for June 25th. No word on when I will be leaving. It could be tomorrow or any time over the next two months.

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Greville Janner, Jewish Child Rapist

[The only time this blog has ever been interfered with by the "authorities" was in the autumn of 2008, at the height of the election, when it disappeared for about a week along with over 100 other anti-Obama sites (including another of mine) and again about three years ago when Greville Janner apparently hired one of these "internet cleansing" firms to remove references to his perversions from the web, and Google pulled a four or five-year-old post from this blog on Janner on foot of their complaint. I was given no right to appeal or argue with this act of censorship, but then who expects that nowadays?

Let's see if Grev's kosher mojo is still working. - HAC]

If Britain’s leading law officer thought she was putting an unfortunate episode to rest when she tried to quietly drop her most difficult case then she was in for a rude shock — people are in no mood to let the child rape charges against Lord Greville Janner go unanswered.

The explosion of outrage at this inexplicable decision has ensured that, for once, it will not go unchallenged. The injustice is too overwhelming, the double standard too glaring and the incompetence is too blatant.

Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecution, admitted that there was evidence to charge the former President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies  on 22 counts of indecent assault and buggery over decades dating back to 1969 but that her department had botched the case. She said dementia — diagnosed by four doctors — meant that a fair trial could not go ahead.

The scale of the — alleged — depravity takes the breath away. It is said that Janner was at the center of an organised child sex ring that passed around  dozens of children from council care homes. And that he used his position as a prominent politician to give him indemnity.

Ms. Saunders has achieved something she cannot have predicted — she has united a whole range of voices against her. They include the Home Secretary the investigating police force, the police and crime commissioner and even her own immediate predecessor.  That is not including the voices of the victims.

(It should be pointed out that one noticeable exception to this chorus of condemnation is Allan Green, who is also Jewish, and was the Director of Public Prosecutions when Janner was first investigated in 1991. He has chosen not to comment on the matter.)

Readers of the Occidental Observer will be interested in the ethnic dimension to this whole tale and that is fascinating, but first we must set out the background and a good place to start is with the Director of Public Prosecutions herself, a no-nonsense Scottish feminist called Alison Saunders.

From the beginning of her tenure she has had an unswerving goal of increasing the numbers of convictions of men for sex offences and has not been too fussy about how she goes about it. She wants the law changed so that future rape suspects a victim said yes.

Her office had already been enthusiastically behind a police sweep called “Operation Yewtree” in which White male suspects, many from the world of show business, have been prosecuted for offences from decades ago. The most lurid accusations centred on a DJ called Jimmy Savile who was conveniently deceased. But other entertainers ended up in prison.

At the same time there has been a slew of stories about paedophile sex rings in high places. Victims have come forward with serious accusations about senior politicians such as Liberal Democrat Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan, a former Conservative — and Jewish — Home Secretary. Like Savile, both are also deceased.

So that is the background, and it is here that the law of unintended consequences kicks in. For in this new climate, victims found themselves being listened to. And as new accusations triggered new investigations, it has inadvertently brought others back to life. This is where we return to Greville Janner.

As with Jimmy Savile, rumours had abounded about Janner for years but as with Savile, he seemed so well connected as to be untouchable. Janner’s alleged role first emerged more than two decades ago, during the 1991 trial of a director of a children’s home in Leicestershire called Frank Beck.

During the trial, Beck made a sensational accusation. He said “One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner.” Another witness also told the court that Janner “regularly sodomised” him when he was in care, aged 13.
Up till then the Leicestershire MP was held to be above reproach. He was a married father of three, a pillar of both Anglo-Jewish life and the Labour Party. He was a past president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, vice president of the World Jewish Congress. He was also president of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism, and chaired the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group.                                                                                                                                   
A product of one of Britain’s finest private schools Janner went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge and was elected President of the Union.  He attended Harvard Law School before effectively inheriting his father’s Labour constituency in Leicester. The crowning achievement of his career was the founding of the Holocaust Educational Trust for which he was ennobled by Tony Blair in 1997.

However the evidence was persuasive. A letter was shown to the jury that was sent from Janner to the boy. The boy was able to describe Janner’s home, the bedrooms they shared and personal details of Janner’s habits. In addition another boy told the court that Janner, a member of the Magic Circle, would groom boys who had been impressed by his magic tricks.

The accusations were dismissed and Janner was welcome back to Parliament tohufe cheers from his parliamentary colleagues.

But in today’s climate of more scrutiny for sex abuse allegations, it has now emerged that two investigations in 1991 and again in 2007 into Janner were mysteriously dropped. The former Chief Constable of Derbyshire police, an invetigating detective in Leicester at the time, told The Times newspaper that that there had been “credible evidence” against the MP but the case had been stopped on the orders of higher ups.
When the prosecutor decided that Janner should not be prosecuted because in 2009 he had been diagnosed with dementia, it seemed to go against not only precedent but the facts of the matter.

It would certainly be interesting to know when Janner’s diminution of faculties set in.  He looked fine when he made a long complicated speech in the Knesset a year after his diagnosis, and has since voted 210 times and spoken eight times in the in the House of Lords making a lengthy speech there — about Israel — in late 2013
In fact this might be his undoing. Campaigners are reportedly demanding full details of Lord Janner’s recent written letter to the House of Lords indicating he did not wish to step down as a serving peer.

“I don’t see how you can sign a document relating to membership of the House of Lords if you have dementia,” said one MP.

Not everyone believes the accusations against Lord Jenner.  His own family stand loyally by him. Fellow barristers such as Jonathan Caplan QC have written to The Times questioning his treatment, and his own community have stuck by him. He still makes charity appearances for Jewish causes.

Yet in ensuring that Janner is not prosecuted, the Director of Public Prosecutions seems determined to exercise a degree of fastidiousness that has been noticeably lacking in her anti-rape crusade.

There are also many precedents — a man was convicted in his absence in Exeter in 2010 of abusing six young girls. Like Lord Janner the defendant was suffering from advanced dementia.

It is also interesting here to compare the parallels with the case of Jewish billionaire  and child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein and the accusations against Alan Dershowitz. One wonders if that case too will ever come before a jury.

The evidence against Janner seems at least as strong as that against Savile — so why do we assume Savile was guilty and Janner is innocent.

Frank Beck, who was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for essentially the same crimes that Janner is accused of, died three years after the verdicts. Some of the alleged victims have died or disappeared.

For Lord Janner the whole affair has cast a shadow over a life filled with achievement on behalf of the Jewish community. No-one has worked harder in seeking financial restitution for Holocaust victims. And it is his creation of the moneyspinning Holocaust Educational Trust that has earned him the everlasting gratitude of his community.
Two years ago and four years after the dementia diagnosis he was fit enough to travel to Israel to receive his ultimate accolade from his people — the opening of a kindergarten named after him, The ceremony was attended by the British Ambassador.

Lord Janner once said in respect of accused Nazi war criminals that there are some crimes so horrendous that the passage of time can do nothing to diminish them. So when a 90-year-old man said to be a former concentration camp guard called John Demjanjuk was sentenced to life, Lord Janner expressed grim satisfaction.

Demjanjuk was convicted on the testimony of 11 concentration camp survivors who identified him after 70 years. Surely the testimony of the remaining 20 of Janner’s — alleged — victims, after 20 years, are just as credible.

Perhaps the last words should go to an  alleged victim. This young man told the Sunday Mirror “They say he can’t stand trial because he can’t defend himself and he will not understand what is happening. As  children, we could not defend ourselves and did not understand what was happening. It did not stop us from being abused.”

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Regime Playing "Musical Bill" Again

Okay, guys, hold the letters to Bill White in Florida. Looks like I called that wrong. 

I just got word Bill was yanked out of his cell by the U.S. Marshals and "disappeared" into the system again. In theory he's supposed to be headed for the transit camp in Oklahoma, but they may once again place him in a "rented" cell in Hawg Likker up thar in Dead Dawg County, Oklahoma for an undetermined period so as to remove him from federal supervision (local Barney Fifes can get away with a lot more bad shit in the dark than badge-carrying feds) and continue to conceal his whereabouts from his family and friends.

At some point, after many long strange trips, Bill will presumably end up somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois. His hearing is scheduled for June 25th so that should keep him stable for a couple of months.

If Bill is properly housed, as he was before, in the federal wing of the Cook County Jail, then in theory federal rules should apply and he should be allowed incoming mail. In theory. In actual fact they may use his imbecilic designation as a "gang leader" to intercept his mail, although they may just decide to do it Florida style and just toss all Bill's mail in the dumpster out back.

After this hearing is when it gets interesting, because at that time Bill should in theory finally be assigned a permanent federal institution where he will serve his 10,000-year sentence for making politically incorrect Facebook posts and sending naughty e-mails. (Facebook posts which he never actually made and e-mails which he never actually sent, but which in at least one case were sent by the primary prosecution witness against him while in the presence of U.S. Marshals, a witness who admitted on the stand that she was under the influence of drugs at the time but whose testimony was allowed anyway.)

Yes, I know, Bill is eternally optimistic about how he's going to get new trials, etc. etc. I won't comment except to say I hope he's right. [Sigh....]

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - April 23rd 2015

HAC talks about Basic Joosh Eddjication, Gretchen reviews a German girl’s war memoirs, Brian from Illinois talks about the loneliness of a long-distance right-wing runner, and HAC and Mike Harris give us another hot riff of Dueling Codgers.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Adolf Hitler: The Measure of Greatness

by Dr. William L. Pierce

          "What will count in the long run in determining Adolf Hitler's stature is not whether he lost or won the war but whether it was he or his adversaries who were on the side of the Life Force, whether it was he or they who served the cause of Truth and human progress. We only have to look around us today to know it was not they." 

April 20 of this year [1989] is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the greatest man of our era— a man who dared more and achieved more, who set his aim higher and climbed higher, who felt more deeply and stirred the souls of those around him more mightily, who was more closely attuned to the Life Force which permeates our cosmos and gives it meaning and purpose, and did more to serve that Life Force, than any other man of our times.

And yet he is the most reviled and hated man of our times. Only a few tens of thousands of men and women, in scattered groups around the world, will celebrate his birthday with love and reverence on April 20, while all of the scribblers and commentators of the controlled news media, the controlled politicians, and the controlled churchmen will pour out their hatred and venom and lies against him, and those lies will be believed by hundreds of millions. What is the measure of greatness in a man?

Only the most vulgar and doctrinaire democrat would seriously equate greatness with popularity— although in any polling of average citizens on their choice for the greatest man of the century there are certain to be substantial numbers of votes for Elvis Presley, John Kennedy, Billy Graham, Michael Jackson, and various other high-visibility lightweights: charismatic entertainers on the stage of politics, rock concerts, spectator sports, or what have you.

More serious citizens would pass by the lightweights and choose men who have changed the world in some way. We would hear choices like Franklin Roosevelt ("he saved the world from fascism"), Albert Einstein ("he taught us about the nature of our universe"), and Martin Luther King ("he helped us achieve racial justice"), depending upon whether one's personal inclinations lay more in the direction of politics, science, or racial self-abasement, respectively.

But if the poll asked instead for the most evil man of the century, or the most hated man, or the man having the most negative influence, at least three-quarters of the blue-collar and the white-collar pollees alike would name one man: Adolf Hitler. This, however, would be merely a reflection of the role assigned to him by the controlled mass media, rather than a truly informed and reasoned choice.

All of this raises several very interesting issues. There is, for example, the question of how we came to the preposterous state of affairs prevailing today, wherein we place the destiny of our nation, our planet, and our race in the hands of a mass of voters whose powers of judgment are manifested in such things as the type of television entertainment their preferences have pushed into prime time and the type of men they have elected to public office. And there is the equally weighty question of how, knowing the ease with which this mass is misled, we permitted virtually all of the media of mass information and entertainment to fall into the hands of a race whose interests are so diametrically opposed to our own.

Perhaps even more pertinent to a consideration of human greatness, however, is the question of how our system of values came to be turned on its head, so that Franklin Roosevelt is regarded as a hero and Adolf Hitler as a villain, not only by the stolid and stunned masses, but also by a majority of the supposedly "educated" elite, many of whom pride themselves on their intellectual independence.

Whether we judge the greatness of a man by his intrinsic qualities of character and soul or by his accomplishments, Adolf Hitler had greatness of a very high order— if we use the standards which have been traditional in our race.

We cannot, of course, make comparisons with all the "mute, inglorious Miltons" whose lack of notable accomplishment has made them anonymous, despite the sterling inner qualities they may have possessed. But when Hitler's character is held up beside those of other 20 th century political leaders, he stands as a giant among pygmies.

At the prosaic level, we can note his ascetic personal habits, compared with Winston Churchill's habitual drunkenness and notorious self-indulgence; or his personal loyalty to those who had been his comrades in the days of political struggle, compared with Joseph Stalin's habit of murdering his former comrades by the dozen, as potential rivals, as soon as he no longer needed their services; or his direct, frank, and straightforward manner, compared to the cunning deviousness which was Franklin Roosevelt's trademark.

At the spiritual level, the inner differences between Hitler and his contemporaries are even more striking. Hitler was a man with a mission, from the beginning. The testimony of his closest associates, from his boyhood days to the end of his life, agrees with the observations of more distant and impartial observers: Hitler had a mystical sense of destiny, a sense of having been singled out and called by a higher power to devote his life to the service of his race.

His childhood companion August Kubizek has related extraordinary evidence of this when Hitler was only 16 years old (August Kubizek, Adolf Hitler, mein Jugendfreund [Graz, 1953], pp. 127-135). Twenty years later, while he was in prison after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government, Hitler himself wrote of his motivation in a way which suggested the range of his vision:

"What we must fight for is the security of the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the maintenance of the purity of our blood ... so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted them by the Creator of the universe.

"Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility. Then no theory will stiffen into a dead doctrine, since it is life alone that all things must serve...

"... The National Socialist philosophy finds the importance of mankind in its basic racial elements. In the state it sees on principle a means to an end and construes that end as the preservation of the racial existence of man...

"And so the National Socialist philosophy of life corresponds to the innermost will of Nature, since it restores that free play of forces which must lead to a continuous mutual higher breeding, until finally the best of humanity, having achieved possession of this earth, will have a free play for activity in domains which will lie partly above it and partly outside it.

"We all sense that in the distant future humanity must be faced by problems which only a highest race, become master people and supported by the means and possibilities of an entire globe, will be equipped to overcome...

"Thus, the highest purpose of a National Socialist state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind. We, as Aryans, can conceive of the state only as the living organism of a nationality which not only assures the preservation of this nationality, but by the development of its spiritual and ideal abilities leads it to the highest freedom...

"A National Socialist state must begin by raising marriage from the level of a continuous defilement of the race and give it the consecration of an institution which is called upon to produce images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape...

"It must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. It must see to it that only the healthy beget children...

"The National Socialist state must make certain that by a suitable education of youth it will someday obtain a race ripe for the last and greatest decisions on this earth...

"... Anyone who wants to cure this era, which is inwardly sick and rotten, must first summon the courage to make clear the causes of this disease. And this should be the concern of the National Socialist movement: pushing aside all narrow-mindedness, to gather and to organize from the ranks of our nation those forces capable of becoming the vanguard fighters for a new philosophy of life...

"We are not simple enough to believe that it could ever be possible to bring about a perfect era. But this relieves no one of the obligation to combat recognized errors, to overcome weaknesses, and to strive for the ideal. Harsh reality of its own accord will create only too many limitations. For that very reason, however, man must try to serve the ultimate goal, and failures must not deter him, any more than he can abandon a system of justice because mistakes creep into it, or any more than medicine is discarded because there always will be sickness in spite of it.

"We National Socialists know that with this conception we stand as revolutionaries in the world of today and are branded as such. But our thoughts and actions must in no way be determined by the approval or disapproval of our time, but by the binding obligation to a truth which we have recognized."

(Mein Kampf).

Hitler's opponents, Churchill and Roosevelt, were party politicians, with the minds and souls of party politicians. Great, impersonal goals, just as truth, meant nothing at all to them. The only thing that counted was the approval or disapproval of their times: the outcome of the next election, a good press claque, votes. Only Stalin shared in any way Hitler's disdain for approval; only Stalin was motivated to any degree by an impersonal idea. But the idea that Stalin served was the alien, destructive idea of Jewish Marxism. And while Hitler served the Life Force with the instincts of a seer, Stalin served Marxism with the instincts of a bureaucrat and a butcher. A comparison of careers leads us to a similar ranking of greatness of soul. Churchill and Roosevelt were born into the political establishment. They fed at the public trough for years, in one office after another, grabbing greedily at opportunities for a bigger serving of swill. But it was circumstance, not their own efforts, which thrust them onto the stage of world history.

Stalin hacked out his own niche in history to a much greater extent than his Western allies, and he was an incomparably stronger man than either of them. He was tough, ruthless, infinitely cunning, and utterly determined to prevail, no matter what the obstacles. Even so, his struggle for prominence and power was entirely within the Bolshevik party and its predecessors. He was the consummate bureaucratic infighter, not the innovator or the lone pioneer.

Only Adolf Hitler started literally from nothing and through the exercise of a superhuman will created the physical basis for the realization of his vision. In 1918, recovering in a veterans' hospital from a British poison-gas attack, he made the decision to enter politics in order to serve that vision. He was a 29-year-old invalid, with no money, no family, no friends or connections, no university education, and no experience. Liberals, Jews, and communists ruled his country, making him and all those to whom he might appeal for support outsiders.

Five and one-half years later he was sentenced to five years in prison for his political activity, and his enemies thought that was the end of him and his movement. But less than nine years after being sentenced he was Chancellor of Germany, with the strongest and most progressive nation in Europe at his command. He had built the National Socialist movement and led it to victory over the organized opposition of the entire Establishment: conservatives, liberals, communists, Jews, and Christians.

He then transformed Germany, lifting it out of its economic depression (while Americans, under Roosevelt, continued to line up at the soup kitchens), restoring its spirit (and much of the territory which had been taken from it by the victors of the First World War), stimulating its artistic and scientific creativity, and winning the admiration (or, in some cases, the envy and hatred) of other nations. It was an achievement hardly paralleled in the history of the world. Even those who do not understand the real significance of his creation must concede that.

And what was the real significance of Hitler's work? One of his most earnest admirers in  India, Savitri Devi, has given us a poetic answer to that question. She wrote:

"In its essence, the National Socialist idea exceeds not only Germany and our times, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch ... it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal wisdom of the primeval forest and of the ocean depth and of the spheres in the dark fields of space; and ... it is Adolf  Hitler's glory not merely to have gone back to that divine wisdom- stigmatizing man's silly infatuation for intellect, his childish pride in progress, and his criminal attempt to enslave Nature— but to have made it the basis of a practical regeneration policy of worldwide scope, precisely now, in our overcrowded, over civilized, and technically over evolved world, at the very end of the dark age" (Savitri Devi, The Lightning and the Sun [National Socialist World No. 1, p. 61]).

More prosaically, Hitler's work, in contrast to that of his contemporaries, was above politics, above economics, above nationalism. He had mobilized a powerful, modern state and placed it at the service of our race, so that our race might become fit to serve as an agent of the Life Force.

Perceptive and idealistic young men from every nation in Europe— and from many nations outside Europe as well— recognized this significance, and they flocked to serve him and to fight for his cause, even at the cost of censure and ostracism from their more parochial and narrow-minded countrymen. There was never before an elite fighting force to match the SS, which by the end of the Second World War had more non-Germans than Germans in it.

The war, of course, is counted as Hitler's great failure, even as the proof of his lack of greatness, by his detractors. It merely proves that he was a man, not a god, even if a divine will worked through him, and that he could not perform miracles. He could not defend himself forever, with the governments of nearly the whole world allied in a total war to pull him down and destroy his creation, so that they and the interests they served could return to "business as usual." Even so, he gave a far better account of himself than any of his adversaries.

And what will count in the long run in determining Adolf Hitler's stature is not whether he lost or won the war, but whether it was he or his adversaries who were on the side of the Life Force, whether it was he or they who served the cause of Truth and human progress. We only have to look around us today to know it was not they.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bill White, Gang Leader

Hi, guys:

Okay, for those of you who came in late: they are now giving Bill White some of his mail and letting some of it go out as well. I got a letter from him yesterday dated April 9th, so that was nine days it took to get here, probably the best time ever from the ghastly Seminole County, Florida hole where Bill remains buried alive. 

I am told that the writ for his transport to Chicago has been issued, for his habeas corpus hearing which is set for June 25th. My guess is that most likely he will remain in Florida until the last possible minute, so that Seminole County can continue to intercept, withhold, and apparently destroy his mail in order to demoralize Bill by making him feel he is alone and forgotten, a standard tactic of the dictator's servants in the prison-industrial complex.

Bill could vanish into the transit camps at any moment, but as I said, my reading of the tea leaves is that he will be kept in Florida until mid-June. Unless they decide to yank him out earlier and play "Musical Bill" with him again, changing his location every week so no mail can ever catch up with him, like they did when they transported him to Florida this time around. And then when they got him to Florida they just stopped his incoming mail altogether. His outgoing letters to me are still arriving in stacks of  5 or 6 separate documents of different date, all jammed into a single #10 envelope, with extensive paw marks and certain words and sentences blacked out with Sharpie.

Things might be better in Chicago, since he will be in the federal section of the Cook County jail (unless they do like they did in Oklahoma and lock him in a "rented" cell in some county jail in Beaver Wallop, Wisconsin until his hearing date.) The federal sections are technically required by law to comply with certain regulations, like not torturing prisoners and not throwing their mail into the dumpster out back, but all that is necessary to get around that is to give a slave some special designation which allows Obama's thugs to do whatever they want to whoever they want. In Bill's case, he is supposed to be a "gang leader."

When this first came down the pike I mocked it, but I have since learned that technically speaking, it is in fact allowable under the dictatorship's bizarre and moronic criteria. Bill's "gang" consists of myself and Gabe D'Annunzio (hey, dewds, I'm a gang member! Cool!) With Bill himself that's three people, and under federal regs, three people can constitute a "gang."

Gabe and I engage in "gang-related activity," which under the bird-brained criteria need not be money or drug-related or violent or even illegal, just "activity." Our gang-related activity consists of publishing Bill White's letters and articles. (I guess the American Free Press and First Freedom newspapers, which have also published Bill's stuff, would increase the numbers of our gang.)

Not only do Gabe and I publish Bill's written work, we do so "in furtherance of malicious and baseless conspiracy theories regarding the government of the United States and the purported motives of the Justice Department and the United States Attorney's office in prosecuting Mr. White."  The fact that the judge in Bill's Virginia case stated flat out before sentencing that Bill was innocent and he was being persecuted for his political beliefs was long ago air-brushed out of the picture. 

"When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your dyyy-ing day..." (You need to imagine little musical notes surrounding that last sentence. And yeah, I know most of you won't get that reference, or the attached photo. Way before your time. Sigh...)

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and start running Bill's Florida address again. Please drop him a line or a post card, anything to let him know he's not forgotten. They may or may not let it through--even in a shithole like John Polk the behavior of the guards is spotty and inconsistent, especially since so many of them are black and brown and their minds have difficulty internalizing and retaining complex procedures. Sometimes they seem to let mail through, IMHO, because the hack on duty in the mail room just can't be bothered to fill out all the forms to interdict letters and dispose of them through channels.

Anyway, here is it:

William A. White #201500002555
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Harold Covington Moment

I can’t remember the exact date, but I was fifty years old at the time, and having reached that age, an age I thought I would never live to see, I was feeling more than a twinge of regret at the inevitability of dying without issue.

I was in Central London not far from Cambridge Circus, and it was a sunny evening. Coming towards me was a tall, young, bearded man, blond or blondish, and handsome. Something about him caught my eye, and I thought if I’d had a son, he would probably be about his age, and impressive physical specimen that he was, I would have been proud to call him mine.

Then something unthinkable happened. He was walking with another man of about the same age, this man was clean shaven, and they were talking. Then, to my utter horror, as they were right on top of me, the bearded man put his arm around his companion’s waist. I couldn’t believe it, and as they passed me I turned to look back to ensure I wasn’t daydreaming. Sadly it was not a daydream but a nightmare; they were actually walking off like lovers.

At that point, I thought of Wicked Harold, a man who is nowhere near as wicked as his myriad enemies believe, nor as wicked as he likes to make out, as I know from personal experience. Harold has never been shy about ranting against queers. While I’ve never been able to take lesbianism seriously, there are few things that disgust me as much as male homosexuality. Suddenly I was glad to be both fifty years old and childless, because if this man had indeed been my son, I would have died of shame. 

-Alexander Baron